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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a trans.GIF (3772 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU.
A more compact format has been adopted throughout.
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Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Unless noted, prices do not include postage or insurance.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@lotsofcovers.com

An Liobáin / El Líbanu / LEBANESE REPUBLIC / Lepanona /
Liban / Libani / Libano / Líbano / Libanon / Líbanon / Libanus

Libnan / Liibanon / Livan / Ливан / Ліван / লেবানন / 레바논

See also Lebanon postcards & Syria post cards.

1961 AIRMAIL envelope, Beyrouth to Massachusetts, 70 map stamp. $1.25

1965 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Baabda to Holland, 30-p. ruins & 20-p. bird stamps, opened neatly, cancels well struck. $2.50

1967 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Baabda to Holland, two 5-p. ruins & three 10-p. waterfall? stamps, opened neatly. $2.00

Cover_Lebanon_ExpressToHolland.jpg (199937 bytes)

1967 EXPRESS #6 envelope, Baabda to Holland, 40-p. cedars stamp, two different Dutch backstamps. Note No. 8 blue postal marking near bottom. $3.75 l

1968 AIRMAIL EXPRESS #10 envelope, Baabda to Holland, 40-p. cedars & 20-p. ship stamps, clear arrival backstamp. $3.50

1970 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Beirut to Michigan, 60-p. scenery stamp, Muskegon backstamp (law day). $1.00

Cover_Lebanon_1970Butterflyjpg.JPG (109743 bytes)1970 SURFACE RATE #8 envelope, Beyrouth to District of Columbia, 45-p. butterfly stamp, opened neatly. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 lb

1980 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Beirut to Ohio via Roanoke Virginia, 40-p. flower & 85-p. building stamps, US letter markings on back, opened neatly. $1.25

2000 REGISTERED #10 envelope from Beyrouth to Ohio, with strip of three 1100 cedar stamp & one 500 cedar stamp, about half the cancel is faint, bent corner away from stamps, opened neatly. $3.00

Cover_Lebanon_ForwardedFromSwitzerland.jpg (344977 bytes)Lot of 5 envelopes with partially indistinct cancels--one old, one returned from Switzerland with a special label explaining reason (shown), multiple with dhows, to Holland, etc. $6.00 for all 5. l+

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Cover_LeewardIslands_1937Coronation.jpg (192432 bytes)

1937 FDC with three different coronation issues, cacheted nicely in violet & black, to New York. SALE IN PROGRESS l+%

12 MY 37 St. Kitts Leeward Islands cancels tie FDC for 3-stamp royal coronation issue, to London England, tiny spots of toning on back, front fine. $2.50 rl

Cover_LeewardIslands_BrokenFrameline.jpg (50787 bytes)1953 AIRMAIL envelope with 3-d & 6-d (broken frameline after the DS variety as shown) King George stamps, Queen Elizabeth coronation cachet near torn corner at upper left, to Aruba where it was backstamped. $4.00 l

See also Leeward Islands post cards.

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See also Basutoland stamps & Lesotho postcards.

1976 OFFICIAL 2ND CLASS #10 envelope, Maseru to Michigan where it was forwarded, backstamped boldly at Ann Arbor. (2 available) $1.00 each

Cover_Lesotho_1981ChristmasSS.jpg (247736 bytes)
1981 FDC with Christmas souvenir sheet on #10 envelope, multicolored cachet, unaddressed, interesting technical details printed on back. $2.75 lc

1988 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Maseru to Ohio, 25-cent Sehlabathebe National Park stamp, cancel smudged a bit, opened neatly. $1.00

c.1988 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, LeBihan Falls to Washington DC, opened neatly. $1.25

c.1988 AIRMAIL #6 envelope, Roma to Washington DC, orange D sorting label, opened neatly. $1.25

Cover_Lesotho_1991Bird.jpg (241173 bytes)

1991 AIRMAIL #10 envelope, Maseru to Illinois, strip of three 20-s red-headed finch stamps, opened neatly. $2.00 lb

Wanted to buy--1985 Queen Mother birthday-related covers. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
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REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA / LIBÉRIA / Liberië / Liberiya / Лібэрыя /
Libeeria / An Libéir / Լիբերիա / リベリア / ലൈബീരിയ / Ліберія

Cover_Liberia_1982Registered.jpg (357377 bytes)1982 REGISTERED #6 airmail envelope from Monrovia IV to Illinois, franked by a pair of 35-c diesel locomotive stamps, 3 different backstamps that are readable, opened neatly. $3.75 lr

1983 EXPRESS #10 airmail envelope from Logantown to England, franked by pair of 25-c shrimp & pair of 20-c Apollo 16 stamps, 3 legible backstamps at Logantown, opened neatly. $3.75

1984 EXPRESS #10 envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by 31-c WAEC & $1.00 Carter visit stamps clearly cancelled, 6 clear backstamps of which 4 are different. 2 small corner creases. $3.00

Cover_Liberia_1984Forestry.jpg (273111 bytes)1984 EXPRESS #10 envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by pair of 50-c Forestry Congress stamps, 3 Monrovia backstamps, opened neatly. $3.00 le

1984 EXPRESS #6 envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked with 80-c Mano River Union & 10-c Harper Highway stamps tied by clear cancel, 5 backstamps help tell the story. $3.00

1984 REGISTERED #6 airmail envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by 20-c constitution assembly & 50-c Concorde / zeppelin stamp, mostly legible cancels, 4 backstamps (one partial, one arrival). tiny staple holes. $3.50

1985 REGISTERED #10 airmail envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by 15-c Rubens painting & 55-c barracuda stamps legibly canceled, 3 Monrovia backstamps. $3.75

1985 REGISTERED #6 airmail envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by $1.00 Year of the Child stamp which is tied by a bold cancel, 3 backstamps are all Monrovia, opened neatly. $3.75

1985 REGISTERED #6 airmail envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by 20-c Redemption Day & 30-c women in space stamp, part of cancel hard to read, 3 backstamps at Monrovia, opened neatly. $3.75

1986 SURFACE MAIL #10 envelope from Voinjama City to Illinois, two 12-c capitol building & 6-c rubber stamps canceled clearly at Monrovia, opened neatly. $1.00

1986 AIRMAIL #10 envelope from Monrovia to Illinois, franked by 55-c World Cup soccer & 15-c General Gbatu stamps tied by legible cancel, 3 Monrovia backstamps. $2.00

1986 REGISTERED #10 airmail envelope from Harper to Illinois, franced by pair of 41-c Colonel Kollie stamps, blue cancels mostly indistinct, 5 backstamps show routing through Monrovia & arrival, opened neatly. $5.00

1988 AIRMAIL #10 envelope from Gbarnga Bong County to Illinois, franked by 31-c Statue of Liberty stamp tied by a cancel that is mostly legible, small tear & some wrinkling. $0.50

MIXone_320_small.jpg Liberian cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"EL7X" Monrovia shortwave (28 MHz) QSL postcard mailed MR 6 1990 by operator Willy Lameree, simple decorative drawings of an elephant & African map decorate the front, several tiny speckles of cancel ink & a small violet US KA postal routing mark on front. Back has 35-c 10th Anniversary stamp well tied. $2.00 l-l

1992 AIRMAIL #10 envelope from Monrovia to England, franked by 50-c Grand Gedesh County stamp tied by bold cancel (inverted 2 in 92), opened neatly. $4.50

Cover_HoustonTexasOnLiberiaStamp_27Feb96.jpg (167827 bytes)27 FEB 1996 HOUSTON cancel on mail from Liberian ship M / T Emsgas, #6 envelope franked by 35-cent sasa players stamp, blue ship cachet & captain's signature. (Paquebot usage) $2.50 tpl

LOT OF 10 miscellaneous #6 & #10 envelopes mostly from Monrovia to the United States (Illinois, Michigan & Ohio) with good variety of stamps from the 1980's. Some minor faults and some cancels not fully legible. $7.00

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
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See also Liberia postcards.

Stamp_Liberia_1972MunichOlympicsSs.jpg (184054 bytes)

See also Liberia stamps. Shown is their 1972 Olympics souvenir sheet.


Wanted to buy--used or unused aerogrammes & airmail envelopes issued 1945 to present. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!


Libi / LIBIA / Libië / Libija / LIBYE / LIBYEN / Liibüa / Lybje /
লিবিয়া / Либия / 利比亚 / ლიბია / Λιβύη / लीबिया / リビア / 리비아

See also our Libya postcards, QSL cards & photos.

1968 FDC. 23-4-1988 Tripoli cancel on 10-mil issued for opening of Zueitina oil terminal, horizontal paper bend, internal crease, attractive but lacks the other stamp in the set. $0.50 %

Cover_Libya_Feb1976Registered.jpg (401018 bytes)1976 REGISTERED from Tripoli B / S to Ohio (where it was forwarded with a yellow label supplying the new address), franked by 50-d mounted horseman & 200-d LAR coat of arms & 20-d mosque interior stamps, 3 different backstamps, small tear nowhere near anything of philatelic importance. Looks like the University envelope would have had official treatment within Libya. $4.00 l

1978 REGISTERED from Tripoli to Washington DC, franked by four 115-d building & 10-d mosque & 30-d animal art stamps, one of the cancels quite clear, two different backstamps at arrival. $3.75

1978 REGISTERED EXPRESS from Tripoli Central to Washington DC, franked by four 200-d LAR coat of arms & two 5-d building (one bent around an edge) & 100-d building & 40-d building stamps, 2 of the cancels are quite clear, 2 destination backstamps are mostly legible, staple in corner away from stamps. $5.00

Cpver_Libya_ExpressFromSebha.jpg (703859 bytes)1978 REGISTERED EXPRESS from oasis of Sebha to Washington DC, franked by two 30-d 1977 triangle & two 70-d flower & 150-d UPU stamps, four backstamps overlap one another but they can be made out. Addressing by an adult not used to English characters. $7.00 l

CoversLibya_SwitzerlandForwarding_small.JPG (5074 bytes)1979 AIRMAIL FORWARDED FROM SWITZERLAND to Washington DC, originally franked by two 5-d mosque & 15-d building & 100-d building stamps cancelled clearly in Tripoli, a trilingual Swiss forwarding label is canceled neatly at Basel next to them, US address supplied by typing on the back under a "B.P. SUPRIMEE / s'adresser à" handstamp, opened neatly & magnificent. $9.00 (ls)

1979 REGISTERED #10 airmail envelope from El Sabri to Washington DC, franked by 5 90-d building stamps, violet cancels are hard to read, backstamped on arrival with overinked dial. $3.75

1979 REGISTERED airmail envelope from Benghazi Central to Washington DC, franked by three 90-d building stamps tied by fairly clear cancel, backstamp a bit faint but all there. $3.75

1980 REGISTERED #10 airmail envelope from Tripoli to Ohio, franked by 40-d basketball & two 115-d ruins & 10-d mosque stamps, recipients annotation of country on front (for internal routing), two backstamps & a claim check on back. $3.00

1981 AEROGRAMME Tripoli to Ohio, 100 bird design, crease horizontally, no cancels but obviously sent. $0.50

1981 AIRMAIL #10 envelope from Tripoli to Ohio, franked by 45-d LAAR coat of arms & 200-d World Food Day stamps tied by a blue cancel that is somewhat faint. $1.50

1982 REGISTERED #12  envelope from Benghazi to Ohio, franked by 500-d LAR coat of arms tied by blue cancel, opened roughly at top, claim check on front, 2 different backstamps at destination. $2.50

1982 US BUSINESS REPLY MAIL with the 2 stamps (100d & 200 d) comprising the Palestinian cooperation issue added to get the airmail rate to Ohio. A little wrinkling but interesting. $1.00

c.1984 REGISTERED from Tipoli 20 to Ohio, franked by pair of 200-d silver coin & 100-d antique auto stamps, cancels indistinct, no backstamps, still attractive. $4.00

c.1984 AIRMAIL LOT of 5 miscellaneous covers to Ohio with a good variety of stamps, mostly indistinct cancels & some minor faults (none affect the stamps) not recounted here. $5.00

1985 airmail envelope from oasis of Giofra(?) to Ohio, franked by pair of 100=d river builder stamps tied by Arabic cancel, transit backstamp in Lehigh Pennsylvania(!). $2.50

Cover_Libya_1987Numismatic.jpg (437913 bytes)1987 REGISTERED #10 envelope from Tripoli to Ohio, franked by 77-d & 91-d & 105-d gold dinar stamps (gorgeous Islamic coins, set complete except for souvenir sheet, most top perfs of 91-d trimmed in opening) & 100-d Khadafi & 50-d mushroom stamps, claim check remnant on front, no backstamps. $6.50 ln-


fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXII, no 3 (whole number 89), summer 1996: Trieste, civilian postmarks of Libya 1911-1942, suspension of mail services, early censorship in Eritrea, peace between Sweden and San Marino & more. $6.50 ile

fil-ITALIA, VOL. XXIII, no 2 (whole number 92), spring 1997: US postage used in Martone, the Parmeggiani portrait, Scambisti markings in Trieste, Vatican souvenir envelopes, Libya cancellations (part 4), returned mail from hotels & more. $6.50 ivl

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

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Several more interesting items can be offered
--please inquire!
See also our Liechtenstein postcards.


-7.IV.60 Liechtenstein FDC for two Weltflüchtlingsjahr semi-postals, unaddressed, cacheted (including small UN symbol). $3.25 l

15 May 1969 postcard airmailed from Vaduz to Massachusetts, franked by pair 20-rp Rhine embankment & one 10-rp laborer stamps, T10 / 50 mark in black notes insufficient postage. $1.00 l

June 1971 Europa official FDC, cacheted & unaddressed. $0.75 le

6.DEZ 1973 Liechtenstein official FDC for the four different Magrüel Triesen issue, unaddressed & attractive. $3.50 l

21.3.74 Liechtenstein official FDC for four urns issue, unaddressed, cacheted. $3.25 l

21.3.1974 official Liechtenstein FDC for its 2-stamp Europa issue, unaddressed, simply but elegantly cacheted in gold. $1.50 el

Cover_Liechtenstein_5Sept74FDC.jpg (168521 bytes)

5.SEPT. 1974 Liechtenstein official FDC for 10-Fr royal couple stamp, unaddressed, cacheted. $9.50 lr

circa 1974 large official windowed airmail envelope, used. (multiples available) $1.00 each

13 MARZ 1975 official Liechtenstein FDC for its 2-stamp Europa / CEPT issue, unaddressed & cacheted. $1.75 el NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Cover_Liechtenstein_5Juni1975FDC.jpg (105182 bytes)

5JUNI 1975 Liechtenstein official FDC for four imperial artifacts stamp issue, unaddressed, cacheted. $8.00 l

Cover_Liechtenstein_4VIII75Forwarded.jpg (688544 bytes)

4 VIII 75 clear 9490 VALUZ hand cancel ties 60-rp imperial sword stamp to large envelope sent to Michigan at the printed matter rate, forwarded on arrival, a little wrinkling along the short edges, attractive. $1.50 l

Cover_Liechtenstein_4Sept1975FDC.jpg (93524 bytes)

4.SEPT.1975 Liechtenstein official FDC for 1,30 Fr Krönungsmantel stamp, unaddressed, cacheted, tiny corner crease at upper left. $35.00 l

October 15 1975 Michigan forwarding marks on official windowed airmail envelope from Vaduz. $1.25 l

4 DEZ 1975 Liechtenstein FDC for 3-stamp issue honoring Bischof Von Chur, unaddressed, fresh appearance. $2.50 rl

Cover_Europa_1976LiechtensteinFDC-120.jpg (190806 bytes)

11.MÄRZ 1976 Liechtenstein FDC for two Europa stamps, two-color cachet, unaddressed, explanatory insert. $3.50 le. Same but official green cachet, no insert. $3.50 el

Cover_Liechtenstein_9SEPT1976FDC-100.jpg (220884 bytes)9 Sept 1976 Liechtenstein official cacheted FDC with 4 astrology art stamps tied by fancy cancels, unaddressed. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg or .tif format. $1.50 al

 11.MÄRZ 1976 Liechtenstein FDC for two Europa stamps, two-color cachet, unaddressed, explanatory insert. $3.50 le

Please E-mail us to propose reciprocal links
to other Liechtenstein postal history webpages.
Collector, museum & club links are especially welcome.

July 23 1976 Michigan forwarding marks on official windowed airmail envelope from Vaduz. $1.25 l

10 MARZ 1977 official Liechtenstein FDC for its 2-stamp Europa / CEPT issue, unaddressed & cacheted. $2.00

8.JUNI 1977 Liechtenstein official FDC with four artifacts stamps, unaddressed, cacheted. $4.75 l

2 März 1978 official Liechtenstein FDC for their 2-stamp Europa / Cept issue, unaddressed. $2.25 el NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

8.3.1979 Liechtenstein FDC for its 2-stamp Europa issue, unaddressed, multicolor cachet, explanatory stiffener. $4.25 el

7.JUNI 1979 official Liechtenstein FDC for 3 stamps (Council of Europe, UIT & Entwicklungshilfe), unaddressed, cacheted. $3.25 l

10.MÄRZ 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for four Land-Ammänner Wappen issue, unaddressed, cacheted. $3.75

10.MÄRZ 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for two Frauen Bildnisse aus dem Fürsten Haus issue, unaddressed, cacheted. $3.50 l

8.SEPTEMBER 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for 3 crafts stamps, unaddressed, cacheted. $2.00 l

Cover_Liechtenstein_9Dez1980Christmas.jpg (147738 bytes)

9.DEZEMBER 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for 3 Christmas stamps, unaddressed, cacheted. $2.00 lc

9.DEZEMBER 1980 official Liechtenstein FDC for four tree stamps, unaddressed, cacheted. $3.75 l

2 Maerz 1981 Liechtenstein FDC for its 2-stamp Europa issue, unaddressed, multicolor Fleetwood cachet, explanatory text printed on back. $5.00 el NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU


"LIECHTENSTEINER BRIEFMARKENKATALOG 1976" paperbound, 126 pages plus covers, well illustrated. Lightly used--owners name inside, several pages have bent corners. Includes NH premiums, FDC, postal stationery, telegrams & numismatics. $7.00 l-l

PhilatelicLiterature_Liechtenstein_LotOf23-721.jpg (595633 bytes)"FÜRSTENTUM LIECHTENSTEIN" official announcements for stamp issues & first day covers, dated 9 Juni 1986 - 2 Dezember 1981 (a consecutive rune of 23 different quarterly issues), several also including insert order forms & information about then-current exchange rates. Information in German, French & English--which will help you conduct thorough Internet searches. Illustrations in black & white. Size about 6"x8" each, so album mounting could occur. Collectively an interesting & authoritative reference for the period. Each of these is also a sort of cover, because they were mailed in a see-through outer wrap with the official indicia on the back serving as postage. Shown are 2 of the 6 pages comprising their announcement of the 4 März 1991 issues. $14.00for all 23. l-l

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.

See also Lighthouse postcards (extensive!),
Lighthouses on topical stamps
& an article on Alderney lighthouses.

Barbados_BB65Fishing_1974Lighthouse-100.JPG (350153 bytes)

"BB65 Fishing Nets, Oistins Bay, Barbados, / West Indies" chrome postcard mailed 18.9.74 from St. James (pair of 10-c South Point lighthouse stamps, cancel light in spots) to England, minor corner wear. $1.25 bf-lb

MAY 28 1975 #6 envelope with corner card of Officer In Charge USCG Light Station at Marshall Point Maine, sent to Ohio. $1.75

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See also Lincoln postcards.


OCT 2 1889 light but readable Lincoln Illinois cancel on 2-c #6 postal stationery envelope to Cleveland Ohio, backstamped clearly, neatly opened, some paper bends at 2 edges. $1.50 li

Cover_Naval_Tracy1937CaliforniaLincoln.jpg (186658 bytes) Lincoln cover available from LotsOfCovers.com

TRACY at San Diego California 2 / 12 / 37, Lincoln cachet $4.25 (ncl)+

FEB 12 1948 USS DAYTON cancel ties 2-c Army & Navy stamp franking #6 envelope to New York, brown cachet for Lincoln's birthday portrays the President, old price inked on back, envelope glue show-through on back. Part of cancel following 'DAYTON' is not clear.  $2.00 l

Clear APR 1 1949 USS FRESNO (CL 121) hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln's Gettysburg address stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.75 nl NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

APR 14 1949 clear USS SIERRA (AD 18) hand cancel on 3-c Gettysburg address stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, slight yellowing of the paper with age, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.75 nl

Bold APR 22 1949 USS EPPERSON (DD 719) hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln quote stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, violet straight-line 'FIRST DAY POSTAL SERVICE' in corner card area, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.75 nl

Cover_Naval_Fresno4-29-49-200_small.JPG Lincoln topical cover available from Judnick.comClear APR 29 1949 USS FRESNO (CL 121) hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln's Gettysburg address stamp franking #6 cover to North Carolina, neatly addressed with light typing, never sealed, black straight-line 'LAST DAY OF POSTAL SERVICE' in return address area. Also the day she was decommissioned. $3.00 nl. Same, but large ship's cachet replacing the straight-line marking. Shown. $3.00 nl

USS PRESIDENT ADAMS (APA 19). Light but complete MAR 14 1950 hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, neatly addressed. $2.50 n(p)l

Covers_Naval_BryceCanyon1950-200_small.JPG Lincoln topical cover cover available from Judnick.comBold OCT 30 1950 U.S.S. BRYCE CANYON hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, large black ship cachet, neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.75 nl

Clear NOV 13 1950 USS JAMES C. OWENS hand cancel ties 3-c Lincoln quote stamp franking #6 envelope to North Carolina, neatly addressed, never sealed, long corner bend at upper left front. $2.25 nl

JULY 31 1958 FDC with Artmaster cachet of Lincoln for the booklet pane of 4-c Lincoln stamps, addressed, dealer's ad inside for stiffener but a little wrinkling along the lower right front edge. $3.00 lu(b). Same but unaddressed, no stiffener & no wrinkling. $3.75 lu(b)

JUL 4 1959 San Pedro Sula dial & straight-line HONDURAS cancels tie three (including a pair) official Lincoln stamps franking registered #10 airmail envelope to Illinois, 2 different arrival backstamps, minor envelope glue show-through. $3.75 hl

ABR 10 1962 San Pedro Sula dial & straight-line HONDURAS tie 12-centavos Lincoln Memorial stamp franking #6 airmail envelope to Michigan, neatly opened, envelope glue show-through. $2.00 hl

TR 1 / JUL 28 / 1962 clear Burl. & St. L. R. P. O. cancel ties 4-c Homestead Act stamp to #6 envelope with all-over cachet for the Railway mail service centennial (depicting Lincoln & first train to sort mail while in motion), neatly addressed, never sealed. $2.50 rcl

USS LONG BEACH (CG(N)9) clear JUL 4 1963 cancel on 4-c & 1-c Lincoln stamps franking #6 envelope to Pennsylvania, clear brown Independence Day cachet. $1.25 nl

4 May 1966 Santa Barbara cancel clearly ties Honduras 15-centavos Lincoln stamp to #6 airmail envelope to Wisconsin, backstamped, neatly opened. $2.00 hl

NOV 19 1977 clear Gettysburg Pennsylvania cancel ties 3-c Gettysburg & 13-c eagle with shield stamps franking unaddressed cacheted (2-color) cover honoring his Gettysburg address, informative stiffener included, small spot of toning near stamp & a wrinkling through the address area. $1.00 l

Cover_Lincoln_1993LincolnRose.jpg (160866 bytes)AUG 19 1993 FDC for 29-c rose stamp, cacheted with large color illustration of the Mister Lincoln Rose (1965 All-America Rose Winner; Gertrude Hubbard Medal 1969) which is tied. Unique & gorgeous. $5.00 lf

Undated & unaddressed postal card with 2-c red Lincoln indicia, interesting typed ad on back for 3 different engraved cachets for the Lincoln Douglas debate centenary, address side has light toning along one short edge. $1.25 l-p


"Sale 784  Tuesday, October 29, 1996 / A Special Evening Sale of / UNITED STATES COVERS AND HAWAII / featuring / ...A Specialized Abraham Lincoln Collection / ..." paperbound catalogue for Robert A. Siegel. Most illustrations in color. 118 pages of which 15 are Lincoln topical covers & autographs. Nice! $15.00 lh

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.


See also Pioneer Aviation postcards.

January 1967 American Philatelist: Costa Rica's 1928 Lindbergh Issue; North China--The Hsin Min Prints; Canada--The Jacques Cartier Stamps; & much more. $3.75 the complete issue. acccl

May 27 1977 COMPEX STA. Chicago Illinois fancy 'SPIRIT of ST. LOUIS" cancel & a doubled Chicago cancel of a day later ties 13-c Spirit of St. Louis stamp franking #10 envelope to Ohio, fancy corner card of the Columbus Philatelic Club; small routing marks on back include A4 and C4 in violet. $1.00 li

4-Juin-77 THE OFFICIAL PHILATELIC DOCUMENT / ISSUED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF FRANCE / IN HONOR OF / CHARLES A. LINDBERGH, text in French & English, first day cancel on the 1,90-Fr stamp, also reproducing a trial color proof, folder cover is approximately 9"x12" in size. Nice condition throughout. $5.00 lf NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

1977:17 official Swedish announcement about the Lindbergh postal card issue for its postal museum. $1.00 sl

8.10.77 official FDC of Swedish Lindbergh postcard with map, plane, portrait & information on the view side. (2 available). $1.00 each

Cover_Aviation_RockwellLindburgh1980_small.jpg (3680 bytes)MAY 20 1980 Garden City New York cancel ties 13-c solo transatlantic flight & 13-c eagle stamps to cover commemorating Lindbergh, multicolor cachet by Norman Rockwell entitled 'A Modern Pioneer', unaddressed. $1.25 (nla)

Wisconsin_Oshkosh_Lindbergh1977.jpg (125926 bytes)Almost complete fancy cancel honoring the Lindbergh Commemorative Tour on 9-c freedom of assembly stamp franking "Experimental Aircraft Association / OSHKOSH,..."  postcard to Pennsylvania. $3.75 w-wl

JUL 30 1993 FDC for 29-c Lindbergh stamp for the US National Postal Museum, imaginatively cacheted with a color image of some rare stamps--an imperforate corner se-tenant pair of 15-c endangered flora stamps. Unaddressed & unique; cachet tied by cancel. $3.75 l

To order from the pricelist above, please click here.
Just tell us which item(s) & your town for delivery.
We will check availability & quote promptly.



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Aden & Advertising
Afghanistan, Agriculture, Aitutaki,
Ajman, Alabama & Åland
Albania, Alberta, Algeria, Alsace,
Andorra, Anguilla, Animals & Antarctica
Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda, APO, Archaeology,
Architecture, Argentina & Arizona
Arkansas, Art, Ascension Island,
Astrology, Astronomy & Atomic Energy
Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory,
Austria, Authors, Autographed, Automobiles, Aviation, Azerbaijan & Azores
Baden, Bahamas, Bahrain, Balloons,
Bangladesh, Barbados & Basutoland
Bavaria, Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo,
Belgium, Belize, Benin & Bermuda
Bhutan, Bicentennials, Birds, Blacks,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana & Brasil
British Antarctic Territory, British Columbia,
British Guiana, British Honduras,
British Solomon Islands, British Virgin Islands,
Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Burma & Burundi
Butterflies, California, Cacti & Succulents,
Cambodia, & Republic of Cameroons
Canada, Canal Zone, Canary Islands,
Cape of Good Hope, Cape Verde & Captain Cook
Cayman Islands, Centenaries, Centrafrique,
Chad, Chemistry, Chess & Children
Chile, Chilean Antarctic Territory, China
Christmas, Christmas Island & Churchill
Coast Guard, Coats of arms,
Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Colombia
Colorado, Communications, Comoro Islands,
Confederate States & Congo (both)
Connecticut NEW
Cook Islands, Copernicus, Costa Rica & Costumes
Croatia, Cuba (including US in), Curaçao,
Cyprus (including Turkish Cyprus) & Cyrenaica
Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Dance,
DWI, Danzig, Delaware, Denmark, DC & Dogs
Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dubai & Easter
East Germany, Ecology, Ecuador, Education,
Egypt, Eisenhower, Elephants,
England & Equatorial Guinea
Estonia, Ethiopia, Europa/CEPT & Expositions
Faeroes, Falkland Islands & Dependencies,
Famous People, Federal Express, Fernando Poo,
Fiji, Finland & Firefighting
First Flights (Worldwide)
Fish, Fiume, Flag cancels,
Flags, Florida, Flowers & Folklore
France, French Colonies, French Offices & Funchal
Gabon, Gambia, Geography, Geology,
Georgia USA, Germany, Ghana & Gibraltar
Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Gilbert Islands, Goa,
Gold Coast, Graphic arts. Great Britain & Greece
Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Guam,
Guatemala, Guernsey, Haiti, Hannover & Hawaii
Hedjaz, Helgoland, Heraldry, highway post office,
Honduras, Hong Kong, Horses,
Human Rights, Hungary, Iceland & Idaho
Illinois, Inaugurations, India, Indiana, Indians, Indo-China, Indonesia, Insects, Iowa, Iran & Ireland
Isle of Man, Israel, Italy & Ivory Coast
Jamaica NEW
Japan, Jersey, Jewelry, Johnston Island, Johore & Jordan
Judaica, Jugoslavia, Kansas, Kazakhstan, Kennedy,
Kentucky, Kenya, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika
Kirgiz S.S.R., Kiribati, Komi A.S.S.R., Korea,
Kuwait, Labor, Laos, Latvia & Law
Lebanon, Leeward Islands, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lighthouses, Lincoln & Lindbergh
Lions International, Lithuania,
Lombardy-Venetia & Lothringen
Louisiana, Lourenço Marques,
Lübeck, Lundy & Luxembourg
Madagascar, Madeira, Madonnas, Maine, Malawi, Malaysia, Malay States, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Manitoba & Maps
Marianas, Marines, Marshall Islands,
Martinique, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mayotte, Medicine, Meteorology, Metered & México
Michigan, Middle East Forces, Military & Minnesota
Mississippi & Missouri
Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia,
Montana, Montenegro & Montserrat
Motorcycles, Mountains, Mushrooms,
Music, Namibia & Nauru
Naval Covers (US - A to M Ships)
Naval Covers (US - N to R Ships)
Naval Covers (US - S to T Ships)
Naval Covers (US - U to Z Ships)
Nebraska, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles,
Netherlands New Guinea & Nevada
New Brunswick, New Caledonia,
Newfoundland & New Guinea
New Hebrides, New Jersey, New Mexico,
New South Wales & New York
New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria,
Nobel Prizes & Norfolk Island
North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Ireland,
Northern Rhodesia. Norway,

Nova Scotia, Numismatics & Ohio
Oklahoma, Oldenburg, Olympics,
Oman, Ontario & OPSAIL
Orange Free State, Orchids, Oregon,
Paintings, Pakistan & Palau
Palestine, Panama, Territory of Papua,
Papua New Guinea & Paquebot
Paraguay, Patriotic, Penang, Pennsylvania,
Penrhyn Island, Perak & Permit Mail
Perú, Philately (topic & general literature),
Philippines, Photography, Pitcairn Island & Poland
Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Portuguese Africa,
Portuguese Guinea, Postal Service,
Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico & Qatar
Québec, Queensland, Racing,
Railroads (including RPO's) & Red Cross
Religion, Réunion, RFD, Rhine Palatinate, Rhode Island, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland & Rio Muni
Romania, Roosevelt, Ross Dependency
Rotary International, Royalty, Royal weddings & Russia
Rwanda, Ryukyus, Saar,
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla,
Saint Helena & Saint Lucia
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent,
Saint Vincent Grenadines, San Marino,
São Thomé et Principe,
Saskatchewan, Saudi Arabia, Saxony & Scotland
Scouting, Sculpture, Seapost, Serbia, Shells,
Ships, Sierra Leone & Singapore
Skiing, Slovenia, Snakes, Social history,
Solomon Islands & South Africa
South Carolina, South Dakota,
South Korea & South West Africa
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Sports, Sri Lanka,
Stamp topicals, Straits Settlements, Sudan,
Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland & Syria
Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Tatarstan,
Telegrams/Telegraphs & Telephones
Tennessee, Texas, Thailand,
Theaters, Togo & Tokelau
Tonga, Trains, Transkei,
Transportation, Transvaal & Trengganu
Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda & Ukraine
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic,
United Nations & United Nations Geneva
United States
Universal Postal Union (UPU), Uruguay,
Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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