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CoverSlovenian_Ujvidek5481_small.jpg (3963 bytes)


en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NOUVEAU / UUSI.
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Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
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Several more items can be offered--please inquire!
See also Illinois postcards (extensive!)

OCT 2 1889 light but readable Lincoln Illinois cancel on 2-c #6 postal stationery envelope to Cleveland Ohio, backstamped clearly, neatly opened, some paper bends at 2 edges. $1.50 li

Cover_MachineAmerican_1894_2InDial_small.jpg (8428 bytes)OCT 22 1894 CHICAGO ILL. (with 2 in dial above year, D within killer bars) very scarce American machine cancel on 1-c government postal card to Iowa Falls Iowa. $65.00 mi

"Gruss aus / der Ferne" meaning 'Greetings from afar'; embossed art on an undivided back Postkarte mailed circa 1900 with 2 Austrian 5-heller stamps to Chicago Illinois, imperfectly addressed causing receiving straight-line violet postmark 'NO SUCH NO. SOUTH D 2318', one upper corner with 2 creases, other corners worn & rounded. $9.00 g-i

ON POSTCARDS, 1906 TO 1910

Cover_StreetcarRPO_Chicago-200small.JPG Illinois RPO covers available from Judnick.comLot of 15 streetcar RPO's, all on entire postcards mailed in Chicago -- four are shown at the left. Decent variety of streets, destinations, times of day, etc. As you can see there are some exemplary strikes, socked-on-nose, interesting auxiliary marks etc. We suggest that a specialist could search the lot for varieties & use any found to help document or extend date ranges. In any event, we lack the specialized knowledge to pick them over. So they are offered as a group for only $22.50.

DEC 2 1907 MINNESOTA MINING & MFG., Chicago Illinois, #6 cover to West Virginia (2-cent Washington stamp), red message over entire back reads "CRYSTAL BAY GARNET / PAPER & CLOTH / EMERY PAPER & CLOTH / CORUNDUM PAPER & CLOTH / FINISHING PAPERS, neatly opened. $8.50 ai

Illinois_Springfield_BirdsEyeView-200_small.jpg Illinois cover available from Judnick.com"Bird's Eye View of Springfield, Illinois" color postcard mailed there NOV 19 2-01 PM 1909 (exact time in well-struck machine cancel) to Mr. C. H. Bolin in Newark Ohio, small upper corner crease, toning near the back edges, a little cancel ink on front. $3.50 i(s)g-i

"In the diamond mine / of Happiness / May you find a / sparkling gem..." with 2 more lines of New Year poetry in fancy lettering, mailed in Springfield Illinois 29 DEC 1909 (time to the minute in cancel), wear at top edge & light toning on bottom front edge. $2.50 np-i

December 1910 CHICAGO address correction with auxiliary mark in red "NO SUCH 'OLD' …CODE" penned out when found. $2.50

"199 / U. S. MAIL" uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo post card with good focus & contrast, showing mailman Julius Hoffman next to his horse-drawn delivery wagon number 199, mailed MAY 27 1912 from Canal Station there to his brother S. J. Hoffman in Sublette Illinois, minor wear at one bottom corners. The message ties it all together: "This is to show you, that I'm still 'on the job', in Chicago / Your Bro, Julius". Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00  i(c)hp-i

APRIL 1911 Chicago Wood Finishing Co. / … /   MANUFACTURERS OF / Wood Finishing / Materials…" black & white large corner card spanning 3 / 4 of the top including their trademark on windowed #6 envelope, bold KINZIE STA. Cancel ties 2-cent Washington, some light yellowing due to window inside, long bends along bottom edge most noticeable from the back. $5.00 ai

MAR 14 1912 SULZBERGER & SONS COMPANY / 41st Street and Ashland Avenue / CHICAGO, ILL. / TRY / THE FINEST HAM "MAJESTIC" THE BEST BACON including fancy red-and-blue monogram above the corner card, off-center 2-c Washington (small scrape at one corner) tied by clear Stock Yards Station cancel, backstamped on arrival at Parkersburg West Virginia, a little corner & edge wear, internal crease along one short edge. $8.00 ai Similar, stamp undamaged & better centered, but lightly toned front & small corner crease. $6.50 ai

MAR 14 1912 JAMES B. DAY & CO. / … /   Manufacturers Shellac Varnish, Wood / Stains, Substitutes, Lacquers, Etc. / Dealers Wood Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol, / Gum Shellac, Etc. with small blue logo artwork filling in beneath their corner card, off-center 2-c Washington tied by crisp Canal Station cancel, neatly opened, one back edge discolored. $7.00 ai

MAR 16 1912 Crowe Name Plate / AND / Engraving Co., Chicago. / ANY FINISH / ETCHED NAME PLATES / LIGHT LABELS, SUNKEN LETTER WORK AND EMBOSSING corner card in dark blue with crow bird illustration & border, franked by off-center 2-c Washington tied by clear Canal Station cancel, backstamped on arrival at Parkersburg West Virginia, neatly opened, light wrinkling and toning along the edges. $4.00 ai

Cover_Illinois_1913TubeStation-200_small.JPG Illinois cover available from Judnick.com"Washington Park from Rustic Bridge, Chicago." with women & girls seated along side the pond, color postcard mailed (fairly clear SEP 23 1913 LA SALLE ST. TUBE STA. pneumatic mail cancel with numeral 1 in the killer), mild corner & edge wear, a little cancel ink on front. $8.00 i-i

JUN 3 1940 Chicago Illinois cancel on 2-c Adams franking #10 envelope with Wren Press corner card to the same city, 'Due 2' in pencil, 2-c postage due tied in lower right corner. $3.00 ui

December 7, 1957 ANCONA cancel & postmaster's autograph on postcard franked by king salmon stamp. $2.00

JUN 18 1958 San Pedro Sula dial cancel with HONDURAS straight line in violet ties 12-centavo US building airmail stamp franking #6 airmail envelope to Chicago Illinois, where it was marked "UNCLAIMED" & "Directory Service Given / Fort Dearborn Station". Small staple holes near corner card. $1.50 h

March 31, 1959 COLUMBIA "COLUMBIA CENTENNIAL /   JULY 3--4--5 / 1859 -- 1959" slogan cancel well struck on postcard franked by Institute of Architects stamp. $1.00

November 12, 1959 two clear & different SCOTTVILLE handstamps on postcard franked by 3-cent Lincoln commemorative. $1.00

November 20, 1959 SHATTUC clerk's note to cancel collector apologizing for a mistake she made & stating how she corrected it in the postmaster's absence, accompanied by the unaddressed but cancelled postcard she sent. $2.50

January 28, 1960 WHEATON "100 YEARS / WHEATON COLLEGE / SINCE 1860" slogan cancel well struck on postcard franked by Hamilton bicentennial commemorative. $1.00

February 16, 1960 CAMPGROVE postmark and autograph of Clerk-in-charge on postcard. $2.00

"Old Shawneetown, Ill. First / Methodist Church established in / 1842. Ptg. Maurice D. Metzger." well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed MAR 1 1960 at New Haven Illinois (2 different types of cancels well struck). $2.50 i(s)a-i

March 22, 1960 BURNT PRAIRIE postmistress' handwritten note asking about a postcard that was sent to her for cancellation. $1.00

May 13, 1960 SHATTUC postmark & autographed note from postmaster there explaining that he takes care of the Boulder mail, small tear at top edge that affects nothing of importance. $2.00

January 13, 1961 SMITHBORO cancel & postmaster's autograph (over his personal handstamp) on postcard franked by Dulles commemorative. $2.00

"Old Shawneetown, Ill. Illinois / Terrytory(sic) first bank. ... / Ptg. Maurice D. Metzger" art depicting a boy showing off his catch of fish outside the building, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed JAN 31 1961 at Junction Illinois (1's in the cancel year date inverted). $2.50 i(s)a-i

August 21, 1963 RIVER GROVE "DIAMOND / JUBILEE /   1963" well struck on postcard franked by a food for peace stamp. $1.00

"Silk culture school in Spain." postcard showing women viewing a demonstration, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed October 25 1963 from Stewardson Illinois (clear machine & hand cancels). $2.00 s-i

March 30, 1964 two different XENIA cancels on postcard franked by Gettysburg commemorative, one cancel has last digit of year inked in by hand. Obviously a favor to a cancel collector. $2.00

"Smith College Girls Look at a Prized / Portrait of Ralph Waldo Emerson" well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed NOV 18 1964 from Palos Heights ILL (year date in dial is upside-down). c(s)m(n)a-i NEW / NOUVEAU / UUSI

February 8, 1965 OLNEY "63rd ANNIVERSARY / WHITE SQUIRREL COLONY / OLNEY, ILLINOIS" well struck on a postcard franked by a Muir commemorative. $1.00

"Totem Pole Restaurant / Vancouver Washington" reproduction of signed art (signature looks like John Washington) on a well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1965 at Dixon Illinois (2 different cancels). $2.00 w-i

May 28, 1965 MOUNT OLIVE "MOUNT OLIVE ILL. / 100th ANNIVERSARY / AUGUST 14-21, 1965" slogan cancel well struck on postcard franked by Battle of New Orleans commemorative. $1.00

"Totem Pole Restaurant /  Vancouver Washington" reproduction of signed art on a well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1965 at Dixon Illinois (2 different cancels). $2.00 w-I

May 28, 1966 two different well-struck SCHAUMBURG BRANCH of OSELLE ILLINOIS hand cancels on postcard franked with circus commemorative stamp. $1.00

June 4, 1966 HARVARD "HARVARD MILK DAY / JUNE 4 1966" slogan cancel on postcard franked with a humane treatment stamp. $1.00

June 13, 1966 ROODHOUSE "ROODHOUSE, ILLINOIS /   CELEBRATING 100 YEARS / JULY 24-31, 1966" slogan cancel well struck on a postcard framed by a 5-c circus stamp. $1.00 i%

NOV. 16 1974 clear PRINT-74 / CHICAGO, ILL. 606 // INTERNATIONAL / GRAPHIC ARTS / EXPOSITION cancel ties 10-c Andrew Jackson stamp to neatly addressed #6 envelope to Worthington Ohio, never sealed, minor wrinkling at one corner. $1.00 gi

May 27 1977 COMPEX STA. Chicago Illinois fancy 'SPIRIT of ST. LOUIS" cancel & a doubled Chicago cancel of a day later ties 13-c Spirit of St. Louis stamp franking #10 envelope to Ohio, fancy corner card of the Columbus Philatelic Club; small routing marks on back include A4 and C4 in violet. $1.00 li

Cover_Religion_Sept22'89Illinois.jpg (120928 bytes)SEPT 22 1989 bold Polonius Station Chicago Illinois 60648 fancy cancel ties 25-c US flag stamp to cacheted cover welcoming Joseph Cardinal Glemp (Sept. 21-25), additional green handstamp with cross reads "VISIT DELAYED DUE TO /  'CIRCUMSTANCES NOT CONDUCTIVE / TO THE VISIT'S PASTORAL PURPOSE', unaddressed & most unusual. $5.00 ri


"STREET CAR R.P.O. SERVICE IN CHICAGO" by John R. Mason & Raymond A. Fleming, softbound book with 1983 copyright, well illustrated with photos, maps, schedules & scarcity ratings, 74 pages. Gently used. $15.00 ris

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See also Political postcards at this site.

JAN 20 1977 Inauguration Day cancel of Plains Georgia on US Bicentennial Peale art stamp, backstamped Vermilion Ohio, forwarded to Bradenton Florida with yellow label. $2.00 gi

"NOBLE'S / 1986 / CACHETED PRESIDENTIAL / INAUGURAL COVERS / Over 800 Illustrations" paperbound, gently used, 104 pages plus covers. $12.00 i

January 1991 American Philatelist: Sea mail by bottle; Busch-Quayle inaugural postmarks; nondenominated postage in international mails; US large numeral postage dues; Serrane translation for Parma; and more. $3.50 the complete journal. asiu(p)

Wanted to buy--cacheted inauguration covers in very good condition pre-Eisenhower. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Many more can be offered--please inquire!
See also India postcards.



"No. 68. KUTAB MINAR, DELHI (INDIA)" post card mailed 15 OCT 1930 from Calcutta, 2 stamps on front paid postage to Illinois, attractive but corner creased, minor corner wear & rounding. $3.00 i-i

c. JUN 42 newspaper wrapper franked by 1 / 2-d King stamp tied by indistinct cancel, to Coonoor South India, black PASSED DHC / ?? in black, clear backstamp on arrival 14 JUN 42, minor but extensive wrinkling from sealing process. $3.00 gi . Similar except no backstamp, DHC / 26 clear. $3.00 gi. Similar except DHC / 60 clear, backstamp 14 JUN 42, stamp extending over an edge (with no obvious damage). $3.00 gi

MIXone_128_small.jpg Indian cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"T.S.S. SARASVATI" showing a side view of it underway, black & white post card with B. S. N. Co. Ld. crest on back, 3 ps. Indian elephant stamp tied by Bombay R. M. S. 10 VIII 51 PAQUEBOT favor cancel, a little cancel ink in the front sky Y lower border. Most unusual. $7.50 $9.50 s(o)-ip

1962 airmail #10 envelope from the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission in Bombay India to Mr. James E. Webb, Administrator of NASA. Under Mr. Webb's long & skilled leadership, NASA undertook successfully to land an American on the moon on the schedule President Kennedy had announced. Franked by 1-rupee & pair of 15-np stamps. $7.50

20-6-75 clear Bombay India cancel on cacheted unaddressed FDC for 25 YWCA centennial stamp, fresh appearance. $1.00 ci

14-8-75 India cacheted & unaddressed FDC for 50-p Saint Arunagirinathar issue, tiny spot on back. $0.50 ri

15-5-76 India FDC for set of 4 railroad stamps (25-p, 50-p, 1-r & 2-r), multicolor cachet shows train on Batasia-Loop (Siliguri-Darjeeling Section), unaddressed, small bends in one corner. $2.25 ti

Cover_India_SpeedPost_WindmillTopic_small.jpg (4831 bytes)July 1994 India eight 50-rupee stamps with windmill design franking a #10 speed post windowed envelope with EMS bar code sticker on back, cancels red and numerous, somewhat wrinkled appearance, still spectacular. $3.75 *

1995 PAQUEBOT USAGE of Antigua & Barbuda 45-cent giant brimstone stamp at Bombay India, on #6 cover from MT Unkas to Ohio. $4.00 aip ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY


Interesting lot of 21 half-anna green George V small (4-1/4" x 2-5/8") postal stationery envelopes used 1916 - 1929. Addressing in English and/or Hindi. At least 4 shades present -- see illustration at the top. Half-anna stamps sometimes added to the front or back; pair of 3-anna stamps on back once, pair of 1-anna on back once -- see the other illustration. Varied destinations: Agra, Kharaghoda, Kuchaman, Kathiawar, Ahamadabad, etc. Originating postmarks varied as well: Kuchaman, Harnawda, Delhi R.M.S., Rutlam, Katni, etc. $21.00 i


"The Louise Boyd Dale and Alfred F. Lichtenstein Collections / Sale 4 / Ceylon and India" catalogue for February 19 1969 auction by H. R. Harmer Inc. Thrilling centerfold in color displays some of Ceylon's greatest rarities. Waviness suggests water exposure at tops of pages, not marked up. Indispensable for judging quality of margins on the early issues. $10.00 c-c

"Public Auction / May 14, 15, 1974 / H. R. Harmer Inc. / JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF SOUTH and EAST ASIA / THE INDIAN POST OFFICES IN ASIA AND AFRICA" catalogue with prices realized, well illustrated. Former owner marked realizations next to estimates in catalogue. Hard to find. $10.00 ji-ji

Group of 30 different Indian Posts & Telegraphs Philately Branch Information sheets, all bilingual in Hindi & English, both sides with exceptionally detailed information about their stamp issues. Size is approximately 4-1/2" x 13". Examples shown here:  the XXIII Olympics issue of 28-7-84 (shown above left) & the B. V. Paradkar issue of 14-9-84 (above right). Technical data for the stamps & explanations for the first day cover designs is included routinely. Date range: 1980 (mostly), 1981 & 1984. $18.00 for all 30. i-i

May-June 1989 complete issue of "Postal Stationery" with featured articles on New Zealand Speediegram & Easipost envelopes, Jammu & Kashmir State post cards  & much more. Whole number 256. $2.50 pni

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We will check availability & quote promptly.


We have several covers to offer--please inquire!
See also Indiana postcards (A-H locations)
& Indiana postcards (I-Z locations).

Cover_Advertising_1898Indy_small.jpg (4147 bytes)1898 NATIONAL BENEFIT ASSOCIATION ACCIDENT INSURANCE, Indianapolis Indiana, #6 cover to New York (pair of 1-cent blue Franklins), Pittsburgh Pennsylvania return address, backstamp with large H reveals year, much pencil writing on back, lightly toned front, lightly toned back. $18.00 (ai)

"Donnison's CHRISTMAS POST CARD" with an embossed sprig of holly & hand-written message (as intended), post card mailed DEC 24 1906 from Brownsburg Indiana to Mrs. Schuyler Dobson in Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis transit marking same day with year inverted in the dial, receiving mark at Columbus same day, light toning near the edges. $2.00 c-i

"A Note /  from / West Baden / Springs / Ind." postcard bearing a small envelope in a field of shamrocks, mailed OCT 14 1907 at West Baden (light DPO cancel 1861-1935 on 1-c Franklin )m considerable corner & edge wear, lightly toned front, faint corner crease, envelope opened & contents removed. $3.00 i-i

"Knox County Jail, Vincennes, Ind." with an exterior corner view in color, postcard mailed AUG 11 1908 (bold VINCENNES, IND. TR. CLERK cancel) to Cincinnati Ohio, light toning on front, minor corner & edge wear. $8.50 ip-i

"High School Building, Vincennes, Ind." sepia-tone post card, MAILED JUN 13 1909 (mostly clear VINCENNES, IND. TRANS. CLK. cancel ties stamp) to Cincinnati, trivial corner wear, paper browning evenly with age. $8.00 i-i

Better_097smallsmall.jpg Indiana cover available from LotsOfCovers.com
"Lake James / Angola, Ind. From Hotel" post card mailed from the rural station there AUG 12 1909 (gorgeous cancel) to Mrs. J. R. Brown in Cleveland Ohio from here daughter Kate, a little wear at the corners, light album toning on back. $5.00 i(a)g(b)

Cover_Indiana_Marion1910Delayed.jpg (301366 bytes)After FEB 8 1910 red 'DELAYED MAIL / ADDRESS INCOMPLETE" Marion Indian auxiliary marking ties 1-c Washington franking postcard from Cleveland Ohio. The street number was not given, but was marked in by hand at the destination. View shows interior of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church in Cleveland; yellowish paper, much corner & edge wear. $4,75 i

Indiana_Farmland_Entrance.jpg (142480 bytes)
"ENTRANCE TO MILLS LAKE. / FARMLAND, IND." postcard mailed there 1910 to Indianapolis (red General Delivery arrival JUN 8 1910 also red circled 4), corner wear & rounding, internal crease about 1" long, trace of cancel ink on front. $7.50 i(f)i(m)-i

Advertising_10-17-10_IndianapolisIndiana.jpg (342901 bytes)OCT 17 1910 clear Indianapolis cancel on 2-c Washington franking #6 cover with striking blue Lilly Varnish Company advertising in the cachet position & on the backflap, neatly addressed & neatly opened, a little wrinkling at bottom corners could be ironed out. Sold but front of cover still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ai

"Compliments / of the Season // WM. F. JONES / Kitchell, Ind. / Letter Carrier   R. F. D. No. 8" with art picturing a horse-drawn RFD delivery mail wagon shown from the side; postcard-size greeting card with blank back & good edges, shown left. A different, more elaborate postcard from the same carrier picturing a mail wagon from the front, divided back containing a lengthy poem, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. M. Jones (undoubtedly relatives) with an American Red Cross Christmas seal where the stamp would ordinarily go, dated Dec. 25th 1910, speckles of cancel ink through the address. Shown right. This unincorporated place in Union County no longer has a post office, cannot currently be found with Google Maps, and has no Wikipedia article yet. Sold but both sides shown are still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or both for $7.00.  i(k)gcp-rui

"POST OFFICE. NEW PARIS, IND." with many crowded outside, including 2 delivery wagons (one for RFD #3), sepia-tone real photo post card mailed there SEP 12 1911. The building itself was built in 1902 to house a drugstore (left) next to the MM Barber Shop (right), as we can see from the stonework overhead. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 i(n)ppb-ri

Cover_Indiana_1912GasCityRFD.jpg (151923 bytes)5 / 27-12 #17 heavy violet Gas City Indiana RFD hand cancel on 1-cent Washington franking postcard addressed to recipient on same route; brownish paper, corner crease. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 ir

"I'll Have a Lot of Nice Things to / Tell You When I Return from / Remington /  So I'll Hurry Back" with yellow & purple pennant over a black & white view of a stream (possibly generic), mailed there OCT 3 1914, corner crease, small corner crease, bottom corners slightly rounded. $5.00 i-i. Note: Our La Posta does not list a post office at Remington at that time. Nonetheless, we do not believe this cancel to be rare.

JAN 6 1921 clear & complete GOSHEN flag cancel ties 2-c Washington franking postcard to same city. View side has a birthday greeting & bluebirds. $1.25 i

JUL 3 1924 clear Greencastle cancel ties 2-c Walloon Tercentenary commemorative franking small envelope to Kansas, long bend along one short edge, couple tears from opening evident on reverse. $2.50 i

Better_611small.jpg Indiana cover available from Judnick.com"Department of the Interior, Washington, D. C." when its building was new (hence, circa December 1936), linen postcard mailed to Miss Dorothy Carpenter in South Bend Indiana, 'Received without postmark / at South Bend, Ind.' violet hand stamp & black double-ring handstamp applied to the 1-c Washington stamp. $2.00 d-i

NOV 1 1940 metered advertising cards sent under Sec. 562 P. L. & R. from South Bend Indiana to Mishawaka advertising a winterizing tune-up from Standard Oil dealers, once-sealed coupon detached. $2.75

MAY 3 TRIP 1 1941 first trip cover South Bend, Peru & Indianapolis Indiana, neatly addressed to Indianapolis, large & attractive two-color cachet showing the vehicle, small corner crease. $3.50 hi

JAN. 17 TRIP 2 1949 first trip highway post office cover Fort Wayne & Indianapolis Indiana, light green cachet, neatly addressed to New York, backstamped clearly. $2.00 hi

FEB 27 1950 Worthington Indiana forwarding marks (hand cancel on stamp & address correction & violet datestamp in address area) on postcard sent from Orlando Florida on FEB 24th to Worthington Ohio; 2 corner creases & 1 / 2-inch tear at top that closes well. $1.00 i

"Buffle Head / From Series 4 Originated by Betty Carnes / ..." showing 3 ducks on a piece of driftwood, mailed AUG 16 1952 from Lake James Rural Station of Angola Indiana (clear DPO hand cancel). trivial corner & edge wear. $3.00 ab-i ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"12. Mechelen Standbeeld van Margareta van Oostenrijk / Malines Statue de Marguerite d'Autriche" sepia-tone postcard from Flion, mailed JAN 15 1958 at Campbellsburg Indiana (bold hand cancel, with interesting note that they also handle Saltillo mail). $2.00 b-i

JUN 7 1958 clear Pence hand cancel ties 3-c Geophysical Year stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, small blue handstamp of H. G. Hensley (Pence Postmaster) indicates sender. Other side is a Palermo Italy view. $1.00 i

NOV 12 1958 postcard mailed at Bristow Indiana (clear cancel) bearing a large multicolored INTERNATIONAL WORKERS ORDER / MEMBERSHIP AID label. Seldom seen. $2.00 ui

NOV 1? 1958 overinked Bethlehem Indiana hand cancel ties 3-c fish conservation stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, almost complete violet auxiliary mark 'STAR OF BETHLEHEM / [STAR] /  BETHLEHEM IND.' struck in message area. Other side is an old view of Bethlehem when it was in Palestine. One corner heavily taped for repair before being sent. $1.00 i

FEB 25 1960 clear Sheridan slogan cancel 'SHERIDAN / CENTENNIAL / JULY 2 - 9, 1965' ties 3-c Benjamin Franklin stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

SEP 6 1960 clear machine cancel on 4-c Forestry Congress stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, clear violet auxiliary mark 'TERRE HAUTE IND. / No. Terre Haute Br.' & violet double-ring hand cancel clearly struck in message area (obviously as a favor). Other side is a Madrid Spain view. $1.00 i NEW / NOUVEAU / UUSI

JUL 26 1961 light double-ring Oolitic hand cancel ties 4-c Pony Express stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, almost complete smaller Oolitic violet hand cancel in message area. black & white view is "In the Heart of the Selkirks, B. C. (an older private post card). $2.00 i-b

APR 25 1961 clear NEW RICHMOND 1 hand cancel clearly & completely struck on back of 3-c Liberty government postal card as a favor from R. E. Stephens Sr., the Postmaster there. $1.00 i

SEP 19 1963 typed signed letter from Rex F. Harris, Farmersburg Postmaster, to a collector who he had accommodated with an extra effort to supply a cancellation; with postcard cancelled that day there & the official envelope in which it was enclosed (since folded to postcard size). Rusty paperclip stain on envelope & postcard. $1.75 i

10 / 25 / 63 Post Office Department memorandum handwritten from R. C. Dillon, Superintendent of the New Augusta Branch 46268 (with his 2-line violet handstamp), to a collector, explaining when they ceased being an independent office & that cancels are now made at the Main Post Office in Indianapolis. Folded to postcard size. $2.00 i

MAY 14 1964 partial Muncie slogan cancel 'NATIONAL /   SALVATION ARMY WEEK / FOURTH WEEK OF MAY' ties 5-c World's Fair stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $0.50 i

MAY 20 1964 Plymouth slogan cancel 'PRAY / FOR /   PEACE' on 5-c John Muir stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, also a larger double-ring cancel of the same office clearly struck in the message area, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

JUN 26 1964 light Salem slogan cancel 'SALEM /   SESQUICENTENNIAL / OCTOBER 4TH - 10TH' ties 5-c Kennedy stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $0.75 i

"Durham, Scotland" with a panorama of the city in color, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard, mailed JUL 1 1964 at Greenwood Indiana (clear & complete cancel publicizing their centennial that August), some cancel ink in front caption area. $1.50 s-i

OCT 15 1964 clear Centerville slogan cancel 'CENTERVILLE INDIANA / SESQUICENTENNIAL / SEPT. 14 - 19, 1964' ties 5-c World's Fair stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper, long creases & small ding along top not into stamp or cancel, partial cancel on front. $0.50 i

APR 12 1965 clear Carlisle slogan cancel 'CARLISLE COMMUNITY / SESQUICENTENNIAL / JULY 14 - 18, 1965' ties 5-c Battle of New Orleans stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

MAY 27 1965 clear Orleans slogan cancel 'ORLEANS, INDIANA / SESQUICENTENNIAL / AUG. 7-14, 1965' ties 5-c Kennedy stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

SEP 21 1965 clear Crawfordsville slogan cancel 'CRAWFORDSVILLE AREA / CENTENNIAL / SEPT. 25 - OCT. 2' ties 5-c Dante stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 ic

FEB 21 1966 clear Brownstown slogan cancel 'BROWNSTOWN AREA / SESQUICENTENNIAL / OCT. 1 - 9, 1966' ties 5-c Adlai Stevenson stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00

FEB 21 1966 clear Terre Huate slogan cancel 'CITY OF TERRE HAUTE / 150th ANNIVERSARY / 1816 -- 1966' ties 5-c Florida settlement stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

JUN 11 1966 light but clear Wabash slogan cancel 'WABASH, INDIANA / CENTENNIAL / AUGUST 1-7, 1966' ties Indiana Sesquicentennial stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

JUN 13 1966 clear Schererville slogan cancel 'SCHERERVILLE, IND. / 100TH ANNIVERSARY / 1866 - 1966' ties 5-c Indiana stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

JUN 15 1966 clear Valparaiso slogan cancel 'VALPARAISO / 100TH ANNIVERSARY / 1866 - 1966' ties 5-c SIPEX stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

Cover_Indiana_Evanspex1976and1996.jpg (261063 bytes)SEP 18 1976 clear Evanspex '76 Sta. fancy cancel ties 9-c freedom of assembly stamp to unaddressed continental postcard, also franked by 32-c Far West stamp cancelled by fancy Evanspex '96 steamboat cancel for a unique combo card. View side shows the ship 'Mister Charlie Walker' traversing the Ohio River Lock & Dam (cancel ink on front). $3.00 is

NOV 7 1977 clear Battleground Indiana cancel ties 3-c Indiana Territory & 13-c Liberty Bell stamps to cover commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, attractive 2-color cachet, neatly addressed. $1.00 ii

JUN 13 1986 clear Attica slogan cancel 'ATTICA, IND., /   CENTENNIAL / JUNE 23 - 29, 1966' ties 5-c SIPEX stamp franking postcard to Connecticut, yellowish paper. $1.00 i

May-June 1989 complete issue of "Postal Stationery" with featured articles on New Zealand Speediegram & Easipost envelopes, Jammu & Kashmir State post cards  & much more. Whole number 257. $2.50 pni

circa 1992 DODOMA cancel (inverted dial) lightly canceling 150 /  bicycle stamp franking #10 envelope to Indiana, OCR#3 SOUTH BEND... spray marking on receipt. $2.00 ti

Undated partially used "RECEIPT FOR POSTAGE" pad with about 20 still to go & stapled together, from the Evansville IN 47708 office. $1.50 i

Wanted to buy--19th century postal history from Crawfordsville or Wabash College. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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We have more such covers to offer--please inquire.
also Indians / Native American postcards

& Indigenous People postcards (for the rest of the world).

DEC 17 1932 Lehighton Pennsylvania cancel ties 1-1 / 2-c Harding stamp to #6 envelope to Ohio, 2-color cachet reads "GATEWAY TO / THE ANTHRACITE / COAL REGION / SITE OF / GNADEN HUTTEN / INDIAN /  MASSACRE", neatly addressed. $2.75 ip

Cover_Naval_GrandCanyonOct18-1948-100.jpg (268359 bytes)Bold OCT 18 1948 USS GRAND CANYON (AD 28) hand cancel ties 3-c Indian centennial stamp franking #6 envelope, with address label removed without a trace, striking brown cachet for The Trail of Tears with small black & white photo affixed within, never sealed. $3.75 ni

AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajo woman weaving, explanatory insert on Navajo art included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajos with sheep near rocks, explanatory insert on Navajo people included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

AUG 15 1961 Window Rock Arizona cancel on 4-c range conservation stamp, multicolor cachet sponsored by Arizona Society of Topical Philatelists shows Navajo woman gardening, explanatory insert on Navajo home life included, unaddressed. $1.25 ia

Clear MAR 22 1962 NEW PORT RICHEY FLA. cancel with PRAY /   FOR / PEACE in the killer bars ties 4-c Remington Indian dance stamp franking #6 envelope to Pennsylvania, large dark blue Chasco Fiesta 1962 cachet depicts a flotilla of Native Americans (official cachet of the Avery Stamp Club). Unopened envelope contains a typed enclosure. $1.50 fi

Mostly clear JAN 8 1964 TONOPAH NEV. fancy cancel for the Nevada Centennial ties 4-c Frederick Remington Indian stamp franking picture postcard to Connecticut. $1.00 ni

NOV 25 1968 Ann Arbor Michigan slogan cancel (ABCD MAIL / FOR BETTER BUSINESS SERVICE) ties 6-c Chief Joseph portrait stamp to business envelope bearing Indian art for Thunderbird Hotel in Jacksonville Florida. $0.75 i

MAY 6 1970 FDC for US 6-c Haida ceremonial canoe stamp, unaddressed, ArtCraft cachet, fresh appearance. $1.00 iu

15 X 1972 Hamilton Ontario slogan cancel (OBLIGATION / D'ÉPARGNE / CANADA / SAVINGS BONDS) ties 8-c Plains Indians stamp franking #6 envelope to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00 io

3 XI 1972 Hamilton Ontario cancel on Canada 8-c Plains Indians stamp franking #6 envelope to Michigan, neatly opened. $1.00 io

28 XI 1973 Canada FDC for 2 different Algonquin Indian stamps, 2-color cachet, unaddressed, fresh appearance. $0.75 ic

17 XII 1973 Hamilton Ontario cancel on Canada 8-c Algonquin Indians stamp franking #6 envelope to Michigan, backflap torn in opening, correction in return address. $0.50 io

NOV 7 1977 clear Battleground Indiana cancel ties 3-c Indiana Territory & 13-c Liberty Bell stamps to cover commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811, attractive 2-color cachet, neatly addressed. $1.00 ii

JUN 6 1978 clear Chattanooga Tennessee circular date stamp ties 13-c Indian penny & 3-c Indian centennial stamp to cover commemorating the Trail of Tears anniversary, neatly addressed, with explanatory insert, fresh appearance. (2 available) $1.00 each. it

OCT 15 1979 clear Muskogee Oklahoma cancel ties 3-c Indian centennial & 13-c eagle with shield cancel to envelope commemorating the anniversary of the 3-c stamp's issuance, multicolor Norman Rockwell "Land for Sale" cachet shows Indian standing at his mailbox. $1.00 io

circa 1979 partly indistinct Quito Ecuador cancel on S / 17,80 Sequoyah--Estados Unidos airmail stamp franking #10 airmail envelope to Ohio, opened neatly, small corner crease. $1.25 ie

Cover_Indians_USFDC1980_small.jpg (2851 bytes)

SEP 25 1980 four US FDC's (one shown) for 15-c Indian art masks stamps, unaddressed, cacheted in black, fresh appearance. All four for $3.00 iu

SEPT 4 1986 US FDC for 22-c Navajo art blanket weaving stamp tied by clear cancel, cachet is a gold-color metallic replica of the stamp, with explanatory insert. (2 different) $1.25 each (ia)

OCT 1 1986 US FDC for 22-c cigar store Indian stamp (folk art series) tied by clear Washington DC cancel, cachet is a gold-color metallic replica of the stamp with explanatory insert. $1.25 iu

Cover_Indians_RussiaBaranov_small.JPG (3819 bytes)180891 cancel ties 30-k Baranov (first governor of Russian America) stamp to registered commemorative cover, neatly addressed to Russia & backstamped on arrival, fancy violet handstamped cachet (with a ship & his portrait) & multicolored cachet showing an American Indian, neatly opened. $4.00 ir*

Undated & unused business reply envelope under permit number 1 of Franklin Center Pennsylvania, with multicolor reproduction of "Prayer to the Great Spirit" (art that would be featured on a collector plate, fresh appearance except for bent corner. $0.75 ip

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Please see Vietnam postal history for later material.
See also Viet Nam stamps & Viet Nam postcards.
We do not carry North Vietnamese postal history.

Cover_Indo-China_ToShanghai_small.jpg (2388 bytes)

circa 1941 AIRMAIL envelope from Saigon to Shanghai China franked by 25-cent dark blue planting & 70-c Asparas dancer stamps, small part of upper left corner gone & a little crinkling at the lower right corner. $8.00

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More items can be offered--please inquire!
See also Indonesia postcards.

Cover_Indonesia_1955DistrictOfColumbia_small.jpg (2449 bytes)MAR 5 1955 Washington DC cancel ties 25-sen numeral & 50-sen brown building stamp to greeting card size envelope to Milwaukee, return address is Djakarta F.S.O. of US Department of State, violet "This article originally mailed / in country indicated by postage", actuarial department of life insurance company receipt marking on front, small tear at bottom, heavy horizontal crease through address area, tiny tears at top from opening, as is. $2.50 id

Cover_Indonesia_1957Registered.jpg (304369 bytes)10 -5 -57 registered #10 cover with clear Bandung Telegrap circular date stamp tying two sets (one on each side) of 75-senb, 50-sen, 25-sen, 15-sen & 10-sen telegraph stamps to cacheted cover, Peoria Illinois backstamp, small stain in lower right front corner. $4.75 i-

-6. 3.76 Surabaya circular date stamp on three 150 Sukarto & two 50 Sukarto & pair 40 Sukarto & 15 pelita & 5 pelita stamps franking #10 registered express airmail envelope to Ohio, three backstamps include two clear Halimperdanakusuma-Pu circular date stamp, opened neatly. $4.00 I

22.-7-1978 fancy cancels tie 40-, 75- & 100- stamps to FDC, unaddressed, multicolor cachet, Pekan Wayang Indonesia KE III / 22-29JULI,1978 / MANGESTI GIRI TRUS MANUNGGAL inscriptions. $2.50 i

-3.11.81 Bandung cancels (one clear, one partial) on pair 200 Sukarto & 35 housing stamp franking airmail #10 envelope to Ohio, 13 gram rate, backflap has one tear and wrinkles. $1.25 i

Cover_Indonesia_1990Registered_small.JPG (5685 bytes)22.10.90 Jakarta circular date stamp tie six (block of four & pair) 500 rice worker stamps to #10 registered airmail envelope to Lawrence New York, opened neatly, oddly no backstamps. $3.25 i

-6.11.90 Ampenan circular date stamp ties 400 leader & 35 housing stamps to airmail envelope to Ohio, 15 gram rate, corner crease at lower right, small US K1 & 8C markings on back. $1.25 i

21.10.92 Surabaya circular date stamp ties pair 1000 Visit Asean Year & one 500 rice workers stamps to express airmail #10 envelope to Connecticut, opened neatly. $2.50 i

Cover_Indonesia_1992Registered_small.jpg (3999 bytes)05.12.92 two mostly legible Jakarta Pusat… circular date stamp tie strip of three 100 Sukarto stamps & 1000 Puspa Banga flower stamps to registered airmail cover with JKRPP etiquette & claim check affixed on arrival, back shows uneven opening but front is fine. $3.50 i-

24.11.93 mostly legible Jakarta circular date stamp tie strip of three 1000 running stamps (one of which has a tear) to an express airmail envelope to Michigan, neatly opened, thinned through in one spot on back. $2.25 is

29.01.94 two legible Jakarta Selatan circular date stamp tie strip of three 1000 1988 Sukarto stamps to express airmail #10 envelope to Detroit Michigan, backstamps in US J9 & DC & KC, opened neatly. $2.50 is

Wanted to buy--postcards or covers pertaining to any United Nations presence in Indonesia. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros. *c

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No covers at present. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!
See also Inini stamps.

Amprevan / Cücülər / Hyönteiset / Insecta / Insek / Insekt /
Insekten / Kukci / Kulisap / Putukad / Rovarok / Srangga

We have many interesting items to offer--please inquire!
See also Butterfly topical covers, Apiculture post cards,
Butterfly & moth postcards
& Insect postcards, all at this site.

Insect_USSR1928-200_small.jpg insect postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.comContinental size Russian postal card mailed from Leningrad in 1928 on a scientific exchange of aphid specimens between the Zoological Museum of the Academy of Sciences & Dr. C. R. Cutright at the Ohio Agricultural Experimental Station in Wooster Ohio. Dr. Cutright was a published expert on apple aphids & subterranean aphids. Brownish paper as issued, on bottom corner with noticeable wear, small upper corner crease. The message is in good English. $6.00 iagro-ri*

Clear -1.12.89 Mandigou hand cancels tie eight 125-franc Zonocerus Variegatus L. stamps (pair with rest overlapped) franking Republique Populaire du Congo registered airmail to Illinois, neatly opened, 2 small staple holes miss the stamps. Commercial, not philatelic. $7.50 ic

18 -12 1990 mostly clear Bertoua Depart Cameroun hand cancels tie three 70-franc Antestiopsis insect nuisance stamps franking greeting-card size envelope to Illinois, 2 tiny staple holes miss everything, light reduction at left edge on opening. Commercial, not philatelic. $3.00 ic&*

Clear 17. 7.93 Pointe Noire RP Congo hand cancels tie four (including one pair) 200-franc Le Scolyte du Cafe (coffee beetle?) stamps franking registered greeting-card envelope to Illinois, pair damaged by 2 tiny staple holes, backflap torn & reduced somewhat by opening. Commercial, not philatelic. $5.00 ic


Circa August 1979 notice from the Saint Vincent Philatelic Services explaining that their Oleanders & Insects issue would be delayed a few months. $1.00 is


Wanted to buy--commercial covers with malaria stamps or malaria slogan cancels. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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ENGLAND. International reply coupon sold at Headingley (a small town) in 1994, not yet used, excellent condition. $3.00 (ei)

IsleOfMan_InternationalReplyCoupon_small.jpg (5007 bytes)

ISLE OF MAN. International reply coupon denominated 10 p., unused. $2.00 i-i

Wanted to buy--pre-1960 IRC's worldwide. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Cover_Zambia_IRC-100_small[1].jpg (11621 bytes)

ZAMBIA. 1993 Lusaka international reply coupon, revised valuation in violet handstamped, unused. $3.00 (zi)*


Linn's Stamp News, May 15 2000 (72 pages). Articles on Great Britain meter stamps, Civil War ship 3-cent rates, international reply coupons, Russian stamp values & trends, and much more. $1.50 (pi)

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  Indians_Unspecified_ThreeBravesShot-200_small.JPG Iowa cover available from Judnick.com  Cover_Iowa_ValleyJunction1904-200_small.jpg Iowa cover available from LotsOfCovers.com  "Three Braves 'Shot with the Kodak'  No.3  Franz Huld, Publisher New York" undivided back postcard in color, mailed from Valley Junction Iowa (clear OCT 24 1904 DPO hand cancel) by J. C. Heath, small bottom corner crease, faint but long internal crease, minor corner wear, a few small spots of toning in front margins, faint album marks on back. $7.50 ip-i

"White Wyandottes" showing a pair of chickens in color cut-out pasted onto a government postal card (McKinley design) sent AUG 28 1905 in Valley Junction Iowa (DPO), two corners with small creases, spots of dark toning in the front message area, long but faint crease through short dimension of card, as is. $2.00 a-i

      "It's quite a task / Louis Wain" signed art showing a cat family of 6 (4 kittens) moving with a cart hitched to the tom; Tuck Series 956 Write Away postcard (which the sender is supposed to complete on front), from Gretchen Heath of Des Moines Iowa to Miss Elizabeth B. Hursh in Mountain Park Oklahoma, sent without postage stamps, so 2-c DES MOINES due markings JAN 23 1906 & 2 Franklin stamps on back. Small ink smears on back, some cancel ink on front (mostly in sky & lower right front corner), light toning along lower front border. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scans in .jpg format. $1.50 either or $2.75 both. atc-i

Iowa_Sheldon_JustArrivedLeather.jpg (146630 bytes)

"Just Arrived / Sheldon Ia." hand-colored / tinted leather post card showing child with bags, mailed there AUG 3 1906 to Graettinger (both postal markings clear). $6.00 il-i

Iowa_ValleyJunction_8-27-06Homemade-200_small.JPG Iowa postal card available from LotsOfCards.com"Office on imperial Poultry farm" showing a hand-drawn & -colored exterior view on 1-c government postal card drawn by Gretchen Heath, mailed Valley Junction Iowa on August 30 1906 to her grandmother Hursh in Mountain Park Oklahoma (next day arrival, both cancels clear, originating cancel is from DPO), 2 small corner creases, toning both sides is spotty. Obviously one-of-a-kind. $25.00 ig-i

"3 - POLK COUNTY COURT HOUSE, DES MOINES, IOWA. / Enos B. Hunt, Jr. Publisher, Des Moines Iowa" color postcard with undivided back mailed NOV 1 1906 at Valley Junction (clear DPO hand cancel on 1-c Franklin stamp), front is toned lightly, bottom corner crease, a few short internal creases but they are hard to see. $4.75 icg-i%

JAN 26 1937 Decorah Iowa cancel on War Department penalty envelope from chaplain there to Ohio, neatly opened. $2.50 ui

Iowa_Osage_PickingFlowersPMC-200_small.JPG"Picking Flowers in Clark Gardner Nurseries / Osage, Iowa / FROM / Clark Gardner Nurseries / Osage, Iowa" private mailing card illustrated both sides--backside (shown here) is two small children picking flowers, message side showing 'Millions of hardy Perennial Plants'; noticeable toning both sides but not in images, sent under Osage Iowa Permit No. 1 to West Lebanon Pennsylvania where it arrived OCT 21 1941. Other side image mostly a typed message of thanks to a customer from the president, Clark Gardner. Printing quality of the images is poor; it is not our scanner's fault. $6.00 ifg-i! INFORMATION ADDED RECENTLY

France_Saint-Pol-De-Léon_48Iowa-100.jpg (400825 bytes)"48.  SAINT-POL-DE-LÉON -- La Grand Place / un jour de Marché" French postcard showing a busy market, black & white on green back from E. Le Deley, mailed JAN 30 1958 at Wyman Iowa (DPO 1880 - 1961, bold hand cancel), 3 / 4-inch tear near stamp has been mended with tape that has yellowed. $6.50 f-i

"Nepal in Himalayas" shows a man pulling at the oar of a large wooden boat, well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed FEB 21 1964 at Corning Iowa (2 different cancels). $1.75 n-i

Medical_CompleteHospital_Permit_small.jpg (3814 bytes)

"COMPLETE HOSPITAL /  SURGICAL INCOME PROTECTION /  … / $100 per month" 2-color ad on permit mail to Des Moines Iowa local occupant, woodpecker design. $2.75


"Yesterday's Post Offices, Part 1" article by Inez E. Kirkpatrick, in Volume 2, Number 2 (June 1973) Postal History USA, hard to find. $5.00 p2

"Yesterday's Post Offices, Part 2" article by Inez E. Kirkpatrick, in Volume 2, Number 3 (September 1973) Postal History USA, hard to find. $5.00 p2

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Iowa_Kellogg_PostOffice-200_small.jpg post office postcards available from LotsOfCards.com

See also Iowa postcards. Shown is the small-town Kellogg Iowa post office & its postmaster Donald J. Anderson.

IRÃ / Iraan / İran / Îran / IRÁN / Írán / Irāna / Iranas / Iranu /
Иран / 伊朗 / ირანის / Ιράν / ઈરાન / ईरान / イラン / 이란 / ອີຣ່ານ
Many more can be offered--please inquire!

  Jewelry_Iran1.jpg (173889 bytes)      Jewelry_Iran2.jpg (198845 bytes)  See also Iran postcards. Shown are some of the Persian crown jewels at Bank Markazi.

Iran_To_Illinois_small.jpg (3040 bytes)

Small cover to Illinois, franked by 50 D., two 2.50 R., and 5 R stamps in good condition. Neatly opened, no postal markings on back. $

Wanted to buy--FDC's from Iran with 1991 issues. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

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Iraak / Iraccu / IRAK / Írak / Irák / Irāka / Irakas / Iraken /
İraq / REPUBLIC OF IRAQ / Ирак / العراق /  עיראק /  Իրաք / Ірак /
ইরাক / 伊拉克 /  ერაყში / Ιράκ / इराक / イラク / ಇರಾಕ್ / 이라크
We have several more items to offer--please inquire!
See also Iraq postcards.

Cover_Iraq_1908India-200_small.jpg Iraq cover available from LotsOfCovers.com"B 1245 / The Lion at Babylon" showing a massive statue there; black & white Post-Karte mailed 16 MA 08 with a 1-anna India stamp (clear BAGDAD hand cancel) to Salamanca New York, clear SEA-POST-OFFICE A 18 MA 08 transit mark in message area, minor corner & edge wear, light album impressions at the corners. At that time, the Ottoman Empire was collapsing due to the 1908 revolution, so Turkish stamps were not used. Writer comments 'We couldn't send post cards from Babylon, for there is nothing but a small village, and no post office, there.' Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 400% of original print area) & enhanced 144-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 i-is

October 2007 American Philatelist: Iraq railway post (1928 - c. 1942); pioneer aviation pilot John M. Miller; collecting mail sacks; history of disaster-ridden CAM9 (Chicago-Minneapolis) air mail flight; Swiss newspaper wrappers; some innovative moments in mail transportation; & much more. Theme for the issue was 'Moving the Mail'. $3.75 the complete journal. ais

Cover_Bermuda_1955-200_small.jpgLight circa 1958 Hamilton Bermuda slogan machine cancel on 9-d & 1/3d definitive stamps franking #6 airmail cover addressed to Jack W. Ryan at the American Embassy at Baghdad, American Philatelic Society sealing backflap tied by Baghdad arrival mark and large triangular violet marking. [Was it the author traveling to research a book?] Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ib

Light 28 Feb 72 violet hand cancel ties 35-fils & overprint stamps (missing 200-fils & 10-fils stamps) franking #10 registered airmail cover from Monsour City Baghdad to Ohio, opened neatly, a little wrinkling at the corners, four different backstamps. $3.75 i

3-15-72 hand-docketed (on reception) airmail envelope to Ohio, franked by 80-fils & 95-fils & overprinted stamps machine cancelled BAB AI ... , backflap torn a little in opening, small Arabic line marking in violet on back. $1.25 i

Cover_Iraq_LotOf6-200_small.jpgLot of 6 1972 - 1980 Iraq registered covers to the US, all commercial & neatly addressed & neatly opened. Good variety of stamps & backstamps & points of origin. Example shown. No time to list individually, so wholesale priced at $13.00. i

Light 20-10-74 Al Sadoon hand cancels tie 200-fils & 25-fils & two 50-fils stamps franking registered #10 envelope airmailed to Ohio, three different backstamps, neatly opened, light wrinkling. $5.00 i

Circa 1974 light hand cancels on 15-fils & 70-fils and four 35-fils population year stamps franking $10 airmail envelope to Ohio, small Arabic line marking in violet on back. $1.25 i

Two underinked early March 1975 Baghdad hand cancels tie 25-fils overprint & 100-fils & 200-fils stamps franking #10 registered airmail envelope to Ohio, faint Iraqi backstamps & clear US backstamp, neatly opened but noticeable wrinkling through lower right front corner. $3.75 i

Clear Basrah hand cancel ties two 200-fils stamps franking #10 airmail envelope to Ohio, 70-fils & 15-fils bird stamps neatly tied with 2 different backstamps, top edge just a bit rough (could be trimmed) due to opening. Five backstamps of which 4 are different. Both sides very attractive because of the clarity of most postal markings. $5.00 i

Light circa 2 June 1975 hand cancels tie two 10-fils & six 50-fils (5 in block) stamps franking #10 envelope airmailed from Abu-Ghraib to Ohio, light wrinkling along edges, top tear affects nothing & closes well. $3.75 i

Light late September 1975 Baghdad hand cancel on 25-fils & strip of three 100-fils stamps franking #10 registered airmail cover to Ohio, registration etiquette corner gone but its number 1 (significant?) is clear, neatly addressed, 2 different backstamps, a little edge wrinkling. $3.75 i

Somewhat light early April 1976 Jamia'ai Al-Basrah hand cancels tie50-fils & 200-fils stamps franking #10 registered envelope to Ohio, three different backstamps mostly clear, just a little edge wrinkling. $4.75 i

Light September 1976 Baghdad hand cancel ties 20-fils & pair of 75-fils stamps franking #10 envelope sent by surface mail to Ohio, two different backstamps, neatly opened, small corner crease affects nothing. $3.75 i

Light October 1979 Al Mosul hand cancels tie three 5-fils (2 different) & four 100-fils (one pair) stamps franking #10 airmail envelope sent to Ohio, three different backstamps, neatly opened. $4.00 i

Two somewhat light ..ATAR AL-DOUALI hand cancels tie 5-fils & 50-fils & 200-fils stamps franking registered #10 airmail envelope to the District of Columbia, three different backstamps, neatly opened. $4.75 i

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ÉIRE / IERLAND / IRLAND / Írland/ Îrland / IRLANDA / Irlande /
IRLANDIA / İrlandiya / Iwerddon / Poblacht na hÉireann /
REPUBLIC OF IRELAND / Ірландыя / ಐರ್ಲೆಂಡ್ / เกาะไอร์แลนด์

Many more items can be offered--please inquire!

See also Ireland stamps, Ireland postcards
& Saint Patrick's Day postcards


"Garnish Island Glengarriff Co. Cork." color postcard, mailed 16 SP 14 from Ballybunion Derry to Ohio (1-p British stamp clearly cancelled, arrival marking 9 days later), small ink smear on back, lightly toned front, corner wear & rounding. $4.00 i-I

"The Eagle's Nest, Killarney." color postcard mailed 24 AUG 34 at Ardan Co. Chorchaige (clear cancel on 1-d & 1/2-d stamps) to New York City, pushpin damage to top center, small corner crease, mild edge wear. $3.50 i-i

Wanted to buy--pre-1960 first day covers from Ireland. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros! *c

Cover_Europa_19-9-60Ireland-120.JPG (318560 bytes)19 IX 60 Ireland FDC for their 2-stamp Europa issue franking cacheted cover to Florida, neatly addressed, noticeable indentation (cord width, no discoloration like a rubber band mark) vertically through the 6-p stamp. Careful ironing may benefit you. Cachet is generic. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 ei

Cover_Ireland_1976FDC_small.jpg (3997 bytes)
10 III 1976 registered FDC for Ireland 9 & 15 telephone centenary stamps, mailed to Ohio with appropriate receiving marks on front, the high value stamp is a well-centered pair, opened neatly. $6.00 ci

Undated large (about 8"x10" official envelope of the Irish Philatelic Service used to the USA, POST / Postage Paid / Postas foctha indicia in green, white & yellow. Couple small bens at the corners, neatly opened. $0.50 i


"DAVID FELDMAN / STAMPS OF IRELAND / SPECIALIZED CATALOGUE / 1978 Edition" softbound, 94 pages plus covers. Includes Great Britain used in Ireland, forerunners, flight covers, FDC, postal stationery, stamp varieties & much more. Marked up by former owner. Just the information on the stamp varieties should recover your costs quickly. $7.50 i-i ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

"IRELAND 1980 PRICE LIST / IAN WHYTE" including constant flaws on the Gerl definitives, booklets, booklet panes, exhibition booklets, FDC, presentation packs, special cancels, maritime covers, locals, postal stationery, Long Island local carriage labels & more. What they did not have the offered! A few annotations by a former owner. $6.00 i-i ILLUSTRATION ADDED RECENTLY

Before 21 / 6 / 1988 Irish Philatelic Bulletin announcing the 'FAUNA & FLORA / Endangered Species of Vegetation issue of stamps, first day covers & maximum cards. 8 panels. $1.00 ie

PhilatelicLiterature_Ireland1988IrishSecurity Forces-100.jpg (1480460 bytes)Group of 35 different announcements from the Irish Philatelic Bureau regarding various issues from 1988 to 1991. Very interesting & authoritative information that is attractively presented. Most are about 6"x8", so they could be displayed with ease in albums. Example shows 2 outer pages of the 8-page announcement including the Irish Security Forces issue of 1988. $21.00 for all. i-i%

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Aden & Advertising
Afghanistan, Agriculture, Aitutaki,
Ajman, Alabama & Åland
Albania, Alberta, Algeria, Alsace,
Andorra, Anguilla, Animals & Antarctica
Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda, APO, Archaeology,
Architecture, Argentina & Arizona
Arkansas, Art, Ascension Island,
Astrology, Astronomy & Atomic Energy
Australia, Australian Antarctic Territory,
Austria, Authors, Autographed, Automobiles, Aviation, Azerbaijan & Azores
Baden, Bahamas, Bahrain, Balloons,
Bangladesh, Barbados & Basutoland
Bavaria, Bechuanaland, Belgian Congo,
Belgium, Belize, Benin & Bermuda
Bhutan, Bicentennials, Birds, Blacks,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana & Brasil
British Antarctic Territory, British Columbia,
British Guiana, British Honduras,
British Solomon Islands, British Virgin Islands,
Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Burma & Burundi
Butterflies, California, Cacti & Succulents,
Cambodia, & Republic of Cameroons
Canada, Canal Zone, Canary Islands,
Cape of Good Hope, Cape Verde & Captain Cook
Cayman Islands, Centenaries, Centrafrique,
Chad, Chemistry, Chess & Children
Chile, Chilean Antarctic Territory, China
Christmas, Christmas Island & Churchill
Coast Guard, Coats of arms,
Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Colombia
Colorado, Communications, Comoro Islands,
Confederate States & Congo (both)
Connecticut NEW
Cook Islands, Copernicus, Costa Rica & Costumes
Croatia, Cuba (including US in), Curaçao,
Cyprus (including Turkish Cyprus) & Cyrenaica
Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Dance,
DWI, Danzig, Delaware, Denmark, DC & Dogs
Dominica, Dominican Republic, Dubai & Easter
East Germany, Ecology, Ecuador, Education,
Egypt, Eisenhower, Elephants,
England & Equatorial Guinea
Estonia, Ethiopia, Europa/CEPT & Expositions
Faeroes, Falkland Islands & Dependencies,
Famous People, Federal Express, Fernando Poo,
Fiji, Finland & Firefighting
First Flights (Worldwide)
Fish, Fiume, Flag cancels,
Flags, Florida, Flowers & Folklore
France, French Colonies, French Offices & Funchal
Gabon, Gambia, Geography, Geology,
Georgia USA, Germany, Ghana & Gibraltar
Gilbert & Ellice Islands, Gilbert Islands, Goa,
Gold Coast, Graphic arts. Great Britain & Greece
Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Guadeloupe, Guam,
Guatemala, Guernsey, Haiti, Hannover & Hawaii
Hedjaz, Helgoland, Heraldry, highway post office,
Honduras, Hong Kong, Horses,
Human Rights, Hungary, Iceland & Idaho
Illinois, Inaugurations, India, Indiana, Indians, Indo-China, Indonesia, Insects, Iowa, Iran & Ireland
Isle of Man, Israel, Italy & Ivory Coast
Jamaica NEW
Japan, Jersey, Jewelry, Johnston Island, Johore & Jordan
Judaica, Jugoslavia, Kansas, Kazakhstan, Kennedy,
Kentucky, Kenya, Kenya Uganda Tanganyika
Kirgiz S.S.R., Kiribati, Komi A.S.S.R., Korea,
Kuwait, Labor, Laos, Latvia & Law
Lebanon, Leeward Islands, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lighthouses, Lincoln & Lindbergh
Lions International, Lithuania,
Lombardy-Venetia & Lothringen
Louisiana, Lourenço Marques,
Lübeck, Lundy & Luxembourg
Madagascar, Madeira, Madonnas, Maine, Malawi, Malaysia, Malay States, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Manitoba & Maps
Marianas, Marines, Marshall Islands,
Martinique, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mayotte, Medicine, Meteorology, Metered & México
Michigan, Middle East Forces, Military & Minnesota
Mississippi & Missouri
Moldavia, Monaco, Mongolia,
Montana, Montenegro & Montserrat
Motorcycles, Mountains, Mushrooms,
Music, Namibia & Nauru
Naval Covers (US - A to M Ships)
Naval Covers (US - N to R Ships)
Naval Covers (US - S to T Ships)
Naval Covers (US - U to Z Ships)
Nebraska, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles,
Netherlands New Guinea & Nevada
New Brunswick, New Caledonia,
Newfoundland & New Guinea
New Hebrides, New Jersey, New Mexico,
New South Wales & New York
New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria,
Nobel Prizes & Norfolk Island
North Carolina, North Dakota, Northern Ireland,
Northern Rhodesia. Norway,

Nova Scotia, Numismatics & Ohio
Oklahoma, Oldenburg, Olympics,
Oman, Ontario & OPSAIL
Orange Free State, Orchids, Oregon,
Paintings, Pakistan & Palau
Palestine, Panama, Territory of Papua,
Papua New Guinea & Paquebot
Paraguay, Patriotic, Penang, Pennsylvania,
Penrhyn Island, Perak & Permit Mail
Perú, Philately (topic & general literature),
Philippines, Photography, Pitcairn Island & Poland
Ponta Delgada, Portugal, Portuguese Africa,
Portuguese Guinea, Postal Service,
Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico & Qatar
Québec, Queensland, Racing,
Railroads (including RPO's) & Red Cross
Religion, Réunion, RFD, Rhine Palatinate, Rhode Island, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Nyasaland & Rio Muni
Romania, Roosevelt, Ross Dependency
Rotary International, Royalty, Royal weddings & Russia
Rwanda, Ryukyus, Saar,
Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla,
Saint Helena & Saint Lucia
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, Saint Vincent,
Saint Vincent Grenadines, San Marino,
São Thomé et Principe,
Saskatchewan, Saudi Arabia, Saxony & Scotland
Scouting, Sculpture, Seapost, Serbia, Shells,
Ships, Sierra Leone & Singapore
Skiing, Slovenia, Snakes, Social history,
Solomon Islands & South Africa
South Carolina, South Dakota,
South Korea & South West Africa
Space, Spain, Spanish Guinea, Sports, Sri Lanka,
Stamp topicals, Straits Settlements, Sudan,
Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland & Syria
Taiwan, Tanzania, Tasmania, Tatarstan,
Telegrams/Telegraphs & Telephones
Tennessee, Texas, Thailand,
Theaters, Togo & Tokelau
Tonga, Trains, Transkei,
Transportation, Transvaal & Trengganu
Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Tristan da Cunha, Tunisia, Turkey, Turks & Caicos, Tuvalu, Uganda & Ukraine
United Arab Emirates, United Arab Republic,
United Nations & United Nations Geneva
United States
Universal Postal Union (UPU), Uruguay,
Utah, Vanuatu, Vatican City & Venda
Venezuela, Vermont, Victoria, Viet Nam,
Virginia, Virgin Islands, Vojvodina,
Volcanoes, Wake Island & Wales
Wallis-et-Futuna, Washington (George),
Washington State, Waterfalls,
Western Australia & Western Samoa
West Germany, West Virginia, Windmills,
Wisconsin, Women & Württemberg
Wyoming, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zanzibar,
Zanzibar and Tanzania & Zeppelins

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