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en00371a_transtrial.GIF (1928 bytes)What's new? Items marked NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU.

Reminders: All items are offered subject to prior sale.
Quantities available: one each unless stated otherwise.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Prices do not include postage or insurance unless noted.
E-mail any questions or comments to postcard@judnick.com


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Pakistan_APWA2WYR-200.jpg genealogy QSL cards available from Judnick.comGAGEN. "AP / WA2WYR" shortwave (28 MHz) Karachi QSL viewcard used 1992 by operator John Gagen at the American Consulate there, view shows the operator riding an elaborately dressed camel, excellent condition. $3.75 pga

GALINDO."469.-ALBERCA DEL HOTEL RUIZ GALINDO. FORTIN VER." sepia-tone real photo targeta postal with very late usage at Fallston North Carolina, slight oxidation & fine surface crackling consistent with greater age, slight curl to the paper, light cancel ink shows in the sky, minor corner wear, 2 spots of light toning on back. $4.50 m(v)g

GALINDO. "HOTEL 'RUIZ GALINDO' / FORTIN, VERACRUZ." unused sepia-tone Ekc real photo post card including 3 women in a swimming pool filled with flowers. $5.00 m(v)g

=> Special: Both of the above for $8.75 g <=

GAMARY. "Back View, Control Car" showing the part of the wreck of the zeppelin USS Shenandoah which came to rest near the tenant farmhouse of Andrew Gamary, part of which can be seen in the image; unused sepia-tone real photo the size of a regular postcard, back pencil writing misidentifies location as 'Ada, Ohio'--the rest of the wreck came down in Ava Ohio, not Ada--which will probably erase if it bothers you. Unfortunately, all occupants of the control car perished. $50.00 o(b)g(g)db NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

GANDARA. "Organ Mountains  New Mexico" unused hand-colored Albertype postcard, 1925 J. R. Gandara copyright, good edges. $5.00 nmhga*

Nebraska_Wauneta_OurHome-200_small.JPGGANT. "We her send you our picture of our home in Wauneta Nebr ... Mr. & Mrs. Geo. Gant & family" who sit out on their porch; sepia-tone real photo mailed there (July 1911 DPO hand cancel ties stamp), mild corner wear & rounding, a couple tiny spots of cancel ink on front. Possibly unique: no printed caption, no photographer credit, no publisher information. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ngf

Circus_SketchOfHisLife.jpg (174699 bytes)GANTZ. "SKETCH OF HIS LIFE /  MAJOR CHAS. GANTZ, 'The Won / -der,' who is without doubt the small- / est person on earth, was born Aug. / 27, 1865, on a farm near Fairfield, / Ia...." next to a sepia-tone image of him seated, mailed 1907 to Indiana, album marks at corners, 2 corner creases, exceptionally detailed. This Fairfield Iowa resident was unusual in that he owned & managed his own shows while on exhibition, rather than being exploited by others. Message on the back, from someone who had seen him at a fair, reports him to be 18 inches tall & very jolly. $26.00 cig*+%

Bullfighting_RodolfoGaona-100.jpg (202148 bytes)

"Rodolfo Gaona" full-length view of the bullfighter from the side, with his cape; hand-colored / tinted real photo, unused, mild edge wear except for 1 / 4" tear. His debut was in 1905 in México. He later competed in Spain with figures of great stature such as Joselito and Belmonte. The "gaonera" is named after him. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg (202,148) or .tif format. $1.50 bng

GARBEN. "GARBEN'S BREAD / SPEAKS FOR ITSELF / CHAS. GARBEN BAKING CO. / 176 N. CLARK" picturing a horse-drawn two-man wagon & 3 loaves being delivered to a residence from this Chicago bakery; uncaptioned (so we used the signage) sepia-tone real photo post card, addressed but conveyed in an envelope. Message on back: 'All ready for moving day tomorrow ...The bakery is glorious ... One of the drivers had this picture taken of one of the wagons.' This bakery is mentioned in 1908 to 1913 newspapers, state documents & directories. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(c)fhg

GARCIA. "TI2WPW" continental US Weather Bureau Costa Rica shortwave QSL card used 1992 by operator 'Leo' Leopoldo Garcia to document 2 contacts, excellent condition. Interesting personal history handwritten on back with a few small ink smears that obscure nothing. $2.50 cmqg%

Maine_Patten_HPGardiners-120.jpg (304615 bytes)

GARDNER. "H. P. GARDNERS RES. / PATTEN ME." sepia-tone real photo from the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company, mailed there 1917, several speckles of cancel ink in sky. $14.00 mg

GARDNER. "Luella Belle Gardner / Age 18 mon /  Weight 19 lb" real photo circa 1910 with caption from writing on back, browning of paper shows age, corner & edge wear, toned back edges. $7.00 g

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Iowa_Osage_PickingFlowersPMC-200_small.JPGGARDNER. "Picking Flowers in Clark Gardner Nurseries / Osage, Iowa / FROM / Clark Gardner Nurseries / Osage, Iowa" private mailing card illustrated both sides--backside (shown here) is two small children picking flowers, message side showing 'Millions of hardy Perennial Plants'; noticeable toning both sides but not in images, sent under Osage Iowa Permit No. 1 to West Lebanon Pennsylvania where it arrived OCT 21 1941. Other side image mostly a typed message of thanks to a customer from the president, Clark Gardner. Printing quality of the images is poor; it is not our scanner's fault. $6.00 ifg-i!

"EZRA BROOKS // GARFINKEL'S LIQUOR STORE / 212 King Street / Wilmington 198901 Delaware" advertising postcard showing its collectible Texas longhorn decanter for its 12-year-old whiskey, a few small spots of light toning on back, good edges. Shown above left. $2.50 adg. Similar description, but showing its collectible Duesenberg decanter for a 155-month-old whiskey. Shown above right. $2.50 adg. Similar description, but showing its collectible fighting tank decanter for its 12-year-old whiskey. Shown lower left. $2.50 adg. Similar description, but showing its king salmon / chinook decanter for its 12-year-old whiskey. Shown below right. $2.50 adg

GARDNER. "R. F. D. / № 9 / Eaton O." sepia-tone real photo postcard with good focus & slight oxidation, showing the mailman J. Albert Gardner standing next to his horse-drawn delivery wagon, mailed at Eaton circa 1910. Uncaptioned, so we used the lettering at the side of the wagon instead. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(e)phg(g)-r

Political_Alabama_ElectMaryTexas-100.JPG (232386 bytes)GARNER. "ELECT / MARY TEXAS / HURT / GARNER / FOR ANOTHER / POSITION OF / HIGH TRUST / To Your / Office of / State Treasurer." showing her seated at a desk in black-and-white, caption partially in olive green, postcard mailed 1962, cancel on front, toned right front edge. Formerly Alabama's Secretary of State, and assistant to the Attorney General, she was elected to State Treasurer in 1962. $2.50 pwga+

Cover_Naval_USSYorkCounty1972-200_small.jpg genealogy cover available from LotsOfCovers.comGARNER. Clear JUN 15 1972 hand cancel ties 8-c flag over White House stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, large well-struck 'LAST DAY POSTAL SERVICE / U. S. S. YORK COUNTY (LST-1175) / NORFOLK BASED AMPHIBIAN / Michael S. Garner PC3 - Postal Clerk' cachet in blue. Decommissioned the next month, she was transferred to the Italian government and became Nave Caorle (L-8991). $2.25 nv-g!*

GARRY. "Ignace Garry, chief of / Spokane Indians of Washington" shown in traditional attire, vertical format; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed 1962 at Poulsbo Washington, small corner crease, another corner has a small bend. The tribe is located in Wellpinit Washington. Shown left. $2.00 w(w)gi* "Twin papooses of Chief Ignace / Garry of Spokane Indians" showing them held by their mother in traditional attire, sell done home-made (and, hence, unique post card mailed 1962 at Port Blakely Washington (2 different cancels), trivial wear to 3 corners. A Garry still serves on the tribal council. Shown above right. $2.50 w(w)gi*

Automobile_EvenTheBirds-200_small.jpg genealogy post cards available from Judnick.comGARVEY. "EVEN THE BIRDS KNOW A FORD WHEN THEY SEE ONE" with 'Cheep' emanating from their beaks 12 times, signed Cobb X. Shinn art on a postcard mailed 1916 from Turners Station Kentucky to the Dr. J. T. Garvey family in Cropper Kentucky by their niece Irene. $5.00 g(g)a(s)a

Auto_UnAutomobiliste-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com

GAUBERT. "un / automobiliste / 'à la page' / 'descend' / c'est clair / chez / GAUBERT / GAUBERT 'AUTO' / 40, Avenue de la Grande-Armée / PARIS" black & white advertising carte postale, light toning on back, small upper corner crack (not into the image) demands careful handling. Rough translation: The up-to-the-minute automobilist clearly should come to Chez Gaubert. Classic & hard to find! $14.00 f(p)ga

GAULT, GARIGUES, GRAVES, GANGLOFF, HARRISON, HAINS & HORNER. "1849 - 1883. / Homoeopathic Hospital College, / Cleveland, O. / WILL HOLD ITS /
Thirty-third Annual / COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES / in the First M. E. Church, / Cor. Euclid Avenue and Erie Streets / Wednesday Evening, February 28, 1883, at 7:30 o'clock." containing an insert (folded out at right), naming the Ushers, Order of Exercises, Officers, Executive Committee, Library Committee & Members of Graduating Class -- Mary A. Gault, H. B. Garigues, R. S. Graves, Chas. Gangloff, G. E. Harrison, C. W. Hains, J. Richey Horner, etc. Horizontal crease to all pages & a long bend at the top right of the front cover. Closed in 1919, but later became the Huron Road Hospital, and even later the Meridia Huron Hospital. $12.00 mocggggggg

GAULT. "Pittsburgh, Pa. [May 19 1893 / Gentlemen / We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your favor of 16th / containing check / ... / We remain, yours truly, / REYMER & BROS." receipt from the wholesale grocers & steam confectioners located on Wood Street, mailed there MAY 9 1893 to Messrs. J. A. Gault & Company in Kittanning Pennsylvania, good edges, clear cancel. Mr. Gault was also president of Famer's National Bank there. $3.75 p(p)g(g)g(r)f

Israel_4Z4DX-200_small.jpg genealogy QSL cards available from Judnick.comGAVISH. "4Z4DX" continental QSL Ramat HaSharon / רָמַת הַשָּׁרוֹן QSL card with front art depicting Arabs regarding an El Al Curtis Commando C-46 (which airlifted thousands of Jews from Yemen, Iraq & Europe in the early 1950's) aircraft & IARC logo, used 1988 by operator Dov Gavish who is pictured in black & white on back, trivial corner wear. Very special! $4.00 a(p)ygii

GAY. "MR. & MRS. W. W. GAY / Proprietors // HOTEL GAYFAIR / (Formerly the Gaymere) / Cor. 2nd St. & 5trh Ave. No.  St. Petersburg, Fla. // Also Proprietors of / MAYFAIR / 232 - 5th Ave. No." with handwritten advertising message on front 'Please let us show you our beautiful new hotel as soon as you arrive - It does not look like this'; postcard with detailed rates, modernization details, etc. in message area. Mailed OCT 20 1941 from Saint Petersburg to J. C. Marriott in Mount Vernon Ohio. Two small corner creases, traces of cancel ink on front. $7.00 f(s)ga

Circus_PlutoAndMrGay.jpg (113251 bytes)

"Pluto and Mr. Gay / at / Gay's Lion Farm / El Monte / Calif. / 10" SSSS real photo postcard (circa 1924 - 1929) showing him riding on the back of a lion, unused, brownish paper, sound edges. $25.00 ccg

GAY. "View from South Atlantic Avenue / View from Beach" multiview postcard showing the Sunrise Apartments in Daytona Beach Florida, when managed by L. O. Gay, rounded corners as issued, excellent condition. $3.00 mf(d)g

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France_GorgesDuLoup_202GDLViaduc-200_small.jpg genealogy carte postale available from Judnick.comGAZAGNAIRE. "202. Gorges du Loup / Viaduc et Restaurant des Gorges" when Jacob Gazagnaire was the proprietor of the restaurant; unused sepia-tone real photo postcard from C. Cavalier there, trivial wear to 2 corners, slight curl to the paper. $13.00 f(g)g(g)b

GEISCHANG. Embossed birthday postcard sent to Mrs. Herman Geischang of Union Furnace Ohio on February 23 1915, minor toning & edge wear. $2.00 g(g)

Bookmarks_MehlinPianosPair-200small.jpg bookmark advertising available from Judnick.comGERARD. "Mehlin Pianos / Contain more valuable / improvements than all / others. They are the / best now made. / For Sale by / James Gerard & Co. / 119 W. FIFTH ST. / DAYTON OHIO" bookmark with blank back. Shown left. Different design, same description except some toning on back. Shown right. Sold but front sides still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scans in .jpg format. $3.00 for both. bmo(d)g

GETTEL. "STUDEBAKER FANCY PARCEL WAGON / No 370" with signed Gray-Parker art on a circa 1905-1906 large (approximately 7"x5") trade card,
picturing their South Bend Carriage Works, Chicago factory & repository, and South Bend Wagon & Spring Wagon Works on the back in black & white, also listing their branch house locations on back. Agent's handstamp in red at the top of back reads 'GETTEL & CARMANY, LEBANON, PA., Agents for Lebanon County.'  with traces of the handstamp ink in the top front border (transferred when stacked), trivial corner wear. Rare; we have seen but one other when we searched the Internet, and it was not correctly described. The only ads we could find for Gettel & Carmany dated to 1895 - 1896. $15.00 i(s)hp(l)gg

Better_041small.jpg genealogy memorabilia available from Judnick.comGETTYS, GOSNELL, GREEN, HOSKINSON, JONES & JUSTICE. "REBECCA'S TRIUMPH" program for a 3-act play presented April 11 1924 at the Licking County Normal School auditorium in Hebron Ohio. Full-page ads: Newark Business College, Linehan Brothers shoes in Newark, Emerson Clothes in Newark, Winchester flashlights available at The-Crane-Krieg Hardware Company, The Hebron Creamery, The Lake Lumber Company & E. V. McCament Funeral Director. Cast of characters: Thelma Green, Doris Mowery, Imo Priest (playing Gyp the colored servant), Gladys Kline, Doris Courtney, Olive Hoskinson & Dorothy Jones. Club members mentioned within: Mary Bliss, Ruth Woolard, Betty Gettys, Florence Bailey, Catharine Justice, Wilma Bonar, Carrie Hoskinson, Fannie Wengert, Charlotte Will, Blanche Browne & Edna Gosnell. String bound, color cover black-and-white otherwise, fits within a continental sleeve, light toning & a corner crease on the outer cover. $15.00

Bridge_Montreal_VicotriaJubilee--200_small.JPGGIACHINO. "Victoria Jubilee Bridge, about 2 miles long, over St. Lawrence River. / Montreal, Canada.  461" black & white post card, violet handstamp at the right edge of the image reads 'VERMONT FRUIT STORE / No. 155 No. Main St., / BARRE, VT. / ANTONIO GIACHINO'. Mailed 1908 at Barre but stamp removed, long corner crease all in message area, mild corner & edge wear. Interesting message: 'Your Harry Lauder record No. 19178 is here call for it. Harry Lauder was a very successful Scottish comic & singer whose songs sold by the millions, played on old wind-up Victrolas. The store referred to first opened as the Union Co-Operative Store in 1901, in the basement of the Labor Hall, and was expanded multiple times over the years under Giachino management. Sold but image side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bqv(b)gmu


"S.F.-Oakland Bay Bridge Completed" #1119, exceptionally interesting--includes a V. E. Giannini Delivery Service vehicle in the right foreground, postcard with fresh appearance. $15.00 bga

Automobile_HCGibbon_small.jpg (3237 bytes)

GIBBON. "Christmas Greetings / H. C. Gibbon" caption from writing on back, real photo shows well dressed man standing in front of his car, light toning on both sides. $3.50 ag

Wisconsin_SturgeonBay_AldenGifford-100.jpg (224363 bytes)GIFFORD. "ALDEN GIFFORD--A CARGO BOAT, BUILT BY LEATHEM D. SMITH SHIPBUILDING CO., STURGEON BAY, WIS.  E-88" black & white Gloss Tone from Joseph A. Fagan, unused, tiny pinhole in top center. corner crease, another very small corner crease. One of the earliest ships built by them (earliest hull number 269), it was delivered to Britain in November 1942, and sank off the west coast of England in 1944. The company mentioned later became the Bay Shipbuilding Company, which is now the last active builder of large ships on the Great Lakes. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg (224,363 bytes) or .tif format. $1.50 ws(l)g

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Auto_DodgeCarService-200_small.jpg genealogy card available from Judnick.comGILBERT. "DODGE CAR SERVICE CLUB / (FOR DODGE OWNERS OWNERS (sic) EXCLUSIVELY / ... / Membership fee $15.00 per year in advance / ... / W. C. GILBERT, PRESIDENT, / CHASE AND EDEN STREETS / BALTIMORE, MD." card advertising services similar to today's AAA, small upper corner crease. both sides toned. Date? When phone numbers were like WOLFE 5820, the number given on the card. $3.00 m(b)ga

Music_033_small.jpg genealogy post card available from Judnick.comGILBERT. Postcard mailed October 23 1906 to Mr. Joseph Gilbert 'trap drummer' in Loudonville, by his friend Joe 'the owl" (shown) who had just arrived there; album marks at corn, heavy Loudonville cancel impression. $5.00 o(l)g(g)m

Illinois_PereMarquetteState_The-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from Judnick.comGILL. "The Lodge, Pere Marquette State Park, Grafton, Illinois / Near Alton and Jerseyville  2B-H784" linen post card mailed 1950 at Altonville, but it is an earlier view (circa 1942) when under the management of Stanley R. Gill; traces of cancel ink on front, soft corners. $2.00 i(p)g

Ohio_Bellevue_UncaptionedHorse&Buggy-120.jpg (332087 bytes)GILLARS. Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo showing a horse-drawn buggy passing by the Garden Seeds store & Dr. Gillars the dentist's office, the street is filled with water. From a collection of Bellevue Ohio. Pencil writing on back 'Southwest / D. & A.' Light toning along back edges, long corner crease. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 odg#

NYC_090_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from LotsOfCards.com

GILLENDER. "No. 125  Gillender Building, New York / PUB. BY ILLUSTRATED POSTAL CARD CO., 233 BROADWAY" showing the building that lasted only 13 years or so (1897 - 1910), black & white post card with very late usage at Chappaqua NY, both sides toned, corners noticeably rounded. Architecturally criticized for the disproportion of its footprint to its height. Named after tobacco merchant Eccles Gillender by Helen Gillender Asinari, his daughter. $6.00 n(n)ga

MIXone_225_small.jpg Californian QSL card available from Judnick.com

. "WA6UXA" real photo QSL card used 1974, shows operator Gary G. Gilley inside his house with his ham radio equipment. $3.75 c

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                                        - TOKYO TO INDIANAPOLIS
           Japan_Advertising_1898-72small.jpg genealogy postal cards available from Judnick Postcards  Japan_Advertising_1898Back-72small.jpg genealogy postal card available from LotsOfStamps.com
                                                        Front & Back
Message text: "We beg to advise you that we are now firing and packing the first crop teas for Edwin J. Gillies & Co., New York.   They will be of the same high quality as in former years and will go forward by first steamer.  Send your orders immediately to Edwin J. Gillies & Co., New York, so as to secure some of the early pickings for your best trade, as they cannot be obtained later in the season." Front upper left corner reads:  "Souvenir Japanese Postal Card".  Front lower left reads: "FAN CHOP / RMA CHOP / BEE HIVE CHOP". (Both in rose-color ink.) Sent April 2, 1898. $80.00 ajgf

Medicine_SutliffAlkohola-200_small.jpg genealogy postal card available from LotsOfCards.comGILLIG. "SUTLIFF & CASE CO. / WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS AND PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTS PEORIA, ILLINOIS / ALKOHOLA / AN IDEAL RUBBING ALCOHOL" including compositional details, ad on government postal card mailed 1922 at Bryant Illinois, minor edge wear. Salesman's handstamp in violet reads Al Gillig. $2.75 mgi(p)!

AdPostcard_BerrysBoot-200_small.jpg advertising postcards available from Judnick.com
GILSON. "BERRY'S / Boot Polishes // 'An easy Winner" with signed P. Lehmann art depicting a hobo running away from a policeman on a bicycle with wheels made with shoe polish containers. Ad postcard mailed 1909 in London England to Master Joe Gilson in Chelsea by his Auntie May, toning both sides, corner rounding, 2 small corner creases.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 bgaa

FrenchMorocco_CasablancaLaPorteDe-120.JPG (404852 bytes)
GIMENEZ. "CASABLANCA -- La Porte de Marrakech après le Bombardement" black & white carte postale showing a street scene after the bombardment, large red ad for the novelty store of Manuel V. Gimenez in Tanger covering the back, small corner crease. $5.00 fgt

GINTHER & LANG. "Ginther Family Reunion. /  Yourself and family are cordially invited... / .. / to be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lang, near Marshal- / ville, Ohio, on Saturday, June 14th, 1902 /  Charles Lang, President / Lloyd Rowinsky, Secretary" printed on government postal card with browning of paper shows age, mailed, light toning on front, 2 small hinge remnants on back, long crease. $4.00 og

Music_RipRipGirardi-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.com

GIRARDI. "Rip Rip / Girardi als Rip Rip / Von Meilhac und Gille  Musik von Robert Planquette" unused postcard from J. Gerstmayer in Wien, Serie IV. Nr. 19, 'Nach 20 Jahren Schlaf!' (after 20 years of sleep) printed in back message area, minor corner & edge wear, bottom corners have small bends. Planquette's comic light opera Rip Van Winkle opened in London in 1882. Hard to find. $17.50 mg(g)

MIXone_332_small.jpg genealogy folder available from Judnick.com

GLADWIN. "WELCOME TO / MAUI 'B' // Shell Todd / Oil Services" folder picturing the off-shore rigs in the Maui Field of New Zealand, signed Nigel Gladwin; continental size, it folds out to provide a detailed schematic of the upper date & lower deck, emphasis on safety information & escape routes throughout, creased. Not often seen in the public domain & exceptionally interesting. $7.50 ngo

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GLANNER. "Peilsteinwände / Alois Glanner's Touristen-Heim / ..." with bottom 2 lines added to caption by violet handstamp, black & white Austrian Korrespondenz-Karte on grayish paper, partial cancel ink on front, mailed circa 1910 to Wien. $5.00 ag

NewJersey_NorthBranch_PubByJE-200_small.JPG from Judnick.comGLASER. "PUB. BY J. E. GLASER.  Hotel, North Branch, N. J." showing its exterior, with a couple of people on the porch; post card mailed JUL 23 1909 at North Branch Depot (clear cancel, now a discontinued post office) to NY, some extraneous writing on the back edge furthest from the stamp, noticeable corner wear. $9.00 ng-n

NYC_044_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from LotsOfCards.comGLASSHEIM. "Bowery -- North from Grand St.  New York" with an elevated train passing by Glassheim's Hats, several horse-drawn vehicles below; unused post card from M. Ettlinger & Co. (their Series 4721), back toned & yellowing with age. $6.00 n(n)mhg

GLEERUP. "Malmö. Regenmentsgatan. // Ljustr. Rud. Bellander Hamburg. Imp. Carl Gleerup. Malmö." brefkort with undivided back in excellent condition. $4.50 sg(g)

GLENN. "Lewis E. Glenn,  Mrs. Viola L. Glenn / Fayoum, Egypt / North Africa // Princes shall come out of Egypt: Ethiopia shall soon / stretch out her hands unto God. - Psa. 68:31" also giving an Indianapolis Indiana address for these missionaries, unused postcard on pinkish stock with undivided back, tiny bottom corner crease, other corner wear is trivial. Rare: no other offers, past sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. A pamphlet on 'Mohammedan Women', authored by the Reverend Glenn in 1909, is in the collection of the Columbia University Library. $14.00 eg(g)r

Music_JackTeagardenAnd-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from Judnick.comGOLDFINGER, GONSALIN & GUTIERREZ. "JACK TEAGARDEN AND HIS / ALL-MARTIN BRASS SECTION" unused real photo postcard with high contrast & glossy finish, advertising Martin brand trumpets & trombones, excellent condition. Musicians named on back: Tom Gonsalin, Sidney Feller, John Fallstich, Jack Teagarden, Seymour Goldfinger, Jose Gutierrez & Joe Ferrell. Rare: no other example offered or exhibited when we searched the Internet. $30.00 mgg*

Better_453small.jpg Goldthwaite genealogy post card available from Judnick.comGOLDTHWAITE. "THE DELIGHTFUL COUNTRY HOME OF MR. VINCENT GOLDTHWAITE, WELLESLEY, MASS. / Roofed with Asbestos 'Century' Shingles. / From plans and specifications by / WILLARD D. BROWN, Architect, 15 Beacon St. Boston, Mass." advertising postcard mailed OCTOBER 8 1912 by Keasbey & Mattison Company in Ambler, Pennsylvania to the Reed Brothers in White Cottage Ohio, mild corner & edge wear. $5.50 m(w)aaggm(b)p

GOOD. "'A Joy Ride in Florida'" showing 9 black children drawn to be riding the back of a monstrous long alligator, white-border era postcard from E. C. Kropp Company, mailed DEC 6 1919 (partial JACK. & ST. PETERSBURG TR38 R.P.O. cancel remains after stamp removal) to Mrs. Mary A. Rector in Hanover Ohio c/o Minnie B. Rector by her grandchild Anna Marie Good, spotty toning both sides, corner wear & rounding. $3.00 bggf

GOODALE. "STROBEL'S AIRSHIP  AERONAUT FRANK W. GOODALE" unused circa-1910 post card with evenly divided back, heavy album toning at the front corners & most of the back. $12.00 bg(g)

"STROBEL'S AIRSHIP  AERONAUT FRANK W. GOODALE" postcard mailed FEB 8 1911 from Coopersville Michigan to Mrs. D. C. Foreman at Leroy Michigan, album marks at the front corners. $14.00 bg(g) NEW / NOUVEAU / NEU

Nebraska_Omaha_GorstsStake-200_small.jpg Nebraska postcards available from Judnick.com
"Gorat's Stake(sic) House / Omaha, Nebr." unattributed quality art showing the exterior of the steak house, home-made (and, hence, unique) post card mailed 1956 at Irvington. $2.00 ng

. "454. - AIX-en-PROVENCE -- Cours Mirabeau et Fontaine d'eau chaude" including Librairie Goulard towards the right; unused carte postale. $2.75

Alsace_Strasbourg_22Novembre1918-100.jpg (279505 bytes)GOURAUDE. "STRASBOURG. - 22 Novembre 1918. - Le Général Gouraude pendant le Défilé des éléments de la IVe Armée / ..." Green back, writing on back, The prosthesis on the General's right arm is visible; that arm was lost when he led a French expeditionary force at the Dardanelles in 1915. He commanded the 4th Army mentioned in the caption till the end of World War I, and later served as a one-time member of the supreme war council. $8.00 am(f)wg

Ohio_LudlowFalls_TheDCAndP-200_small.jpg railway post card available from lotsofcards.comGOWDY. "The D. C. & P. Traction over Ludlow Falls / Ludlow Falls, Ohio" monochromatic green postcard with red-brown caption, published by J. W. Gowdy, unused, album toning at the back corners, good edges. Shows a Dayton, Covington & Piqua Traction Co. interurban. Rare. $50.00 o(l)r(d)g

GOY & HODGES. Unmailed cartoon advertising post card of Hodges & Goy, Sidney Iowa dealers in clothing & general merchandise, 2-color message shows a smiling customer (as seen here) or held the other way shows someone dissatisfied with other merchants, edges pretty good, but paper starting to show its circa-1910 age. Rare & amusing. $15.00 i(s)gga NEW / NOVA / NOWY

GRACE. "Lela Grace / Susanna Kenyon Norbert / Lakewood Ohio / 1532 Elmwood Ave." in a toy automobile sporting a 1911 Pennsylvania license plate, uncaptioned (so we used all the writing on back) sepia-tone Azo (triangles all up) real photo postcard, identifications pencilled on back smeared a bit for toning. We checked: the address is in Lakewood Ohio; Susanna K. Norbert, born 1907, is now buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery; ancestry.com has Lela Grace born about 1905 in Lakewood, so she would be the older girl. Everything checks! $12.50 o(l)tggg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

GRACIAS. "CT1OF" QSL postcard with stylized map art, operator Jaime Herculano Gracias & his equipment pictured on back. $2.50 (pg)

Georgia_Atlanta_HenryGrady-100.jpg (310597 bytes)

. "Henry Grady Monument, Atlanta, Ga." color on undivided back from American Post Card Co., O.K. Series No. 178, made in Germany, mailed 1908, Altamonte Springs Florida receiving mark, mild corner & edge wear, trace of cancel ink on front . $5.50 g(a)sg

Ohio_Ashland_E65-075-200_small.jpg Ohio photo available from LotsOfPhotos.comGRAHAM. "H. Graham Estate / Ashland, O." approximately 6" x 8" photograph of 4 well-dressed older adults posing by a 1920's auto in good condition, caption taken from the pencil writing on back. We are unable to independently verify that information, but our source for it has proved reliable in several other matters. $8.00 o(a)g

GRANDVOINNET. "SAZERAC / Phot. / 2035 Emblême d'Affection / IRIS" hand-tinted real photo carte postal sent TCV in 1908 to Mademoiselle Marcelle Grandvoinnet in Paris from her aunt Clémence. The recipient later authored the book 'Eureka. Un Siècle de Jouets de Reve'. $5.00 w(i)ag

GRANT. "Flying High / In Milwaukee" fantasy plane partially constructed with beer bottles, a keg & a limburger cheese weight flies over an unspecified brewery & malt house; postcard mailed SEP 2 1913 at Milwaukee to Mrs. Amanda Grant in Columbus Ohio by her brother Herb, published by M. L. Annenberg (numbered 2), long upper corner crease, the other upper corner with a tiny crease. The only other example we found when searching the Internet had been sold & its prior owner was offering a scan for $10.00! Why not spend less money here and get the real thing? $9.00 fbw(m)g

Louisiana_New_Orleans_W5PYM_small.jpg (3827 bytes) Louisiana QSL card

GRANT. "W5PYM" New Orleans QSL card mailed 1969, picturing operator Newton Grant & his equipment, cancel ink on front. $4.50 (lg)+

GRAY. "August 5, 1970 / Dear Member: / It is our sad task to cancel the picnic, scheduled for August 16 in Mason, Ohio, due to the passing of our good friend and fellow QCWA member, Jack / Gray, W*JDV...." from Chairman Dave Marquette, on mailed government postal card. $1.25 og

GRAY. "PLAY GROUNDS  SUNSET PARK  STORM LAKE IA. / 2614" including a tall slide & swing set; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed SEP 24 1925 (partial CHI. & SIOUX CITY TR15 R.P.O. RMS cancel) to James Gray in Lockbourne Ohio from his parents on vacation, 3 small spots of dark toning on back obscure nothing, oxidation consistent with age. Rare. $12.50 i(s)

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Vermont_SaintAlbans_ACorner-200_small.JPG Vermont postcard available from Judnick.comGREEN. "A corner of Taylor Park, St. Albans, Vt." linen with fresh color published by The Riverside Paper Company, mailed 1951 with newsy family message from Mrs. Dorothy Green of Waterbury Center (noting the birth of Danny), yellowish paper on back. $2.75 vg

NewYork_NearPortland_DearPeach-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comGREEN. "Dear Peach Customer: / Our Red Haven Peaches / are ready now and will / last about 10 days... / Howard C. Green Farm / Route 20, 1 Mile West / of Portland, N.Y." showing a peach stand by the roadside, family members posed by it; chrome post card mailed 1965 with typed advertising message for caption here, light toning on back, trace of cancel ink on front . corner crease, minor corner & edge wear. Unusual subject matter. A large peach with a long shelf life. $5.00 ngar

Auto_StudebakersShipped-200small.jpg Michigan photos available from LotsOfPhotos.comGREEN. "Studebaker's shiped(sic) to / T. J. Fuller Ag't" shown parked in front of Morenci Garage (large Federal Tires sign) & the Albert Green Feed Barn (Baled Hay & Straw / Auto Livery sign) circa-1924 photo within an embossed & pebbled matting, overall size approximately 9-7/8" x 7-3/4". Further down the H. H. SPENCER / DRUGS / GROCERIES sign can be read due to the exceptionally sharp focus. The town is not given but it is definitely Morenci Michigan: Morenci Road is its main street, T. J. Fuller owned property in the adjacent Seneca Township, and Albert Green lived & died there 1902 - 1970.

GREEN. "VE7AGC" QSL card picturing the sender Earl Green, used 1962. The paper is blue and the small image is a close-up of his face. $2.00 bg

SouthAfrica_ZS6GH-200_small.jpg South African QSL cards available from Judnick.comGREEN. "ZS6GH" Johannesburg QSL card used 1955 by operator Mrs. Diana Green (pictured on front), after she moved from Bellevue; S.A.R.L. bureau label affixed neatly on back, Cleveland Ohio bureau handstamp on back in violet is mostly legible, trivial corner wear. $3.25 sg

. "GOVERNOR WILLIAM GREENE HOUSE, BUILT 1680, EAST GREENWICH, R. I." black & white postcard on brownish paper, unused, soft corners, toning in upper left front margin, long mark on back (rubber band?). $1.75 rgh

Better_498small.jpg genealogy postal cards available from Judnick PostacardsGRIER. "REQUEST FOR BETTER ADDRESS. / Post Office ALLEGHENY, PA. / ... / As the address and the party is unknown to us, we / are unable to deliver the letter, and have placed it in the General Delivery ... / The deliver of mail to transient parties would be greatly facilitated if / marked 'Transient.' / James A. Grier, , Postmaster ..." postal card mailed JULY 13 1900 on Post Office Department Official business (no stamp required) to Mr. C. S. Speaker in Lisbon Ohio, small upper corner bend with crease. $5.00 gpp-pu(o)*

Genealogy_Griffin_Bicycle-200small.jpg genealogy photograph available from Judnick.comGRIFFIN. "May 2, 1910 / Dear Aulden! / I thank you for that pretty card you sent me for my birthday. Your cousin Howard" uncaptioned sepia-tone Azo (triangles up) real photo addressed to Mr. Aulden Griffin in Macomb Illinois, unmailed, probably delivered within an envelope. $10.00 g(g)bb

Michigan_Cooks_NoticeTo-200_small.jpg genealogy postal cards available from LotsOfCovers.com

GRIFFIN. MINNEAPOLIS, SAINT PAUL & SAULT SAINTE MARIE RAILROAD / SOO. "Notice to Consignee of Goods on Hand / Railway Express Agency / INCORPORATED / COOKS, MICH." postal card form notifying consigner of unclaimed goods & charges, dated May 16 1932, postmarked SOO & MPLS R. P. O. TR 87 MAY 16 1932, to Ray S. Ball in Huron Ohio, signed by agent J. J. Griffin. $5.00 m(c)r(m)g-r

Colorado_Denver_TheHome-200_small.JPGGRIFFITH. "The Home--Denver / The souvenir Pub. Co., Denver" postcard with undivided back (fairly fresh colors nonetheless), mailed there circa 1908 to Kansas City, faint album impressions at the corners, minor corner wear, a little toning in the upper right front margin. Recipient's annotation in the upper front margin supplies the last name of the sender, Nina Griffith. $8.00 cg

Massachusetts_Stoneham_Batteries-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comGRIMES. "STONEHAM BATTERY STATION" showing its delivery vehicle outside their storefront, giving prices of batteries for Ford, Buick, Studebaker, Nash, Velie, Chevrolet & other makes in the window itself; post card mailed at Stoneham Massachusetts in 1924 by a customer whose message reads in part 'On my way the old battery kicked up, and stopped here to have it fixed. This place is O.K.' One bottom corner with 2 small creases, a little wear to the upper edge, light traces of album paste on back & a couple long creases from album removal effort. As best we can tell their business was short-lived, dating from about 1920. Part of the window signage is 'Carl Grimes / Service". This exceptionally interesting postcard is seldom seen or offered in any condition. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(s)gt

GRIMES. "WGAU / MOST MODERN 'LOCAL' STATION IN AMERICA / ATHENS, GEORGIA" postcard mailed to Mr. Jack Siringer in Lakewood Ohio after he reported reception of the radio station on December 4, 1938, bottom corner bend, trivial wear at the other corners. Signed Harry L. Grimes for the station manager A. Lynne Brannen. Rare: as far as we know only one other example survives, and our reception is more distant & a bit earlier. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 g(a)rsg(g)

WashingtonState_Tacoma_PacificAvenue.jpg (164279 bytes)

. "Pacific Avenue, South from Ninth Street, Tacoma, Wash." Including a streetcar rounding a corner & a Morris Gross Clothing sign, writing on post card back dates to 1910, mild corner & edge wear. $5.00 wsg

Sewing_NorwayUndated-200_small.jpg sewing machine ad card available from Judnick.com

GROVE. "NORWAY" circa 1891 Singer Manufacturing Company advertising card picturing a woman in traditional attire standing next to her sewing machine; paste residue & thinning on back, violet handstamp on back for E. F. Grove, Manager, Lancaster & Adams Counties (Ohio) mostly legible. $3.00 sngca

GROVES. "IOWA FARM MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPNAY / PROXY / ... " dated December 1945; unused legal form on government postal card pre-addressed to D. B. Groves Secretary at Valley Bank Building in Des Moines, a little cancel ink on front, minor edge wear. The company now does business under the name Far Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company, now located in West Des Moines. $3.75 aig(g)i(d)

Switzerland_GrandHotelSplendide-100.JPG (226603 bytes)GUIDI. "Grand / Hôtel Splendide / LUGANO / Suisse" advertising card showing a steamer bringing guests & its mountainous backdrop, monochromatic blue-green on yellowish paper,small corner bend. When A. Guidi & V. Fedele were the proprietors. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 sgg

Law_DodgeCoupe-200_small.jpg genealogy postal card available from LotsOfCards.comGUINTHER. "DODGE COUPE / Reward for information leading to recovery / DESCRIPTION / 1920 model, painted black ... / Owner, Robert Guinther, Akron, Ohio ..." postal card mailed 1921 to the Chief of Police at Noblesville Indiana from American Automobile Insurance Company in Cleveland, light toning at one back corner & along lower front edge. $10.00 ilao(a)g(g)

GUND. "STATE OF IOWA / Dear Sir: / Your application for a real estate license and your remittance / have been received. / ... / REAL ESTATE COMMISSIONER / James R. Leverett / Executive Secretary" printed form of government postal card mailed 1941 to W. L. Gund of Marcus Iowa, tiny corner crease, toning near one front corner. $3.25 rg(l)g(g)

MIXone_197_small.jpg hotel interior postcard available from Judnick.comGUTTERSON. "A. M. GUTTERSON / MANAGING DIRECTOR // Prince / George / Hotel / 5th Avenue and 28th Street / New York // English Tap Room" showing its interior with quality art to the right, unused post card. Water stain to back bottom and slight waviness to the paper (iron would probably remedy), hint of toning in the lower right front corner. Changed considerably in the 1980's to become a welfare hotel servicing about 1,600 people(!), and a lesser number of the homeless today. $7.50 n(n)sgi(h)

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Other surnames: A-F page G HI-HY I-J K-O page
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& T-Z page.

HACKETT. "Erie Canal Aqueduct and Court St. Bridge, Rochester, N. Y." postcard made in Germany & mailed in 1909 to Mr. Carl Hackett in Lewiston Maine, referring to his uncle Willard & his mother (among others), a little writing by the sender in the front sky, minor edge wear, a few raindrop spots on back. $20.00 n(e)n(r)g(h)b

Washington_Seattle_LakeWashingtonBridge-100.JPG (273591 bytes)
. "Lake Washington Pontoon Bridge - Seattle, Wash. / P-459 The Only Concrete Pontoon Bridge in the World" showing it at night, unused Ekc real photo postcard, soft corners. The innovative design was from Homer Hadley. $5.50 wbg

HAEHL. "HEADQUARTERS SHELBYVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT / $50.00 Reward by Owner / STOLEN---1921 NASH SEVEN PASSENGER TOURING CARD / ... / This car will probably be driven by Walter M. Snepp, age 37... / for whom warrant / charging unlawful secretion of leased property is held by the undersigned. / Send all information to / MR. GEO. M. HAEHL / Chief of Police / August 22, 1921 ..." with detailed description of the car & the suspect, government postal card mailed to the Noblesville Indiana Chief of Police. $15.00 i(s)g(h)g(s)al*

HAGLUND. "Göteborg. Grand Hôtel Haglund." unused brefkort with undivided back, Förlag Joh. Oi. Andreen in Göteborg, excellent condition. This hotel was closed in 1970 & demolished in 1972. $4.50 sg(a)g(h)

"CROSSROADS MOTEL / U.S. 41 AT SOUTH I-75 EXIT 42 / PERRY, GEORGIA 31069" when Chuck & Marge Hague were the owners, unused chrome post card from an R. E. Drew photo, good edges. $1.50 g(p)gm

Auto_Serie59991910-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHAIR. "PFB SERIE 5999" with caption quoted at lower back, postcard with deeply embossed art showing lovers with lap blanket being chased by a man on a horse, mailed 1908 to Master Robert Temple in Coshocton Ohio by his Aunt Kate in Cleveland Ohio, light uneven toning on the back obscures nothing. $14.00 alg. Different deeply embossed image from the same series, showing the couple conversing, post card mailed 1910 to Mrs. Bertha Hair in Milford Ohio from her daughter in South Lebanon Ohio, edge wear mostly & mercifully on the back. $14.00 alg

HALE. "INTERIOR OF HANGAR, NAVAL AIR STATION, LAKEHURST, N. J." with its dimensions printed on the back, Collotype Company printing in Elizabeth NJ, published by the Airship Photo Shop in Lakehurst, mailed MAY 12 1933 from Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania to John B. Hale from his Aunt Sue, who reported the Akron was not there the day before. Three corners with small creases, back with extensive even light yellowish toning, light toning in the front borders, thin in stamp area suggests that sender had started with a higher denomination stamp & then thought better of it. When searching the Internet for this postcard we found only one recorded sale, in 2013. Makes you wonder how they jockeyed all those airships into position, doesn't it? $12.00 znia(m)g

Indiana_NorthJudson_HaleGenealogy.jpg (135023 bytes)
. "KLJ-6408" QSL card of operators James & Mildred Hale, with black & white pictures of their children Charles Ray & James David Hale, message written on back but fresh appearance. $3.50 i(n)g#

HALL. "THE FIRST METHODIST CHURCH / Tenth St. & Ohio Ave. / St. Cloud, Florida" showing its exterior in vertical format, postcard with a signed message to a visitor on the back from Clare S. Hall, mailed 1973, fairly fresh. $1.50 fg

HALL. "THE WAGON WHEEL / MR. AND MRS. FRANK HALL / ARLINGTON, VERMONT / (Route 7)" black & white postcard, unused, good edges. Surprisingly hard to find. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. v(a)g

HALL. "ZD4AB" Koforidua Gold Coast QSL card used 1946 by T. F. Hall at the Posts and Telegraphs Department there, 2 hinge remnants on back. $4.00 gg(h)

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HALLER. "THE WILLIAM F. GABLE CO., / ALTOONA, PA." embossed inscription in the lower left corner of an approximately 9½"x7½" sepia-tone photograph of a youngster, 2 women & 3 delivery men with numerous loaves of Haller's Butter-Krust bread, near some cases of meat open in the foreground that are marked Altoona. The Butter-Krust brand was registered in 1910, but was so good it prompted other bakeries to steal its name, so court battles ensued. The number of loaves of bread seen here, each enclosed in "hermetically sealed waxed parchment wrappers" (per ads as far west as Pittsburgh), suggests this is the Haller's Eagle Bakery in Altoona. But we cannot explain the meat! Haller himself served in Pittsburgh as a baker's apprentice prior to buying the Eagle Bakery, and the Haller Brothers Company operated successfully from Pittsburgh from 1910 on. In Pittsburgh the delivery men were called Hallermen. Go figure! It will take a local historian to explain this image completely. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. p(a)p(p)fg(h)

NewYork_Bangall_HillcrestResidenceOf.jpg (199766 bytes)HALLORAN. "'Hillcrest', Residence of Hon. John Halloran,. Bangall, New York" including the drive entrance & a horse, color on undivided back postcard with grayish paper, mailed there circa 1908, a little extraneous writing on back, corner wear & rounding. $7.00 ng

NewYork_NYCity_OfficeOfHalsted-200_small.JPG New York postal card available from Judnick.comHALSTED & HAINES. "Office of HALSTED, HAINES & CO., 374 to 378 BROADWAY, / New York, ___ 187__ /  Gentlemen: / We are in receipt of your esteemed favor ..." form printed & used on government postal card in 1877, some cancel ink on front, small corner crease. That dry goods firm was founded in 1804, enjoyed considerable success, but failed in 1884. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ng

HAMBLEN. "Once known as the C. F. Hamblen Store, this / one-stop community shopping center of the 17th / century is still standing open to the public as / FLORIDA'S OLDEST STORE, MUSEUM, ST. / AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA" unused chrome postcard, fairly fresh. $1.50 f(s)i(m)g

HAMEL. "Mr. GUSTAV HAMEL / filling up the tank of / his Morane Saulnier / Monoplane, 80 H.P. / Gnome Engine with / 'SHELL'" showing the pioneer British aviator who delivered the first official airmail & held records; unused reproduction postcard of circa-1913 [necessarily, he went missing May 1914 in this very aircraft] advertising, trivial wear at one corner, otherwise fairly fresh. $4.00 a(p)ga

Bicycle_UseTheAlden-200_small.JPG genealogy memorabilia available from Judnick.comHAMILTON. "Use / the Alden / FRUIT / VINEGAR // Copyright 1884 by J. H. BUFFORD'S SONS" trade card with art showing a bicyclist collision with a dog, back advertising for E. D. Hamilton, Jackson Michigan dealer in staple & fancy groceries, small thins. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 fmbg(h)g(b)a

HAMILTON & HESS. "521 / Toledo Passenger Air-Ship, / First Successful Flight, / May 22, 1908. / Roy Knabenshue at the Helm, with / Aeronauts Chas. K. Hamilton and / Earl Hess, all of / Toledo, Ohio." postcard mailed there MAY 17 1909 to Master Floyd Wright in Helmer Indiana, published by Aldrich the Postcard Man in Toledo, trivial corner wear, very light toning on back. A recent search of the Internet found only 1 exhibit & no other offers than ours. $15.00 bo(t)g(h)

HAMMOND. USS FRANCIS HAMMOND DE-1067 MAR 28 1973 hand cancel with some letters doubled up & a couple of numbers only partial ties 8¢ San Juan stamp franking #6 cover from which the address label has been removed neatly, large violet ship's cachet is well struck, address label on backflap which was never sealed. At the time this ship was serving in Destroyer Squadron 9, just before it was reclassified as a frigate. Recipient of 15 awards, citations & campaign ribbons. Named honoring Hospitalman Francis Colton Hammond, a Medal of Honor recipient. $1.75 n(h)

HANEL. "F. T. D. Acknowledgement / ... / Hanel's Greenhouses / Mason City, Illinois" with small FTD logo, postal card used there 1949, small staple holes as are common on these, toning both sides. $1.50 ifg

HANEY / HEINEY. "Dodge City, Kansas has a / grim memorial of its wild / days, the 'Boot Hill' cemetery." including the grave of Two-Gun Haney who died in 1874; well done home-made (and, hence, unique) postcard mailed there 1963. We have seen the man's name spelled Heiney. $2.00 ck(d)g(h)

Automobile_HankinsonsOriginal-200_small.jpg genealogy post cards available from Judnick.comHANKINSON. "Hankinson's / Original / Auto Polo / Teams. // MADE IN OKAMOTO / TOKYO JAPAN" showing an action scene from the real & dangerous sport started as a publicity stunt by a Ford dealer named Hankinson in Topeka Kansas; postcard mailed SEP 25 1916 from Billings Montana, bottom corners creased, trivial upper corner wear. Writer mentions "the Big Fair" where there might well have been a match; these were popular fair & exhibition events. Rare: When we searched the Internet, no one else was offering it, no one bragged about having sold it & no one was even exhibiting it. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 aks(m)g

HANNA. "ALL AMERICA'S PROUD // AEROPLANE RACES, Speedway, Indianapolis, Ind. / June 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 1910 // WILBUR WRIGHT  The WRIGHT AIRSHIP.  ORVILLE WRIGHT" postcard made in Dayton Ohio, mailed OCT 10 1910 at Indianapolis, messaged 'Dear Boy: - This is the machine I saw at Dayton. Papa, addressed to Ralph Hanna in Columbus Ohio, lower corner creased twice faintly, very light toning on back. Rare
. Sold but both sides still available for scholarly study & research as enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either or $7.25 both. a(p)i(i)rg(h)

MIXone_174_small.jpg genealogy PMC available from Judnick.comHARASSOWITZ / HARRASSOWITZ. "NORDD. LLOYD BREMEN / D. 'Neckar' / Kapitän Harassowitz." showing the captain & his ocean-going passenger & cargo vessel; black & white private mailing card mailed from the mid-Atlantic 16.7.06 by a passenger (interesting comments) with a 10-pfg German stamp (some other cancel details illegible) to a Miss Sterrett in Buffalo West Virginia, small corner crease, minor edge wear, rubber band mark across back, arrival markings at Buffalo NY on JUL 25. The New York Times shipping news of 4/27/04 spells the captain's name with two r's; so either they or the card is in error. Rare. $25.00 s(o)g(h)g(s)p

ShipMilitary_BattleshipMaine-200_small1.jpg genealogy ship postcard scan available from Judnick.comHARBER. BATTLESHIP USS MAINE (BB10) with an inset showing Captain Giles B. Harber who commanded her as part of the Great White Fleet. Post card sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(m)g

HARFORD. "COPYRIGHT NY 1908  83" unattributed art depicting a harness race in progress, post card messaged APR 7 1909 & addressed to Clyde W. Harford in Upper Middletown Pennsylvania (very small, in Menallen Township of Fayette County) by his sister Emma, mentioning Ruth & Bob, no sign of stamp or cancel, upper corner creased twice (1 is very faint). $5.00 rg

NewHampshire_Lakeport_Rowing_small.jpg (3938 bytes)HARLEY. "This is how I am spending my / vacation  J. P. Harley" sepia-tone real photo showing athletes rowing singles & pair near a boathouse (necessarily Lake Winnipesaukee), mailed 1906 from Lakeport New Hampshire to Boston. slight oxidation, album marks on back, trivial corner wear. $16.00 sg!

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Ohio_Columbus_CO1894-200_small.jpg Judaica postal cards available from Judnick.comHARMON. "Columbus, O., [10/15] 189[4] / Sir: You are hereby notified to attend a [Regular] / meeting of the Congregation K. K. B. I. on the [21st] / day of [Oct] 189[4], at 9 o'clock . 1m., for / the transaction of business. / Respectfully, [A. H. Harmon] / Secretary" government postal card mailed from Columbus to nearby Delaware Ohio (arrival mark on the 16th). The material shown here in square brackets [ ] was filled in by hand. The Congregation Kal A Kodesh Beneh Israel (Holy Congregation of Children of Israel) was founded in 1824 in Ohio by a majority of the Israelites in the Cincinnati area, and so became a frontier outpost of Judaism. Soon its name changed to Congregation Kahl aKodish Bene Israel, which name endures today, as does its abbreviation. Not much early material is ever seen or offered from this important congregation. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 jo(c)g

Ohio_Celina_50RewardAutomobile-200_small.jpg genealogy postal card available from LotsOfCovers.comHARMON. "MAKE  1928 Ford Coach / Owner  P. H. Harmon / STOLEN  Canal Fulton, Ohio  4-3-31 / $50 REWARD / ... / THE MERCER CASUALTY CO. / ... Celina, Ohio ..." postal card mailed APR 10 1931 to the County Sherriff at Lima Ohio, very light toning on back & along left front edge. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 lag(h)o(c)i

HARPER. "A SCENE NEAR MILWAUKEE DEPOT, SIOUX FALLS, S. DAK." postcard addressed & messaged to Miss Edith Harper in Redgranite Wisconsin from her aunt Emma, upper corner crease, vertical crease through the center, 2 short internal creases from the bottom edge, noticeable corner & edge wear. All that being said, it is nonetheless a rare card. No other offers, recorded sales, or exhibits were found when we searched the Internet. $2.50 s(s)g

Cover_Maine_Longcove1908-200_small.JPG genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com
"Rockland, Me, Fish Weir at Owls Head" post card mailed at Longcove (now DPO) in 1908 to Mrs. Fannie Harper from her sister Margaret, 2 corners badly worn, 2 small corner creases, toning near the front edges. $4.50 m(r)fg-m

HARRIS. Engraved stock certificate No. 85 for 100 shares of The City Railway Company of Dayton Ohio, signed by William H. Simms (Secretary) & S. B. Corwin (President) on 5 October 1893, embossed seal; registered & countersigned to Catherine Harris on 3 September 1895 at The Union Safe Deposit & Trust Company, 2 inconspicuous vertical creases to make it envelope size. Measurements approximately 11-1/4" x 7-7/8", a framing candidate. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(d)sr(t)ggg


HARRIS. "KLM-1258" Dearborn Michigan QSL card for Fred, Opal & Shelby Harris (the latter is pictured as a child in black & white in a small inset), short message penned on back. $2.75 mg

Ohio_Montpelier_ResidenceView-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from Judnick.comHARRIS. "Residence View, Empire Street, / Montpelier, Ohio" black & white with red caption on yellowish paper, postcard mailed there 1912 to Donald L. Harris in Adrian Ohio mentioning family matters, corner crease, considerable corner & edge wear, faint but long horizontal rubber band mark across the front, back toned from album contact. $5.00 og

HART. "B&O / C585" uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo postcard, so we use the caboose markings here; mailed Bridgeport Ohio JUL 19 1911, made at Bridgeport by 'Freter Brothers Famous Postcards', 2 tiny upper corner creases, good focus & contrast. Sender comments: 'This is taken in Bridgeport Ohio. Clarence & I was on the same turn, him on the head end & me aflagging so we had our pictures taken at the caboose. Albert Hart'. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. o(b)r(b)g(h)

HART. "Wright Brothers & Co. / Manufacturers / UMBRELLAS, PARASOLS and CANES / 'TRUEWORTH' & CONGRESS' Silk Umbrellas. / 'DERBY' Mohair Umbrellas. / 'Perfection' Fast black Gingham Umbrellas. / I will cal upon you about May 23d / Yours truly / W. JAMES HART, / 450 Broadway" US postal card mailed May 1890 to Mr. J. S. Lockwood in Painesville Ohio, good edges. The address no longer exists in the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan. $8.00 un(m)g(h)g(w)

HARTENFELS. "Neuwied. / Luisenplatz." with the Hartenfels shop at the left side, unused Postkarte from Ernst Gronemeyer in Neuwied am Rhein, brownish paper & printing quality suggests circa 1914. $3.75 gg(h)

HARTMAN. "Ducks at the Hartman Farm--Columbus, Ohio" a large number to be mostly facing in one direction, suggesting they were about to be fed; bottom corners with noticeable wear, faint album marks at the top front corners, a little pinkish toning near the back bottom edge. The farm also included horses & orchards. Now closed & sold, it was located on both sides of Route 23 just south of Columbus. $3.75 ao(c)g

MIXone_010_small.jpg genealogy advertising card available from LotsOfCards.com

HARTSHORN. "HARTSHORN'S / SELF ACTING / SHADE ROLLER // ... A SUGGESTION TO THE Word's Fair / LINDNER, EDDY & CLAUSS. LITH. N. Y." 1893 trade card for Stewart Hartshorn Company of East Newark New Jersey, faint small corner crease. From the inventor of one of the most useful household devices ever made.
Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 naeg

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Indiana_Marion_LookingEast-200_small.jpg genalogy post card available from Judnick.comHARTZEL. "Looking East on Fourth Street, Marion, Ind. / W. A. Lucas, Photographer, Phone 2094, Marion, Ind." including a long baggage wagon outside the Iroquois Building, black & white postcard with undivided back, mailed there 1907 to Miss Laura Hartzel in Chalfont Pennsylvania, partial postal markings on front, faint album impressions at the corners, minor toning on back, trivial corner wear. $5.50 ipg(h)

CanalZone_K5AM-200_small.jpg military QSL card available from Judnick.comHASKELL. "K5AM" Fort de Lesseps QSL card mailed SEP 15 1938 (clear Cristobal cancel ties 1-c Canal Zone stamp with selvedge) to Philadelphia by Cpl. Haskell (Signal Platoon, Atl. Sec., US Signal Corps), bottom corner crease, a few tiny speckles of cancel ink on front. The fort, part of the Regular Army's First Coastal Artillery, guarded the Atlantic terminus of the Panama Canal. The only card of any kind we have ever seen from this fort in anyone's stock. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 cgm(a)-c

HASKELL. "THE SEASON'S GREETINGS // RURAL / FREE / DELIVERY '' ALBERT A. HASKELL / Rural Letter Carrier  Route No. 1" postcard with long poem (written by an unnamed carrier) printed in the address area, no writing either side, good edges. $5.00 gpw

Ohio_Sidney_PicturesqueLetter-200_small.jpg genalogical cover available from LotsOfCovers.comHASLUP. "Picturesque Letter / Sidney Ohio" booklet with 8 black & white views mailed SEP 23 1911 (CLEVELAND & COLUMBUS R.P.O. / TR10 clear hand cancel on 2-c Washington stamp, the 11 o'clock train going towards Lima Ohio). Views as follows: courthouse, along the race, Monumental Building, Wagner Park Entrance, Wm. Haslup Residence, Presbyterian Church, Sidney High School, P. O. and Commercial Club Building. Cover lightly toned with small corner creases; images inside are fine. Hard to find! $35.00 o(s)g-r

HASTINGS. "THE SUNDAY HERALD--BOSTON, FEBRUARY 25 / Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Hastings Riding in a Tri-Car / In Havana and Equipped for a Journey Into the Suburbs" circa-1907 advertising postcard for Indian motorcycles reproducing the article with its illustration for a contemporaneous & enterprising salesman, Undivided back, minor corner & edge wear, 2 short internal creases from the right front center. Theodore K. Hastings was the Vice President of the Federation of American Motorcyclists. He was out of Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City and made publicity trips abroad to Cuba & England, competing successfully at times. His activity continued at least into 1908 where we found numerous different mentions of him in Vol. LVII of the Bicycling World & Motorcycle Review. Pertinent personal message handwritten on front complements the advertising intent: 'Dear Veda. Have just returned from an 800 mile trip on my Indian. The Hendee Co Spring-field, Mass make them but your local dealer will show you. They are fast, cheap and economical, and it dont(sic) take an expert to run it and keep it going. Want one. Harry'. Rare: no one else can show you this. The reason you do not see any more of these is probably because the newspaper objected to the use of all its presumably copyrighted article, text and illustration, for an unintended commercial purpose of another business. That was also the probable reason the card was mailed under cover, instead mailing exposed to public view as a postcard. After paying to make them, the salesman still want to use them, even when pressured by the Boston Herald! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. can(b)m(b)nmg(h)

Turkey_96ConstantinopleFontaine-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from Judnick.comHATCHADOURIAN. "96 / Constantinople. Fontaine de Sultan Ahmed." sepia-tone real photo postcard with matte finish & slight oxidation, back dated 1923 with clear address handstamp of Hatchik Hatchadourian. $5.00 tg

Maine_KatahdinIronWorks_small.jpg (2906 bytes)HATHORNE. "Old Casting Room, Katahdin Iron Works, Me." black & white view with cut-to-shape colored- in little girl's picture, mailed there SEP 13 1905 (clear DPO hand cancel), corner wear & rounding, lightly toned front, lightly toned back, stamp damaged. Undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, sent by Marjorie Hathorne to her sister Mamie. $6.50 m(k)gi-m

Medicine_NeuronidiaHypnotic-200_small.jpg genealogy postal card available from Judnick.comHATTAN. "Neuronidia Hypnotic and Sedative / Appeals favorably to many physicians" 2-color ad on government postal card mailed 1927 by Schieffelin & Company of New York City to Dr. Albert H. Hattan in Peru Illinois, a few tiny dots from typewriter on front, otherwise fairly fresh. Despite its longtime use (from at least 1907) as a cure for nervous insomnia, Neuronidia advertising was mostly done by brochures given our at medical meetings or ads in medical journals. So this kind of advertising is actually quite rare & seldom offered. $10.00 mga

HAUCK. "I'LL BE DOWN YOUR / WAY ABOUT _____ / _____ // A. C._NO. 1. COPYRIGHT 1907 BY K-WIN, CHICAGO" art depicting a salesman with sample case coming down in a zeppelin, unused advertising postcard from A. Hauck & Son in Jewett Ohio, divided back, excellent condition. Printed message in part: 'A Rare Opportunity / ... we ask you to note that we have added to our store a new line of China and Glass Ware / ... Our Prices are right.' $10.00 o(j)ga

Ohio_Springfield_TheBigStove-200small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHAUCK. "THE BIG STOVE STORE / CHAS. F. HAUCK & CO. / THE TINNERS / 59 W. Main Street, Springfield, Ohio // AT YOUR SERVICE" picturing a marvelous folk-art utensil-ware automobile; black & white advertising post card mailed OCT 30 1916 (inverted year in the cancel) to Mr. Frank Zane in Hillsboro Ohio. Rare! $45.00 o(s)ga

HAVNAER. "HAVNAER'S POINT / 17 Grade A housekeeping cottages on Lake Front for rent ... / ...C. E. Havnear, Owner / ... Lake Lure, N. C." postcard dated Sept. 17 1956 by writing on back, some light toning on back from the printing process itself. $1.25 n(l)g(h)

HAWK. Embossed birthday postcard sent to Mrs. William Hawk of Jewett Ohio on February 26 1910, minor toning & edge wear. $2.00 g(h)

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ShipCoastal_TSTaroona-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from LotsOfPhotos.comHAWSON. "T.S. TAROONA, RIVER TAMAR, TAS.  Purling Series A710" unused Kodak Australia real photo with pleasing contrast & good edges, when M. Robertson was assistant purser & the purser R. E. Hawson was purser. Despite the word River in the location name, this body of water is actually tidal & saline over its entire length; hence the ship is a coastal ship. Postcard sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. ts(c)g(h)g(r)

Kansas_Coffeyville_ResidenceOf-100.jpg (258787 bytes)
HAWTHORNE. "Residence of E. R. Hawthorne, Coffeyville, Kans." post card mailed there 1909, minor corner & edge wear, light toning on front includes trace of cancel ink & tiny spots in sky. $3.75 kg+

Scotland_JohnKnoxsHouse-2of2-200_small.JPG Scotland post card available from Judnick.com    Scotland_JohnKnoxsHouse-1of2-200_small.JPG Scottish postcard available from Judnick.com
Lot of 9 different regular-size postcards & one half-price admission voucher (three pence!) souvenirs from a circa 1920's visit there when William J. Hay was the custodian.  Eight cards are in sepia-tones: 5 furnishings (one shown above right), 1 exterior, 1 portrait (shown above left) & 1 motto from a frieze-molding. The one in color depicts the exterior. All 10 items for $20.00 sg(h)

HAYES. "CARD 1. / Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, Aug. 30th---Sept. 6th, 1889" with harness racing art on front, all-over back printing with many details: $35,000 premiums; $6,000 for speed; 'The wonderful horse 'Woodlawn'; the fastest running team to pole; 'Major Banks'; 'Evergreen';  John R. Shaffer Secretary; John Hayes President (Red Oak); etc. Trivial corner wear. Rare. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. i(d)rgg

Ohio_Columbus_FGMirick-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHAYES, "Everything in SHEET METAL / TINNERS' & ROOFERS' SUPPLIES / Eaves Trough Conductor Ridge Roll / METAL ceilings cornices windows skylights lath / F. O. SCHOEDINGER / COL'S. O." also picturing W. W. Neds, F. G. Mirick, George Z. Hayes & Oscar Baker, circa 1907 advertising postcard, heavy toning on back, upper corner chipped off, 3 corners creased, noticeable edge wear. As is. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)agggg

HAYES. "Hayes Home Eden Vale, near San Jose, Cal." also referred to as the Hayes Mansion (which became the Dolce Hayes Mansion, a hotel), an exemplar of Mediterranean Revival architecture; postcard with descriptive text printed on back, mailed OCT 21 1908 (almost complete & uncommon ELROY & TRACY T508 R.P.O. hand cancel) from Claremont California to Miss Evelyn Steele in Spokane Washington, tear drops run ink a bit in message announcing the death of Henry, noticeable corner & edge wear, Seattle auxiliary receiving mark struck boldly in the front sky. $7.00 c(e)ga-r

Nebraska_Hebron_Lincoln-200_small.JPG Nebraska postcard available from Judnick.comHAZARD. "LINCOLN AVENUE, LOOKING EAST, HEBRON, NEBR." including a sign 'HAZARD / THE / SHOO / MAN.' prominently on the side of store; undivided back postcard with neat writing on both sides, album marks on both sides. $8.50 ng

HEADLEY. "Walter H. Barling / Designer // THE BARLING BOMBER -- WORLD'S LARGEST AIRPLANE" showing both the designer his plane on front; postcard issued for the 1924 International Air Races at Dayton, mailed there JAN 23 1925 to Mrs. Minnie Headley in Muncie Indiana by her brother, damaged stamp & a little toning near the front & back edges. Expensive & not very practical, it was scrapped early on. We have only seen one other example in 35 years, and it was not on offer. $15.00 a(m)g(b)g(h)o(d) NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

Ohio_Warren_AnnualInspection-100.jpg (283693 bytes)HEASLEY. "Annual Inspection of Warren Council No. 58" Warren Ohio Masonic notice on government postal card mailed 1932, long internal crease, heavily toned back. When William P. Heasley was the Master, Earl V. Carter was the Inspector of the Seventh Arch, and R. H. Childs was the Recorder. $2.00 ofg+

ShipOwner_WilsonTransit_CharlesS-200.jpg (852011 bytes)HEBARD. "AN ICE BOUND FLEET OF LAKE STEAMERS, WHITEFISH BAY.   PHOTO TAKEN AT 9 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT. / FREIGHTERS MAKING THEIR WAY THROUGH THE ICE FIELDS IN WHITEFISH BAY, NEAR SAULT STE. MARIE, MICH." multiview postcard from the white-border era, excellent condition. The Charles S. Hebard is the ship prominent in the lower view. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(w)s(l)m(w)g*

Ireland_GSHotelsIn-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from Judnick.comHEBER. "G. S. / HOTELS in Kingdom of Kerry / Bathing  Fishing  Boating / Golfing  Lawn Tennis  Excursions" monochromatic green multiview postcard with 5 captioned scenes--Kenmare tennis, Waterville tennis, Killarney exterior, Caragh Lake rowing & Parknasilla-on-Sea setting; mailed, 2 corner creases (one tiny), toned by album contact. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 is(t)mg

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HECKMAN. "Forest Path to Heckman Res Oregon Ill" unused sepia-tone post card includes part of the residence in the distance, some oxidation, browning paper on back. Quality photography by C. R. Childs. $10.00 ipg

NYC_008_small.jpg NYC post card available from LotsOfCards.com

"City Investing Bldg., / New York City" circa-1910 corner view, in vertical format; unused postcard from Irving Underhill (numbered 105 on back), mild corner wear. The entrance was on Dey Street, between Broadway & Church Streets. Built by the Hedden Construction Company. $4.00 n(n)g(h)

Sweden_SM4TQG_small.jpg genealogy QSL cards available from LotsOfCards.comHEDLUND. "SM4TQG" Linghed Sweden QSL card with map illustrating location, used 1992 by operator Rune Hedlund (who is pictured on the back with his equipment & an SSA QSL bureau label below), excellent condition. Nice! $3.75 sg

Better_434small.jpg genealogy post cards available from LotsOfPhotos.comHEDRICK. "-43- Spring" sepia-tone real photo post card showing an orchard of fruit trees in bloom. Message on back from R. H. Hedrick, 29th & Faraon St., St. Joseph: "have been so busy since last Aug. that I have not had time to eat (all I want).' Trivial edge wear, uneven toning on back from album contact. $5.00 m(s)tga

Texas_ElPaso_N5EIN-200_small.jpg genealogy QSL card available from Judnick.comHEDRICK. "N5EIN" El Paso Texas QSL card used 1990 by operator Gerry Hedrick, yellow rose design. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 tg

HEINEY / HANEY. "Badman's Grave / on Boothill / Dodge City, Kansas" where 'Two-Gun' Heiney & his horse' s remains lay; unused real photo, fairly fresh. We have seen the man's name spelled Haney. $3.75 ck(d)g

HELLER. "Automobil-Omnibus, Unter den Linden / haltend // Berlin" stopped at the Victoria Cafe, signage of Fritz Heller at the building beside it; unused post card with minor corner rounding, a little album toning at the back corners. $4.50 bgg(h)

NewJersey_Newton_CochraneHouse-200_small.JPG from Judnick.comHENDERSHOT. "Cochran House, Newton, N. J." including old autos parked nearby, black & white post card published for Charles F. Hendershot (proprietor), good edges. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 277% of original area) & enhanced 120-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.75 ng

HENDERSON. "Bird's-eye View of Copemish, Mich." postcard with unevenly divided back mailed JUL1 1908 (good strike of FRANK. & TOLEDO TR.1 R.P.O. cancel) to Mrs. C. C. Henderson in Redlands California by her sister Grace, album marks at the back corners, back paper browning from album contact, front corners worn, large areas of front lifted off (not by us!). Probably more of genealogical value. As is. $2.00 m(c)g(h)

Agriculture_SeedsForRoot-200_small.jpg genealogy postal card available from Judnick.comHENDERSON. "SEEDS FOR ROOT CROPS / FOR FARM STOCK / ... / PETER HENDERSON & CO. / 35 Cortlandt Street, New York" with prices per pound & per 5 pounds for various Mancel Wurzel, other beets, turnips & carrots; printed advertising on government postal card mailed there APR 25 1879, toned both sides (pricelist heavily), 2 corner creases (1 small). From the leading horticulturalist of his day, the founding father of the seed industry in the USA. In addition to this line, this pioneer offered kitchen gardening mixtures for city & suburban dwellers, and ornamental gardening products. Not bad for an immigrant who arrived with only a few coins in his pocket! His address was in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island. History in your hands. $9.00 gg(h)n(s)a

HEGEMAN. Uncaptioned real photo postcard showing a woman vendor closing up for the day under the overhang of the grandstand at the Crawford County Fair held at Bucyrus Ohio September 13-15 1910, large signs advertising events & sideshows behind her -- a minstrel show (undoubtedly by Pickings who performed then in that area), 1001 wonders, & troubadours performing a musical 'The President of ... '; low contrast but the focus is good enough to capture detail, holed for a pillow at the bottom, some cancel ink at bottom front, small bottom corner crease, all corners rounded, mailed at Bucyrus SEP 21 1910 by a 19-year-old (she recounts her birthday on the 20th, her spelling is atrocious) to her sister Miss Cora E. Hegeman in Delaware Ohio. Table-covering is a practice of merchants who put out a lot of little items and don't wish to pack up every night, instead trusting that honesty will prevail, and taking a few valuable items home. $20.00 o(b)g

ShipMemorabilia_Hamburg-Amerika_LuggageTag-200_small.jpg genealogy memorabilia available from Judnick.com

HENRICI. 4 August 1904 Hamburg-Amerika Linie oval baggage tag for passenger Edith Henrici on the SS Hamburg, creased multiple times, paste spot remnants on back obscure nothing. As is. $4.00 s(m)s(o)g

HENKELMANN. "Henkelmann's Museum / Yes, we play!  / Woodruff, Wis." showing 3 black bears standing & holding instruments (accordion, bass & harmonica); unused Kodak real photo post card, edge wear near one bottom corner. This roadside attraction is long gone & postcards from it are rare. $15.00 w(w)gmmra(b)

Mexico_217_small.jpg genealogy post card available from Judnick.com

HERNANDEZ. "Calle de los Arcos. - Gto." showing the editorial office of Don Luis Hernandez of 'El Noticioso' (letterpress services sign pictures the printing press) in the distance, store at right foreground has 'MISCELANEA' (miscellaneous) sign; unused Azo (triangles both ways) real photo postcard with crisp focus & excellent contrast. The weekly newspaper was printed for 22 years by Hernandez until it was acquired in March 1944. $7.50 m(g)ng

HERRICK. "We would be pleased to have you call and hear a demonstration of the New Edison Diamond Disk Phonogragh(sic), a real talking Machine. Call and judge for your self. / T. C. Herrick / Jeweler." circa-1915 (when the machine was new) advertising postcard on brown paper as issued, signed by the jeweler but otherwise unused. Rare: probably retired early due to the important misspelling of 'phonograph'. $15.00 eajg

NYC_262_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from LotsOfCards.comHERRMAN. "HERRMAN'S / BEAUTY SHOP / 1445 First Avenue / New York City" promotional postcard for their 'latest steam - oil method' from 'The oldest permanent waving beauty shop in Yorkville', mailed 1932, reply card removed neatly, mild toning both sides. The address was in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, now long gone. Hard to find! $10.00 n(n)g

Framce_LeMans_42LMLa-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHERVÉ. "42  LE MANS. -- La Place Thiers. -- LL." with a streetcar about to pass Paul Hervé's Cafe Thiers (at the left), circa 1920 carte postale, unused, green back, minor wear to one bottom corner. The food advertising signs on the streetcar are "Farine Lactée Nestlé" (an important source of nutrition for children whose mothers were unable to breast-feed) & "Potages Maggi". $8.00 f(l)sgf

HERZMANSKY. "WIEN - Mariahilferstrasse" a night scene where Hansa was opposite the Herzmansky department store, real photo Postkarte with glossy finish & scalloped edges as issued, 1958 Christmas greeting on back neatly in German. $2.00 ag

HESS. "HESS BRO's." showing the interior of Galion Ohio's first meat market, located on South Market Street after 1887, the sausage for which they were best known hanging at the left. Identifications on the back from a reliable source: Carl Beibheiser, Charlie Hess (owner) & Wally Thayer. Backed sepia-tone photograph, image itself approximately 8¼"x6¼", 9¼"x7¼" overall. Focus is good, but high-contrast means parts of the image are too bright to yield detail. $15.00 o(g)g(h)g(b)g(t)

HESS. See also HAMILTON & HESS above.

HESS. "SHERMAN HESS / Capt. Norco Fire Police--Chan. 7 / Pres. Chester Co. Fire Police / KMG-0141" Pottstown Pennsylvania QSL card picturing him in uniform at his equipment, neat writing on back, good edges. $3.75 p(p)p(c)lgf

HETRICK. "Cordial Thanksgiving Greetings" unsigned intricately embossed art depicts a turkey &  pumpkins being overflown by an early aircraft; circa-1912 back message to Miss Irene Hetrick in Fremont Ohio from her aunt Caroline, minor corner wear, small spot of toning within the left front border. $3.75 tg

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"Micky Hicks Rarin' Back an' Ridin' Blackhawk / Stryker's 'Photogloss' - Rodeo Series - 15"  an action scene in vertical format, circa-1917 postcard, small corner crease not into image. His name is often seen spelled Mickey Hicks, and we believe that way is correct. $7.50 chng

HIGGINS. "Hearty Xmas Wishes" with an embossed winter scene, postcard mailed DEC 20 1910 (clear PITTS. & KENORA T714 R.P.O. hand cancel) to Mrs. Mary Higgins in Marietta Ohio by her granddaughter Leslie, album toning at the back corners, one corner with minor wear. $2.50 cwg

HIGHSMITH. "The meanest words I know are these, / 'I told you so.' // "I TOLD YOU SO! / YOU SHOULD HAVE / BOUGHT  A FORD // 10 MILES / HOME" wife nags husband as they walk home from an auto wreck; signed Cobb X. Shinn art on a post card mailed OCT 11 1915 to Mr. Hanby Highsmith in Birds Illinois by his cousin Roy, 3 corners creased (1 is long), internal crease, both sides toned from album contact. $3.75 a(s)ga

HIGGINBOTHOM. "G. D. HIGINBOTHOM, NOVELTY STUDIO / S. W. COR. 5th & LUDLOW ST., DAYTON, OHIO" Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard showing 2 adults in Halloween clown costumes, back handwriting dates & identifies as '1911 // Wendl Pauser / Albert Fisher', oxidation consistent with that age, very light even toning over most of the back. Albert was born in 1890, which places him as 21 years of age. Wendl is a German variant of the name Wendel. Shown left. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 ho(d)g(h). Two unidentified costumed ladies, one a clown the other in blackface, on a real photo postcard from the same source & time. Shown right. $40.00 ho(d)g(h)

Ohio_Cincinnati_Hilberg-200_small.jpg genealogy photograph available from LotsOfPhotos.com
HILBERG. "Hilberg's / BEEF VEAL LAMB / Satisfies!" sign on the side of a delivery truck, 4.5"x4" VELOX photo with exemplary focus & contrast. The Hilberg Meat Packing Company was on Linn Street in Cincinnati Ohio.
Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(c)fg(h)a

MIXone_305_small.jpg genealogy trade card available from Judnick.com

HILDRETH & HOYT. "Ladies Perfumed Calendar / 1894 / Compliments / of / E. W. Hoyt & Co., Lowell, Mass." showing a girl with flower basket with 2 blue & white birds. Hoyt's German Cologne advertising both sides. Dry goods & grocer dealer ad on back: W. Hildreth (Washington Hildreth 1829 - 1908) of Lock Ohio. Back also has full calendar for the year. Toning is noticeable both sides, 3 corners creased. $10.00 pabcggom

HILL. "601.  Memorial Wall to the Cuban Students, / Havana, Cuba." recalling the execution on 27 November 1871 of 8 medical students by the Spanish Governor during the Ten Years War, postcard published by Harris Brothers Company in Havana, mailed there OCT 22 1914 to Mrs. Martha Hill in Cattaraugus New York (clear HABANA - ISLA DE PINOS AMBU hand cancel on 1-c stamp) by her son Bert. $3.75 cg-c*

Theater_HillAndSylviany-200_small.jpg genealogy photographs available from Judnick.comHILL. "Hill & Sylviany" unused circa 1908 Cyko real photo postcard showing them descending a staircase outdoors on a unicycle, the woman perched securely on his shoulders; long corner crease affecting in part the front caption area, unevenly toned back. Mentioned in the Los Angeles Herald of November 24, 1908 as a theater act that would be performed that week. What ever happened to them? We can only speculate that an accident was inevitable. Excessively rare; no one else can offer you this. $67.50 btc(l)g(s)!

Indiana_Aurora_OhioRiver-200_small.jpg genealogy post cards available from Judnick.comHILL. "OHIO RIVER BOAT LANDING, AURORA, IND." with the sidewheeler Louisville alongside the A. Hill & Sons dock; sepia-tone postcard mailed there 1911, upper corners creased. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 i(a)s(r)g

HILL. "THE JAMES J. HILL RESIDENCE, ST. PAUL, MINN." postcard mailed OCT 7 1909 to Miss Nellie Kilgore in Wooster Ohio from her mother, lower corner crease, noticeable corner & edge wear. Seen offered elsewhere as high as $34.99(!), but we ask only $6.00. m(s)g


. "KA4KJI" QSL postcard used 1983 by operator Gary Hills. View shows the operator seated at his equipment. $5.00 ng

WestVirginia_Cameron_CWV193-200_small.JPG genealogy postal card available from Judnick.com
Unused government postal card with legal forms (concerning claims & outcomes of judgments) from attorney Chauncey D. Hinerman in Cameron West Virginia, 1930's. $2.75 w(c)lg-l

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NYC_050_small.jpg genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.comHING. "GREETINGS FROM CHINATOWN, NEW YORK" with the corner of Pell & Mott Streets at the left; linen postcard sold at the Ethel Hing gift shop (violet cachet clearly struck on back), mailed 1950 at the Canal Street Station to Mr. Harold Quin in New Haven Connecticut. Many legible signs including York Kitchen Equipment Co., Mon Fong Wo Co. (Chinese Groceries), Lee's, Wee Tung Co., Sugar Bowl, etc. Tiny ding at center of left front edge, otherwise fairly fresh. $6.00 n(n)g(h)g(q)c

Genealogy_Hinkel-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com

HINKEL. "N 14" license plate on a Gr
äf-Stift automobile shown on Postkarte mailed circa 1908 with Hungarian 10-filler stamp by Josef Sauer in Bácstóváros Vojvodina to Miss Jennie Hinkel in Reading Pennsylvania, tiny bottom corner crease. $7.00 g(h)va

Massachusetts_WorcesterMMemorial-200_small.JPG Massachusetts postcard available from LotsOfCards.comHINKEL. "Worcester, Mass., Memorial Hospital, Main Entrance" post card mailed there 1910 to Mrs. Clara E. Hinkel in Nevada Ohio, light toning on back from album contact, small paper separation at one upper corner, noticeable wear to the bottom corners, faint small corner crease. $4.75 m(w)mg

Radio_RStationKWTO_Polio-100.jpg (267560 bytes)

"RADIO STATION KWTO--BURGE / HOSPITAL (POLIO WARD DRIVE) / 1950" picturing Gwinn Hinkel (age 9, in iron lung) & Randy Rogers (age 20 months) & George Earle (KWTO 'Man on the Street' & Judy Wallender (age 2, on crutches) in black-and-white postcard, metered there December 20 1950 & sent to thank a donor, mild corner & edge wear. $10.00 m(s)rcmg(h)g(r)*

Connecticut_Winsted_HomeOfHinsdale.jpg (132450 bytes)

HINSDALE. "HOME OF MISS MARY P. HINSDALE, WINSTED, CONN." black & white mailed there circa 1909, 3 corner creases, toning in front caption area, corner wear & rounding. $5.00 cg

See also 466x601a.gif (10761 bytes)

HINZ. "If I can manage, will see you soon / FRED W. HINZ & SON / IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN COFFEES, TEAS AND SPICES / Cincinnati, _______ 19___" salesman's post card mailed MAY 17 1911 at Westport Indiana to Beall Stephens in Eaton Ohio, corners rounded with wear, album toning most prominent at the back corners. There is an undivided back version of this postcard, which was copyrighted in 1905. Others with different cartoon art from this merchant exist & are very collectible. $10.00 fo(c)g(h)

HIPSHER & HAUSER. "Class of 1921 / Commencement" school booklet tied by ribbon, interesting. 8 in class: Howard W. Houser, Hollis Hipsher, Clarence Edwin Ullom, Charles Howard Underwood, Estella Maud Pittman, Bernice Baldwin, Lucile Gray & Lois Rebecca Cox. $7.50 o(c)g(h)g(u)

HIRDARAMANI. "QUEEN STREET SHOWING ENTRANCE TO QUEEN'S HOUSE / COLOMBO, CEYLON" including the Hirdaramani garment retail store (left) & clock tower (3:46 pm showing), unused real photo of British manufacture from Plâté, numbered 5 on back, good contrast & composition, good edges. $8.00 ccg

HIRSCH. Wanted to buy--post cards & postal card relating to this family, so that we may restock. Please offer us some, priced in US dollars or Euros!

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HISLE. "Just a new way / to play / the Old Game." signed Cobb X. Shinn art on a post card depicting lovers on a biplane in the clouds, mailed APR 20 1911 from Arenzville Illinois to Mrs. Ellen Hisle in Doylesville Kentucky by a sibling, tiny bottom corner crease, all corners with minor wear. $5.00 la(s)g(h) NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

WestVirginia_Parkersburg_HiteshewResidence_small.jpg (4413 bytes)

HITESHEW. "Residence of C. T. Hiteshew, / Ann St., Parkersburg, W. Va." circa 1912, Brown published. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as a full-size & enhanced 72-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 wg

HOAG. "Hoag's Park / Delavan / Lake" including a large building at the left & several smaller cabins; sepia-tone Kruxo (small circles in corners) real photo post card, pencil writing on back is smudge a bit & hard to relate, small bottom corner bend, oxidation consistent with age. We found a few references to the Hoag family in this Wisconsin area when we searched the Internet, but concluded that the business was short-lived because it was not mentioned. Rare. $12.50 w(d)g(h)

Massachusetts_Worcester_StatueOf-200_small.JPG from Judnick.com

"STATUE / OF / SENATOR / HOAR / WORCESTER, MASS." showing him seated, color on yellowish paper, post card mailed there 1912, corner crease, much corner & edge wear. $1.75 msg

HOBSON. "MAGNOLIA GROVE / Greensboro, Alabama" showing Miss Margaret W. Hobson on the stairs within, unposted chrome-era postcard, some writing on the back. $2.00 agi(h)

AdCard_MrsMaryL-200small.JPG genealogy trade cards available from Judnick.com

HOFFMAN. "Mrs. Mary L. Hoffman, / 8 Front Street, Monroe, Mich. / Millinery and Fancy Goods, / Embroidery and Filling Silks, ..." circa 1890 advertising card illustrated on front with a charming girl playing toy drum, good edges, very light toning on back. $10.00 aeggmmmt

HOFFMANN. Uncaptioned sepia-tone real photo post card with good focus & contrast, showing mailman Julius Hoffman next to his horse-drawn delivery wagon number 199, mailed MAY 27 1912 from Canal Station there to his brother S. J. Hoffman in Sublette Illinois, minor wear at one bottom corners. The message ties it all together: "This is to show you, that I'm still 'on the job', in Chicago / Your Bro, Julius". Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00  i(c)hp-i

Ohio_Shelby_GreenhouseParade-200_small.JPG horse-drawn postcard available from Judnick.comHOFFSTODT. Uncaptioned real photo postcard showing a horse-drawn flower-decorated cart full of dressed-up children, obviously for a parade, bearing the advertising sign 'HOFFSTODT'S / CITY GREEN HOUSES', sepia-tone from Mossholder's Studio in Shelby Ohio, light brownish paper. The Mansfield Telephone Company serviced Shelby; its 1902 directory for Shelby lists W. A. Hoffstodt's residence at 22 Sharon. Push-pin damage has taken two small chunks out of the bottom edge (neither anywhere near the image) & just nicked the top edge twice; framing would easily obscure that difficulty. The best Richland County Ohio postcard we have ever seen. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 ofhpg

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Music_115_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com

. "Sebastian Hofmüller / a. Mime. // Verlag Jos. P. Böhm / München 1904" showing the Bavarian actor mimicking a blacksmith making a sword at an anvil, real photo post card with undivided back, album marks on the back, slight curl to the paper, a little wear to the bottom edge. Rare & unforgettable. $20.00 tbg

MIXone_021_small.jpg genealogy post card available from Judnick.comHOLLENBECK. "Boat House in Hollenbeck Park, Los Angeles, Cal." post card published by James, circa 1915, unused, minor corner & edge wear. More precisely, the lake is located in Boyle Heights. The park is named after its donor, John Edward Hollenbeck. $4.50 c(l)c(b)g(h)

Pennsylvania_Harrisburg_KodakAndPolar-200_small.JPGHOLLINGER. "KODIAK AND POLAR BEAR / Taken by W. M. Hollinger and son, Franklin, / at Point Barrow, Alaska. .../ ... on exhibit at Blue Mountain Restaurant and / Hotel, Harrisburg, Pa. ..." with 2 ladies in Playboy-style outfits in front of the hunting trophies (world record class), unused chrome postcard. $3.00 pbhg

Antigua_AnchorageBeach-200_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.com
"Anchorage Beach / ANCHORAGE HOTEL / Dickenson's Bay..." showing several adults enjoying it when operated by Andrew E. Holm Limited, unused chrome post card, fairly fresh. $1.00 abg. Near mint $1.50 abg

HOLMAN. The Dayton Engineering / Laboratories Company // FORGET IT / 'Drop the subject when you cannot / agree; there is no need to be bitter because / you know you are right.'" 5-1/2' x 3-1/4" brown pay packet used 5-23-19 to pay Ernest Holman the sum of $21.55. Horizontal crease, internal crease on the back flap from opening, regular-postcard size. Seldom seen. $4.50 o(d)ga

Automobile_TheDaytonEngineering-200_small.jpg genealogy paper collectibles available from Judnick.comKnown locally as DELCO, this company was
a leader in automotive technologies during the 1910's.

HOLMAN. The Dayton Engineering / Laboratories Company // MEMORIAL DAY / 'The bell which rang out the Declaration / of Independence has been heard across  / oceans ..." 5-1/2"x 3-1/4" brown pay packet used 5-23-19 to pay Ernest Holman the sum of $19.95. Horizontal crease, a little thinning on the backflap from opening, regular-postcard size. Seldom seen. Shown left. $5.00 o(d)gam

   => Special: Both pay packets for $9.00. <=

Iowa_DesMoines_StateOfIOffice-120.jpg (265762 bytes)

HOLMES. 1879 legal notice on government postal card from the E. J. Holmes, Clerk of the Supreme Court of the State of Iowa at Des Moines, good edges. $12.00 (i(d)gl)

Ohio_Milton_RealPhoto.jpg (105720 bytes)

Uncaptioned real photo of man & woman standing with small baskets near apple trees; identified on back as Lillian & Mr. H. E. Holmes of Milton Ohio, as photographed by Pheobe. Toned front, lightly toned back, small corner crease, minor corner wear & rounding. $15.00 og

HOLT. Escort Destroyer USS HAROLD E. HOLT (DE-1074). Bold 15 JUL 1974 cancel on 10-c letters mingle souls stamp franking #6 cover to Ohio, large well-struck violet ship cachet with eagle & shield, neatly addressed, clear double-ring New York NY / USS HAROLD E. HOLT (DE-1074) struck on back. Nice. This is shortly after the ship delivered a detachment of Marines to liberate the SS Mayaguez from the Cambodians. $2.50 nc-g

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Sports_Baseball_MAC1915_small.jpg genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHOOD. "M.A.C. Base Ball Squad - 1915" when Michigan State University was known as Michigan Agricultural College, sepia-tone real photo postcard, small creases at the bottom corners, a little wear on the top edge. The only printing on the back is 'KOLLEGE KODAK SHOP. / EAST LANSING, MICH.' The 1915 roster, namely: Arthur Bibbins, Arthur Brown, Harold Clark, J. Francis Davis, Hilmar Fick, Lyman Frimodig, Merrill Fuller, Charles Hood, Robert McWilliams, William Miller, Harold Springer (who also played football!), Walter Thomas & Dean Williams. $75.00 s(b)m(e)c(m)gggg

Cemetery_TombOfCapt-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from LotsofCards.comHOOK. "Tomb of Capt. I. N. Hook.  McConnelsville O." with a small boat on top & a readable plaque with philosophical & political statements; black & white post card printed in Germany for Edmiston Book & Stationary Company, mailed there JUN 30 1908 to Mrs. Lydia Bennett in Zanesville Ohio, upper corner creased, noticeable wear at the other upper corner. Isaac Newton Hook lived from 1819 to 1906, and was renown for his steamboat expertise especially on the Ohio River & its tributaries. Hard to find! $10.00 o(m)cg

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Blacks_No691-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from LotsOfCards.comHOPF. "No. 691  A Composite Photo--Typical Southern Wayside--The Army Passes by--Maneuvers of 1942"  including prominently 3 black children eating watermelon, post card mailed free from APO #26 (an Engineering Battalion then at Fredericksburg Virginia) SEP 21 1942 by Private Hopf to his grandfather Mr. Julius Hopf of Jersey City New Jersey. Cancel ink in front sky, separated neatly from other postcards at its sides, small bottom corner crease not into the image. Back address area has logo urging citizens to buy war bonds and stamps 'for victory'. $10.00 bgm(a)-a

Detroit_MI_008_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from Judnick.comHOPKINS. "DETROIT, MICH., GRAND CANAL, BELLE ISLE" with a throng of pedestrians & canoes; A. C. DIetsche postcard No. 137, mailed 1907 to Mrs. P. W. Hopkins by her sister Alice,  stamp removed, upper corner crease, noticeable corner & edge wear. $3.25 m(b)gs(p)

Genealogy_Hopkins_IHave-200_small.jpg US Army post cards available from Judnick.comHOPKINS. "I HAVE SPENT FOUR YEARS FIGHT- / ING FOR OUR COUNTRY / I am coming soon to fight for your busi- / ness on the Merkle-Wiley Broom / Company's line of Brooms. / WM. HOPKINS, / Late Bugler--CO. F. 38th. U. S. Infantry. / Four years active service in Cuba and / the Phillipines(sic)." with his uniformed oval portrait, postcard blue BLU-J Brooms logo on back, unmailed, 2 corners creased, a little pencil writing in the front margin may erase well, light toning. Marvelous & rare: true, BLU-J blotters are common, but not their salesmen's postcards! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 m(a)g(h)cp

Cover_APO_Belgrade777-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from LotsOfCovers.comHOPTNER. "Zagreb" real photo post card picturing 4 teenage girls in traditional attire, mailed SEP 25 1946 to the Hoptner Family in Philadelphia by Jacob B. 'Jake' Hoptner working at the US Embassy in Belgrade, almost complete U. S. ARMY POSTAL SERVICE / A. P. O. / 777 hand cancel ties 1-c Washington stamp franking. Card has rough edges as issued. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & artistic reference as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 jg-aj

HORN. "PALS CABIN / Prospect and Eagle Rock Avenues / West Orange, N. J." showing the exterior, unused chrome post card from Lewis Studios, near mint. When Martin L. Horn, Martin Jr. and Donald managed the restaurant. $2.00 n(w)g(h)

AdCard_HorsfordsAcid-200_small.jpg genealogy trade card available from Judnick.comHORSFORD & HOOVER. "Horsford's Acid Phosphate / for mental & physical / Exhaustion, dyspepsia &c. / IT MAKES A DELICIOUS DRINK / WITH WATER & SUGAR ONLY" circa 1890 trade card issued by Dayton Ohio pharmacist E. Hoover to publicize the availability of Prof E. N. Horsford (Rumford Professor at Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts) at his establishment, more details on back, back has a scrape that has been restored (for readability, but not to deceive), back paper browning with age, front is fine. $5.00 amm(c)c(h)gpo

HOWELL. "GORDON HOWELL & SON. / THE CRESCENT. / ANDOVER. / HANTS." signage on a Foden Tractor D Class built in 1932, copyrighted & unused Salmon Cameracolour postcard printed in England, good edges. $3.75 ae(a)g

HOXSEY. "122 Hoxsey" Azo (triangles up) real photo postcard with writing on back: 'This is a picture of the chap who was killed after making the record height of 11330. ft A monument is to be erected to honor him.' This image is used in the Wikipedia article about him because it was undoubtedly the best portrait ever taken of him. But just try to find the real thing offered for sale, as we do here! $60.00 a(p)g

RhodeIsland_Providence_C558Old-200_small.JPG Hoyle genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHOYLE & CAMERON. "c558 - Old Hoyle Tavern formerly at the Junction of Westminster / and Cranston Sts., Providence, R. I." post card made in Germany, unused & fairly fresh for its age. Sign above entrance includes the name of W. W. Cameron; sign in front of the entrance includes 'HOYLE ESTATE / TO LEASE / C. H. SMITH'. $5.00 (rg(h))

Music_044_small.jpg genealogy real photo available from LotsOfPhotos.comHOYT. "Wolf Lake Aug 20 -'09" handwritten caption for real photo postcard including a violinist; mailed Aug 23 1909 at nearby Brooklyn Michigan. Sent by Lutie Hoyt, to her uncle William in Bellevue Ohio, who identifies the others as her father & "father and mother Hoyt" who were camping with her. Possibly unique. $20.00 m(w)mg(h)

HOYT. See also HILDRETH & HOYT above.

Perfume_ThisCardIs-200_small.jpg Massachusetts ad card available from Judnick.com

. "THIS CARD / IS PERFUMED WITH / HOYT'S GERMAN / COLOGNE / FRAGRANT & LASTING / Trial Size 25 Cts…" with youngsters painting a fence in shade of an umbrella, copyrighted 1887, lightly toned front, lightly toned back. Text gives prices offered by the E. W. Hoyt & Company in Lowell Massachusetts. $7.50 augmp

HUBLE. Embossed birthday postcard sent to Mrs. Myrta Huble of Orrville Ohio on December 30 1910, minor toning & edge wear. $2.00 g(h)

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ShipMilitary_BattleshipMinnesota-200_small.JPG genealogy postcard scan available from Judnick.comHUBBARD. BATTLESHIP MINNESOTA with insets showing Captain John Hubbard & Rear Admiral Charles M. Thomas who commanded her as part of the Great White Fleet. Post card sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(m)gg

Iowa_SchultzPhotoCalmar-200_small.jpg post office real photos available from Judnick PostcardsHUBER. "SCHULTZ / PHOTO CALMAR" showing a 1913 parade passing between the F. C. Smith general merchandise store & the Joe A. Huber grocery store across the street, part of the Fort Atkinson post office visible in the right foreground; sepia-tone NOKO real photo post card, odd light vertical line printed through the central image that is hard to explain, unused, slight oxidation, toned back corners due to album contact. $22.50 ippg(h)

Arkansas_PineRidge_DickAndHis.jpg (137677 bytes)HUDDLESTON. "Dick and his little woman. Dick has just returned from the County Seat" including a Gulf gasoline pump at the left side, Pine Ridge Arkansas real photo postcard autographed & dated 1950 stamp side, mailed there 1950, readable signs include 'Dick Huddleston of Lum and Abner'. $7.50 aggr+

Wisconsin_PottersLake_PLAt-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from Judnick.comHUDEC. "B-64 / POTTER'S LAKE  FROM MIRAMAR" including 5 rowboats & a family fishing from a short dock there, real photo postcard mailed 1946 to Joseph Hudec in Canton Ohio by his parents who were at Lake Beulah Wisconsin, small corner crease, slight curl to the paper. Sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 w(p)s(p)g

HUETHER. "Picture taken on the Ed Huether Ranch in the Bad- / lands of South Dakota. Big Ed is checking some of / his heifers as day breaks over the Badlands. / Color Photo by Bill Hustead, Wall Drug, Wall, So. Dak." $2.00 s(b)pg

Missouri_Alton_Hufstedler-200_small.JPG genealogy postcard available from Judnick.comHUFSTEDLER . "HUFSTEDLER BOATING CO. / On Eleven Points River / At Riverton on U. S. Hi-way 160 / ... / ALTON MISSOURI" showing the launch of a couple of canoes & a nearby bridge, real photo post card,  appropriately mailed JUN 1 1966 from the Riverton Rural Branch at Alton (2 bold cancels, autograph of Clerk-in-Charge C. R. Hufstedler), tiny upper corner crease, a few small light spots of toning near the edges of one back corner. $3.00 m(a)s(r)gb-m

HUGGLER. "HUGGLER MOTEL - Alpena's Newest" unused linen postcard with fresh appearance. Owned by Esther, Art & Dale Huggler. $2.00 m(a)gm

HULIN. Government postal card announcing that Prof. L. U. Hulin of North Lima Ohio would be filling in for a pastor on vacation at the Umstead Bible Class of the Christian Church, corner crease, lacks freshness. [Also mentions Supt. G. M. Bingham of Lisbon Ohio & Supt. B. F. Stanton of Ashland Kentucky would fill in on successive Sundays.] $2.25 oggg

Ohio_Cleveland_DraftingDesigning-100.JPG (247232 bytes)

HULL. "Drafting º Designing /  Engineering Service / MECHANICAL º Structural /  ... / S. W. HULL /  ENGINEER º DRAFTSMAN / ..." illustrated advertising of professional services on postcard mailed 1932 from Cleveland during the Depression, a couple of long but faint creases. An interesting piece of social history. $5.00 ogsm

HULSE. "DR. L. G. HULSE / CASA BLANCA HOTEL, ONTARIO… /  …ZONE THERAPY METHOD…" California podiatrist's ad mailed 1951 to local boxholder. $3.50 cgm#

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HUMPHREYS. "Mrs. Ada Humphreys / of Seymour, Conn. / taken in Wales" hand colored / tinted real photo with identification taken from writing on back. minor corner wear & rounding, light toning on front, light toning on back. $5.00 (wg)

HUNT. "3 - POLK COUNTY COURT HOUSE, DES MOINES, IOWA. / Enos B. Hunt, Jr. Publisher, Des Moines Iowa" color postcard with undivided back mailed NOV 1 1906 at Valley Junction (clear DPO hand cancel on 1-c Franklin stamp), front is toned lightly, bottom corner crease, a few short internal creases but they are hard to see. $4.75 icg-i

HUNT. "Where Church Spires Rise, Des Moines, Iowa  Enos B. Hunt, Jr., Publisher / Des Moines, Iowa" unused black & white post card with undivided back, light toning both sides including album marks at corners. $8.50 ig

Ohio_Ludlow_Falls_small.jpg (3448 bytes)HUNT. "Yourself and family are cordially invited to attend the second annual / reunion of the Hunt Family...Ludlow Falls, Ohio..." on addressed 1914 government postal card, faint album marks on front. $10.00 (og)

HUNTLEY. "BEL AIRE MOTEL / Chamberlain, South Dakota 57325" unused Dexter Press multiview postcard, fairly fresh with good edges. When Mr. & Mrs. Harold Huntley were the hosts. $1.50 s(c)mg

Michigan_CentralLake_Huntley'sCottages.jpg (247128 bytes)

. "Huntly's Cottages, Ben-way Lake, Central Lake, Mich." unused sepia-tone Ekc real photo, toned back, long crease, minor corner wear. Hard to find! $6.50 mg

HURLEY. "Red and Rusty Algoma Road Hogs" trained & driven by H. G. Hurley of Echo Bay Ontario; unused Spectrome® postcard made in Canada, 2 opposite corners creased by album removal, a few very small spots of toning on back obscure nothing. These are 3-year-old Tamworth hogs weighing 1152 pounds. Rare& unusual: we found no other offers past or present, and no exhibits whatever when we searched the Internet. $9.00 $8.00 o(e)ug

Genealogy--Hursh--MissElizabethBInChicago-200Front_small.JPG genalogy postcard available from LotsOfCards.comGenealogy--Hursh--MissElizabethBInChicago-200Back_small.JPGHURSH.
"Miss Elizabeth B. Hursh // on a shopping trip / Chicago" hand-captioned Velox real photo post card, light toning both sides, some oxidation on front, small bottom corner crease, long crease into image. At the time, Miss Hursh lived in Mountain Park Oklahoma. $7.50 g(h)o

  Genealogy_Cole_WilliamPhillipAndMother-200Front_small.JPG genealogy post card available from Judnick.com  Genealogy_Cole_WilliamPhillipAndMother-200Back_small.JPG
HURSH. "William Phillip Cole / age 8 months 4 days / and his mother / To Grandma Hursh / Mch. 27 1911" hand-captioned Velox real photo postcard, light toning on back, some oxidation on front & 4 tiny shallow scrapes affecting mostly wallpaper, small bottom corner crease. At the time, these Coles lived in Iowa & Grandma Hursh lived in Mountain Park Oklahoma. $8.50 g(c)g(h)

HUSHER. "J79T" DXpedition shortwave (28 MHz) QSL viewcard used 1989 by operator Barry Blanton (WC5N) who is pictured on back (as is WCEW, Ray Husher), views on both sides in black & white. $2.00 dgg

Music_TedHusted_CowboyBand_small.JPG (4077 bytes)

HUSTEAD. "TED HUSTEAD'S /  COWBOY ORCHESTRA /  WALL DRUG STORE / WALL, S. DAK." consisting of life-size dolls, unused Kodak real photo post card, unusual subject matter. $7.50 scmg

ShipsMilitary_US-BattleshipKearsage-200_small.JPG genealogy post card scan available from Judnick.comHUTCHINS. Battleship Kearsage with an inset showing Captain Hamilton Hutchins who commanded her as part of the Great White Fleet. Postcard sold but still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 s(m)g

HUTCHINS. "No. 3. / The Amanzimtoti Hotel, Natal South Coast (17 Miles from Durban). / The most comfortable Hotel on the South Coast / Telegrams: Hotel, Amanzimtoti." showing its front with large sign on the roof & grounds with flag; unused postcard published by R. O. Füsslein, numbered 3424 on back, message from Trooper F. G. Hutchins, small corner crease, noticeable corner & edge wear. Rare. $14.00 ng

Natal_No4Amanzimtoti-200_small.JPGHUTCHINS. "No. 4 / Amanzimtoti Hotel, Natal South Coast / (17 Miles from Durban), / The Hotel Tea Rooms up the River" including some guests & the small rowboats used to get there; unused postcard published by R. O. Füsslein, numbered 3432 on back, message on back written by F. G. Hutchins, minor wear at right front corners. Exceptionally attractive & rare. $17.50 ng(f)

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Ohio_Dayton_CouponPass-200_small.jpg genealogy memorabilia available from Judnick.com

IDDINGS. "Coupon Pass // THE CITY RAILWAY / COMPANY // DAYTON, OHIO / THIRD STREET LINE" cover of pass book that was good for 50 passages, expiration date of 6-25-09 penned inside, numbered 722, signature of Andrew S. Iddings (noted for his Wright Brothers homecoming photos & inventor of the stereoptic camera) & E. D. Greiner (president) inside. The tape covering the staples has partially detached, so we show it extended here. $15.00 o(d)pr(t)g(i)a

Monaco_3AHA5JI-200_small.jpg genealogy QSL card available from Judnick.com
ILYÉS. "3A / HA5JI" shortwave (10.100 MHZ) QSL multiview picturing the operator György Ilyés from Budapest Hungary & his equipment, used 1999, toning along the back bottom is obviously from the printing process itself. $3.75 mg

IMPERATORI. "NELSON'S FLOWER SHOP / Phone 1644 / 41 Clinton Street..." FTD acknowledgement on government postal card mailed 1949, cancel ink on front, yellowish paper, a little extraneous writing on back, staple holes as are common on these. Order was for the funeral of dr. J. Imperatori in Essex New York. $1.00 n(p)g(i)

INGERSOLL. "Office of Patrons Paint Works, / THE OLDEST MIXED PAINT HOUSE IN AMERICA / 241-243 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, N. Y." 1913 advertising postal card with typed message over the penned signature of O. W. Ingersoll, offering sample cards & discounts for prompt orders. A little toning both sides. The address was in the Vinegar Hill neighborhood. We have seen the name of the business with an apostrophe: Patrons' Paint Works. But either way such material is scarce. $5.00 n(b)ga

IRVIN. William A. Irvin, flagship of the US Steel Corporation. Unused continental post card from Cartwheel Co., interesting pertinent information on back, small bottom corner crease. $3.00 s(u)s(l)ig

IRWIN. "With best / Thoughts" embossed floral postcard made in Germany,& mailed JAN 21 1911 to Charley E. Irwin in Sidney Ohio from Ettie Irwin who had travelled to a funeral, bottom corner crease, light toning both sides. $1.50 mg(i)

Alaska_Skagway_AStreetCar-200_small.jpg genealogy postcad available from Judnick.com

ITJEN. "ALASKA STREET CAR / Designed-Built-Owned-Operated by / Martin Itjen of the days of '98 / SKAGWAY, ALASKA / The trick cub bear on the front / of the car is the Traffic Manager" showing him before his 1929 Model A sight-seeing vehicle, black & white post card with sky tint, tiny corner crease, very light toning near the edges. $10.00 a(s)agsm

"Res of Dr. Sala Jackson" in Edison Ohio, with an auto parked outside; unused Azo real photo (triangles up)
postcard, good focus, good edges, light toning near the back edges. $16.00 o(e)g

Cover_Vermont_Brandon1917-200_small.JPG genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.comJACKSON. "West Hartford, Vt." black & white postcard mailed AUG 31 1917 in Brandon (inverted year in cancel, Lynn transit mark next day when forwarded to Mrs. C. S. Jackson in South Weymouth Massachusetts), lower corner crease, corner wear & rounding. Small x on front marks "the site of Fathers home". $3.00 v(w)g-vm

France_Villers-Les-Nancy_1Plateau-200_small.JPG from Judnick.comJACOB. "1. - Plateau de VILLERS-les-NANCY / Champ d'Aviation / Café-Restaurant de la Linotte-des-Bois / Aug. JACOB, Propiétaire // Union des Femmes de France / Poste de Secours" showing small buildings at an early military aviation field, inset showing a stagecoach & people in front of the restaurant; unused carte postale with unevenly toned front, pencil writing on back. Sold for the benefit of the French Red Cross during World War I. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 f(v)agrw

Ohio_Ashtabula_SouthMain-200_small.jpg genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.comJACOBS. "South Main St.  Ashtabula, Ohio" showing a wagon parked outside the H. L. Jacobs 5 and 10-cent store (which was next to The Fair Store), etc. Postcard published by the Rochester News Company, mailed 1907, cancel ink on front, minor wear to the bottom corners, stamp damaged. $7.00 o(a)mg(j)

JACOBS. "WILLIAM G. McADOO / PRESIDENT // CHARLES M. JACOBS / ENGINEER IN CHIEF // HUDSON AND MANHATTAN RAILROAD COMPANY" American Photograph Company postcard with undivided back, from the book 'The Hudson and Manhattan Tunnels that they copyrighted in 1908, mailed 1908 in New York City, color missing at the right front edge, a little cancel ink & other toning on front, small upper corner crease, long upper corner crease, internal crease from Jacobs' portrait, back lightly toned. Hard to find--except in the Yost Collection! $7.50 n(m)r(h)gg

Ohio_Youngstown_OfficersOfY-200_small.jpg genealogy postcards available from Judnick.comJAMES. "OFFICERS OF YOUNGSTOWN TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION No. 200 // FROM LEFT TO RIGHT / S. P. JAMES, Chm. on Entertainment / J. B. REYNOLDS Secy-Treas. / H. DECHEND, Pres. / J. LOOMIS V. Pres. / Frank SEELEY Sec'y Conference / W. S. FLOWER Chm. Executive Com. // THE FIFTH SESSION / Ohio State Typographical Conference / Meets in Youngstown, Oct. 11, '08 / Your are cordially invited to be present / Send notice of your acceptance not later than October 1st, to FRANK SEELEY, Secretary // FLOAT USED IN OLD HOME WEEK" showing a wonderful horse-drawn float bedecked with flags & signs 'DEMAND THIS LABEL ON ALL OF YOUR PRINTED MATTER', sepia-tone postcard mailed 1908 at Youngstown to Frank E. Bennett at the Labor Journal there. Spotty toning, three corners creased (1 long, 1 small, 1 tiny). Rare! Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 o(y)hpg(d)g(f)g(j)g(l)g(s)u


JANICELLI. "I'M BEGINNING TO / LEARN THE / ROPES -" comic cartoon art in vertical format depicts a boxer getting the worst of things with soldiers in the audience, linen postcard mailed free JAN 17 1943 (clear Fayetteville cancel) by Pvt. Frank Jannicelli who was a Fort Bragg North Carolina, few light spots of toning at bottom center of back, tiny specks of light toning in the front borders. $4.00 s(b)g-n

ShipsOceanic_VictressAndArrow-200_small.jpg genealogy photos available from Judnick.comJANSSEN. "m.v. Victress / Capt. F. J. B. Janssen / ... / Holland" continental glossy photo of the ship alongside her larger sister ship the Arrow, caption from the writing & address on the back. Slightly irregular cut to the top edge could easily be straightened with a good paper cutter. $10.00 s(o)g

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JAY. "K. V. i. B. 12. / Serie 1085" postcard mailed JUL 3 1908 (faint RPO cancel) to Mr. Albert Jay in Clearfield Pennsylvania by his daughter Cora, light spotty toning on back, minor corner wear, small scrape at bottom front center. $4.00 dgg

JAYNES & KAUTZ. "PROTESTANT CHAPEL / VETERANS ADMINISTRATION CENTER / Dayton, Ohio / ... / the Oldest Chapel Now in U. S. Government Service." when George L. Cutton, George W. Kautz & Orr A. Jaynes were the Chaplains on Duty; unused black-and-white postcard lithographed by Spalding Publishers, fairly fresh with good edges. $7.50 osg

NYC_260_small.jpg genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.comJENKINS. "New York City / INVOICE and ACKNOWLEDGMENT / ... / WALTER F. JENKINS / 4877 Broadway at W. 204th Street" with FTD florist logo, postcard mailed 1948, ding on one short edge ironed out fairly well from side shown but more noticeable from the back, bottom corner creased twice, the other bottom corner with minor wear. There is a pizzeria there now. The neighborhood is Washington Heights in Manhattan. $2.75 fn(n)g

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RhodeIsland_CentralFalls_JenksPark-200_small.JPGJENKS. "JENK'S(sic) PARK - CENTRAL FALLS, R. I." black & white postcard with undivided back, album marks on back, small spots of light toning on front, minor corner wear. The correct spelling of the name is Jenks Park, named after the gift of Alvin Jenks, without the apostrophe. It is now on the National Register of Historic Places. $5.00 rfg(j)

JENNINGS. "JENNINGS & WOODS / Art  Gallery / SCANDIA, KANSAS. / Copies can be had at any time.  Old Pictures Copied and Enlarged." woman seated at a Steinway piano on carte de visite, all writing quoted here from grayish-blue back with fancy decorative art, rounded corners as issued. Joseph Jennings, photographer, built the first brick building in Scandia in 1882. Rare: no images like it for the photographers individually or for their gallery where we searched the Internet. $10.00 k(s)g(j)p

Sweden_SallskapsrumI-200_small.jpg genealogy post card available from LotsOfPhotos.comJOHANSSON. "Sällskapsrum i Johanssons Pensionat." showing a sitting room in a Tallberg Sweden boarding house, unused real photo postcard with exemplary contrast & composition, trivial corner wear. $4.50 si(h)g

JOHNSON. "Frank Johnson  Bert Ratigan / North Creek, N. Y." parked before the Colonial Esso station in the Adirondacks, circa-1940 sepia-tone ANSCO real photo captioned by hand on front with identifications; unused otherwise. Delivery truck signs include: Esso, Essolube, & Essolene. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(n)togg

Kansas_Assaria_Home-100.JPG (264254 bytes)JOHNSON. "Home of Axel G. Johnson  Assaria, Kans." unmailed Azo real photo (diamonds in corners) postcard with commentary on back noting his proprietorship of a local association. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original postcard area) 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 kg

JOHNSON. "M. E. Church, Marengo, O. // Short / Westerville, O." in Morrow County Ohio, at an angle to show their handsome stained glass windows; sepia-tone real photo postcard mailed 9-18-11 to Mrs. R. F. Johnson in Same, Ohio (c/o Seth Moore on RFD#2) by her daughter Susie, oxidation consistent with age, good edges. Please check your albums: there is a similar postcard without our photographer' inscription near the bottom right front edge (at the base of the tree). $16.00 o(m)g(j)

JOHNSON. "MIDDLETOWN RAPID TRANSIT, MIDDLETOWN, OHIO" paused before JA. JOHNSON HARDWARE &THE PETER WEBER CO. storefront, then Third Street now Central Avenue (liquor, wine & cigars); postcard mailed from West Middletown APR4 1912, small upper corner crease, long bottom corner crease, other corner & edge wear is minor. $10.00 so(m)hgg NEW / NEU / NOUVEAU

Ohio_Middletown_ThirdStreetEast-200_small.jpg genealogy post card available from LotsOfCards.comJOHNSON. "Third Street, East from Main, Middletown, Ohio, showing a horse-drawn streetcar about to pass the storefront of the Otto Grau Piano Company--flanked by the First National Bank to the left & Johnson Hardware on the right as we look at it; postcard mailed there 1915 to Clarence Haworth of Wilmington Ohio; long creases through the other buildings at the right side ironed out successfully, curved thin scrape in the sky. $10.00 m(o)g(j)mns

Indiana_FortWayne_WantedRadio-100.jpg (299209 bytes) genalogy QSL card available from Judnick.comJOHNSON. "WANTED / EARLY BATTERY OPERATED / RADIOS / Loud Speakers, Telegraph Keys,... / W9FIW" Fort Wayne Indiana QSL postcard mailed 1972 by operator Stanley M. Johnson, illustrated with 2 examples of equipment sought, writing on front supplies call sign. $3.25 iegr*

JOHNSTON. "FIREBOX BOILERS / Especially for / Dairies and Creameries / ... / Johnston Brothers, Inc., Ferrysburg, Mich." advertising mailed there 1932 under Sec. 435 1 / 2 P. L. & R., reply card detached, short internal crease from top edge, exceptionally detailed & interesting. $5.00 mgaf

JOLLS. "(221) / (Postal Notice to Consignee.) / WELLS, FARGO & CO'S EXPRESS // ... // Scio Office Oct 5 1894" in New York, notice that a prepaid package was held at addressee's risk, light violet handstamp of A. J. Jolls, postal card addressed to Mrs. G. N. Smith, City. Shown left. $5.00 n(s)g(j) Similar but different postal card dated Sept. 27 1897, signature of A. J. Jolles, addressed to H. F. Reynolds Esq., City. $4.50 n(s)g(j). Both for $8.75 n(s)g(j)

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JONES. "11600.  Center Market Place, Wheeling, W. Va." Acmegraph postcard mailed OCT 23 1913 (clear GRAF. & WHEELING TR871 R.P.O. cancel) to Miss Cathrine Jones in Huntington West Virginia from her brother Sam, all corners work, 3 corners creased (1 tiny, 1 twice). $3.50 w(w)g-r

Ohio_Martel_AFlockOf-200_small.JPGJONES. "A FLOCK OF FINE SHEEP // JOHN JONES / OWNER /  MARTEL O." including the owner, his dog & a horse; unused Azo (triangles up) real photo, lightly toned back, low-contrast / grayish, good edges. There are 2 men, a sheep dog & a horse included in the image. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (about 771% of original print area) & enhanced 200-dpi scan in .jpg format. $2.00 oaag

APO_446_8OCT1944-200_small.JPG APO genealogy postcard available from LotsOfCovers.comJONES. Clear OCT 8 1944 US Postal Service cancel on postcard sent free by Cpl. Harry R. Jones of the 154 Armored Signal Company at APO 446 c/o PM New York, light but complete boxed violet PASSED BY 47487 ARMY EXAMINER, with censor's signature Robt E. Beard 1st Lt. below. Our 5th edition reference indicates that the unit arrived in France 2 days later BUT as we read the message, the intention is to notify the recipient of a change of address already made. The postcard view is a non-descript Cincinnati Ohio view, and it is unlikely that the Army would have bothered to censor a postcard from that US location. Upper corner crease misses all postal markings. $25.00 a-gg

JONES. "Compliments / of the Season // WM. F. JONES / Kitchell, Ind. / Letter Carrier   R. F. D. No. 8" with art picturing a horse-drawn RFD delivery mail wagon shown from the side; postcard-size greeting card with blank back & good edges, shown left. A different, more elaborate postcard from the same carrier picturing a mail wagon from the front, divided back containing a lengthy poem, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. M. Jones (undoubtedly relatives) with an American Red Cross Christmas seal where the stamp would ordinarily go, dated Dec. 25th 1910, speckles of cancel ink through the address. Shown right. This unincorporated place in Union County Indiana no longer has a post office, cannot currently be found with Google Maps, and has no Wikipedia article yet. Sold but both sides shown are still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scans (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 each or both for $7.00. i(k)gcp-rui

JONES. "JONES / In Living Memory of / CATHERINE, THE DEARLY LOVED WIFE OF / DAVID GEORGE JONES /  WHO DIED DECEMBER 23rd 1937 / ... / Also DAVID GEORGE, / VERY DEAR HUSBAND OF THE ABOVE / WHO DIED JUNE 15th 1938" sepia-tone real photo of headstone at undisclosed cemetery, number handstamped on back, trivial corner wear. $8.00 g

JONES. "Samuel M. Jones, Toledo's Golden Rule Mayor, / Born August 3rd, 1846, Died July 12th, 1904 / MEMORIAL BUILDING, TOLEDO, O." with portrait inset, post card mailed there JAN 4 1908 to Mrs. Wayne Carlton in Medina Ohio, made in Germany, light cancel ink on front. $5.00 o(t)gp

JORDAN. "Ed Jordan and his Calif." uncaptioned (so we use all the pencil writing on back) sepia-tone real photo postcard showing the man standing well-dressed next to his 1910 Yale (pennant shows on cylindrical fuel tank & upturning top frame) motorcycle made by the Consolidated Manufacturing Company in Toledo Ohio. Then holder of the world's record for endurance, it was advertised as being "ideal for touring and business" (hence, his suit). The mentioned company first advertised its products as 'Yale-California' as late as 1909 (hence the 'Calif') on back. There are numerous light abrasions to the front surface. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75 either view or $7.25 for both. mg

JORGENSEN. "WA0RWM" colorful Abercrombie North Dakota QSL post card used 1969, small photo of sender Lois A. Jorgensen's family & their equipment stapled to the back. Nice. $3.75 nfg Same mailed 1968 but no photo, corner crease, minor wear to bottom corners. $1.50 ng

Illinois_Freeburg_ResidenceAndDrugStore-100.jpg (250906 bytes)JOSEPH. "Residence and Drug Store, Elmer G. Joseph, Freeburg, Ill." black & white with sky ting from The B. H. Grimes Co., unused, light toning in front borders, thin grayish toning along top back edge. Postcard sold. Still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged (almost 2x original area) & enhanced 100-dpi scan in .jpg format. $1.50 igp

JUNEAU. "This is my father and me Adelard and our horse. From Adelard Juneau, Franklin N. H. R.F.D.No.1" sepia-tone real photo postcard explained in the divided back message from which we quote, mailed DEC 6 1907, bottom corners creased, all corners with minor rounding. Sold but front side still available for scholarly study & research as an enlarged 300-dpi scan (publication quality) in .jpg format for $3.75. n(f)hgg

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